oh shit.. i keep sayin tha i’ll finsih my chika bout family day buh im soo damn layzeeh.. haha. buh wha – evah happened tha day, it whuz ¢¾magical¢¾

hahaiz.. everyone, meet my new big bro.. roy. roy, meet my big brother!!  haha.


we didn’t have class but we all went to danao, me and my family tha iz. al we did there was eat, play billiards and watch tv. i didnt really swim but i did get bored.


well, i couldn’t wait to go home cuz like, i had to goto paradise village and film our video for english.. its all about requitted love poems. aww man. i love it so damn much! haha.

i saw carlos alvarez!! shit. on second thought, he is h-o-t haha. im bored ya’ll.

chiao. 🙂


mAn heLL oF a dAy!  hAhaiZ! it wUz r faMiLy dAy aNd i hAd a ri gReaT tIme bUt naTuraLLy, mY fEeT hUrT aNd i hAd tO fiNd a pLacE tO pUt mAh bAg aNd aLL mAh gOodiEz. NaX. hAhaiZ.

anYwEiz.. shUtTup nEgGroZ aNd lEt Me tEll ya’LL mAh fAirYtaLe.. tIz aiNy bOguZ!

oK, sO hErE i gO.. 1-2-3.. gO!

so, tIz maWnin i wOkE uO aT 7 cUz o’ d freakIn aLaRm tHa’ i toTaLLy fOrgOt bOut tHa’ night bEfOrE hAhaiZ.. bUh bEinG mY eArLy biRdiE seLf i wEnt sTrAuGht tI thE bAthrUm aNd tOok a sHowEr.. a lOonG 1 too! aNywAys, wHeN i Got to school i realized that i left my brand new shades that i worshipped and adored so i asked my friend, k e n j i if she could come with me back home to get my shades and my g o d s will, she said yes!! haha. anyways, so when we came back from school a lot of people where starting to come in which was a good thang. and like, while i was walking, i noticd thiz really really cute guy whom i happened to see before but i couldn’t rem. when or where. amyways, we had to go to the mass that morning in he gym but everytime we woud go there i would keep runnning into that guy which was a good thing.. for me that is..


hEy!! Ü

wEll.. mY weeKz beEn, aCtivE.. LoL. oH, mE aNd peeyUh aRe gOod nOw.. gOoD tHaNg tHa iZ, aYe! hAha. we tAlkEd tHinGz oVah. bEtTah. [iTz fAce oFf rYt nOw.. sUx. iM sCaRed. mYt pEe iN mAh fRigGin pAnTz!] nAx.

iVe bEeN a bUmM aGaiN. aNd iD hAve tO sAy, iM gEtTin uSeD tO iT. hEll. i cOulD dO a VeRy gOod jOb aT tIz!


wEll, tUrNz oUt. iM noT a dAteLezZ chIca aFtEr oL. hAhA. dOnT waNnA taLK bOUt iT.. iT wUz fReaKy! f0r the record: i dO nOt wAnt A bOyFriEnd aNd i AinT eNteRtAinNinG AnY gUy sPeciAlly tHosE.. wanNaBe gHetTo mOmMaZ bOi hOmiE chiLLin nO soCiaL LifE dEzpEraDoZ.. shIT. tHa fElt gOOd.  bUh iT wAs aLL gOod, wEnT oUt sPenT sOme hArD cAsH aNd wEnt hOme bRokE. hAhA.


mE aNd pIa hAd “tHe wAr” sUm hArdcOre aSs kiCkin wEnT oN dUrIn sS tIMe.. heLL! bUh liKe, i wAs piSseD tHe whOle dAy sPeciaLLy wHeN i hEaRd ThA cUte jEsSe tUck fRom tUck eVerasTIng waS 22 aNd hAd a kID! i cRieD mAn.  i wAs sO dEpreSsEd i aTe 2 bUrgErz! mAn, tHatZ gOing sTrAiGht tO mAh tiGhz!! hAhaiZ. bUh, i gOt nEw cHux [bLack, clAsSic bEb] AnD a shIrt. “mAkE mE bLuSh.” hAha.

