you’re soo hardcore

it’s a sunday afternoon and i’m just ecstatic about being able to just sit down and blog like i’m soo fond of doing on a sunday afternoon when i’m not sleeping or at the beach with the family.

so, i guess i’m back to my normal life again. i got to go to the mall yesterday and just hang out with friends. i hung out and watched a movie with mikee, a friend from springdale which,i have to say was really weird for me. i think that was the first time i eer hung out with a guy, the whole day. it was kinda like a date, except the liking each other part.. wow. so, i can’t go out with a guy i like, but i can go out with a guy  i hardly know out of pure randomness. yeah, i’m getting there. one small step for me and one giant leap off to retard land. haha. it could be fun. lmao. i had fun with him. i’d do it again.. except next time with more people. lmao.

i was thrown out of victoria’s secre – i gave the secret away, and they just frown on that – paula poundstone <– I THINK THAT’S JUST HILLARIOUS

anyways, so, the mall was cool. i spent the rest of the night with cry and some other friends cuzit was her birthday. happy birthday, love. thanks for not really inviting me. HAHA. unsa ba oie. 😛 atay nlang. and when it was time to go home, i realized, my parents weren’t home so, it wwasn’t really time to go home yet. but.. i had nowhere to go but home so FUCK that. lmao.

anyways, i’m planning to rant soon. as if this wasn’t enough. geez

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