you’re making this just a little bit harder

happy birfday miguel, mommy and jedd <3

i think my world is starting to revolve around <3 and </3. look at how lame i’ve become. dork.

follow up on last tuesday:
yeah, ayot came over. we watched tv, ate, walked around and talk. we talked about what might happen when she leaves and how it would be great having  a fresh new start. honestly, i don’t like fresh starts, they tend to rott too. but yeah, we talked about typical random stuff and talked to nina on the phone and the like. damn, i’m going to miss her. i really am.
good-byes are hard, the hardest.

wednesday, thursday:

omg, kapoi. i hate school. i hate it so much. lmao. but civics was fun cuz we watched Troy. twas wicked awesome <3

-i’m not afraid of dying, i’m afraid of tomorrow. hmm..

beautuiful movie with pieces of amazingy graphic shit in some parts. lmao. wicked awesome.

omg, i can hear the rats in this house. wtmf.

i have [[prjects to finish pa. omg, help me. *sob*

and yeah, migs birfday

friday: tonight

how did i decide to spend the eve of my mother’s birthday? hmm. let me site the ways.

i went to colon, in hopes that i would be able to buy more candy to sell at school on monday sadly, the 30 minute ride or so was obvious a waste because when we got there, the place was closed [6. fucker] and there was no way i could beg them to sell me there candy. but of course, granny found a way to waste their time as well, by asking the owner shitloads of questions which weren’t any of her business. sorry god, sometimes she embarasses me. :[
o: sorry kaayo, mam. naa man gud emergency…
g: unsa na emergency?
o: naai na hospital…
g: nganu man?
o: sa heart ra gud.
g: na unsa ang heart?

omg. side with me here. >:P

so, yeah, we decided to go to sm instead to buy mommy a gift and granny, well, she had her own things she needed to deal with. lol. i got her flip flops from artwork that we’re well.. ok, i guess. well, they better, i spent all the profit i made from the candy on those things. 🙁 poor me, no more money 🙁

i had to hurry home right after that though. jedd was celebrating his birthday party at his mom’s tapsilogan near metrosports. and omg, what a small world. richard tiu, i finally know his name knows jedd. wa lang. it’s just a small world. lmao.

jet got drunk. oh mother. lmao.

and i didn’t drink because i promised mom i wouldn’t. i didn’t drink gyud, 1 shot of tequila ra :))

ok, i’m soo tired

p.s. im stoofed. i joined the essay writting about nutrition month. and i sell candy. nice, is 😀 i got perfect in chemistry. lmao.
p.s.s.s. i’ve forgotten you

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  1. i want a granny like that. lmao. and you should buy some more of that chocolate thing joan bought. i ate like 5. :]

  2. i want a granny like that. lmao. and you should buy some more of that chocolate thing joan bought. i ate like 5. :]

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