iLL uP daTe cHa’LL bOUt r fAmiLy dAy. iM hOpiN to SeE sOme cUte sTudZ!Ü

nAx. oH yEa, oUtbAck jAck iZ sOo fRuztRat’n.




hAveNt siGneD tIz fiNg iNa wYL.. tOo LaZy.

wEll, iVe biN a bUhM aT hOmE fO’ d paZt 3 dAyz. cAugHt d love bug.. nAh juz mesSin.. hAd d fLu. nAsty siTe aYe. bUt aT leAzT i WasNt aT sChOoL.. roTteN pLace iT iZ fO’ d LikeZ oF a pRinCesS sUch Az I. LOL

                 “dOn’T tOucH mAh bIrDY! rEsisT tEmpTatIon pLz.”

loVe iT! hAha. anYweIz.. tIz wEeK wUz kiLLaH!though, i dont i sorta forgot what we did thewhole week. i think we went out.. whatever!

oh yea.. we were spos’d to paint the friggin walls today at school.. didn’t go. lazy bug bit me again. i love being a buhm.

cHikA? uHm, nOt mUcH. gOin lOcA oVer tRutH iZ..

(Truth is) I never got over you (Truth is) Wish I was standing in her shoes (Truth is) And when it’s all said and done
Guess I’m still in love with you
(Truth is) I never should have let you go (Truth is) And it’s killing me cuz now I know (Truth is) And when it’s all said and done
Guess I’m still in love with you

hAHa. waHevAh! i nEeD a sOlDIer!

I need a soldier
That ain’t scared to stand up for me
Known to carry big things
If you know what I mean
I need a soldier
That ain’t scared to stand up for me
Gotta know to get dough
And he betta be street

bUt Baby, YoU gOtTA mAke ME wEaK..

gOTtA mAKe mAH heart start beatin triple time
With thoughts of lovin’ you on my mind
I can’t figure out just what to do
When the cause and cure is you, you
I get so weak in the knees
I can hardly speak, I lose all control
Then somethin’ takes over me
In a daze, your love’s so amazing
It’s not a phase
I want you to stay with me, by my side
I swallow my pride
Your love is so sweet, it knocks me right off of my feet
Can’t explain why your lovin’ makes me weak 

                          D A T E L E S S C H I C A

                      H A P P Y V A L E N T I N E S!

i fInk iM gOiN tO anOtHeR pArtEh lAtEr. cHiLdREnZ pArTy.. wHopEh!   

nOthIn iNtEResTin hAs hAppEnD sO fAr iN mAh lIfe.. iM bAsicAlLy.. bOreD anD enJoYinG iT.

tIz duDe iNviTed mE tO tHeRe sPoRtzfEst aNd cHuB iZ gOiN sO.. sHoUld i Go To?! i wAs sPos’D t0 gO tO a cOncErT lAtEr.. cHanGe o pLanZ.

lIfE sUx. wEl, nOt rEalLy. oH yEa, iM aN oFfiCiAl  sLapPeR! fAVe LinE, “wTf?! iMa sLap ThA bIoTch cRayZeh!”

hAhA. sO yA’lL waNnA bE’s WhO mAkiN mAh mAtez cRy.. sTep fOrwArd.. leMmE gIvE yA sOmMa tIz..

                                       W H A P P A K!

Oh yEa, fAciN a diLeMmA.. sTc? sHs-j? sHs-G? aRgh. gImMe a rEasOn tO sTaY, aYe.


sTiLl dOn’T kNOw hOw To pUt pIciEz tO bLog.

oKie, gOtTa sCraM.

bOreD nAko. tHiZ tHUg aCcEnt cAn gEt tO yOu sOmetIMez.

-sMax  aNd bEermUGz-

anTi- fEeLeR

[jUz acTin like OnE]


“i wish i saved all the tears your made me cry so i could fucking drown you in them!!”

“boys make good pets, everyone should have one.”

  oNly oN tHe inSiDe.


hey, princess dyud kow oie!:smiley: so baby, trEat me like one.. please!



new favorite color on the loose.. APPLE GREEN and YELLOW.

i’ll be back.. or maybe not.




Get yours today!

i’m in a bUbBle.. whenits bursts… catch me bAbY.