#ZeroThreeTwoConversations- The Truth About “Influencers” With Issa Please

It is very often that I actually get to sit down and have real conversations with people whose presence I truly enjoy. I know that sounds really hypocritical, considering I deal with a handful of people on a daily basis, but it’s not every day you get to be around a person, more alone people, who you can really have great conversations with.

I have always looked up to the guys behind ZeroThreeTwo because of the community they’ve built and how they make Cebu and being a Cebuano something we can be proud of. When I decided to actually forego my podcast, I reached out to Carlo Villarica first because I knew that he was one of the pioneers of podcasts in the city and he was not shorthanded in the advice he offered.

So when I was asked to be on his collection of audibles with creatives in the city, I was humbled to even be a part of the roster. You can imagine my surprise. With a dime a dozen bloggers and vloggers out there these days, you don’t expect to be picked out of the many so thanks, Carlo! To even be considered a creative is a huge compliment.

Catch the full episode here.
We talk about my humble beginnings as a blogger, why/ how I started making money through my content, life updates and the likes.

It’s fun, I swear!

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