congratulations universe

There’s two types of people in the world,
the givers and the takers,
and the givers always sleep better.


it’s funny how sometimes we think happiness is completely based on one person. it’s funny how i seem to think that my life is just a little bit brighter and a little big happier just because he came along and made me laugh and smile. and i said i didn’t wanna be saved. tss. pathetic.

i don’t mind everything that’s been happening. i take it all with a grain of salt. besides, i’m not loosing anything – yet. lol. i guess like right now, i’m just scared that i’d loose what i lost before. i’m scared that i won’t get to hang out with my friends, i’m scared that i won’t be able to talk to kevin anymore and josh, i’m scared that i’d be tied down and i just don’t wanna live that life anymore, you know?

aside from the things i have right now and i’m scared of loosing, i’m also scared that someone might not take me for who i am. i don’t see anything MAJORLY wrong with me though. i mean, i’m just a girl who loves her friends, her individuality, her freedom, her rights and most of all hugs 🙂

blah. i don’t wanna think for the past.

i hate you, kev. last nalang ka and i will disown you as my best friend!

GO BACK TO SWISSTERLAND. hahahahahah. kidding 😀


say hi to my friend, justin geson.

he has a fetish for breaking into song and dancing around.
he works in a chocolate factory on regular days.
when he’s not….

he likes to spend his time ice skating in frilly dresses and tight leggings.
he’s also….

won numerous beauty contests.
he is usually known as “Butter Geson”
and his signature moves are dancing ballet
and singing “holy mary”

  justin is also very religious.
he likes god.
in more than one way…

and then there’s me, ISSA…

and i’m basically awesome!

but you proli already knew that by now 😀 hahahahaha

ok, done with the random post 😀


japanese people are stupid

generally had a good day. hung out with friends, answered “WINNER KA, KAPAMILYA” of one of the test questions on my tests, went to a pawnshop for the first time, tried new coffee and had dinner with my mom.

yeah, i pretty much did more than that, i’m just too busy to exactly enumerate them all. 😀

i love hanging out on my own. i think it’s a natural high for me. i’m thinking about going to ayala tomorrow to finish my book 🙂

me and datan had a really good conversation today. like, what we want in a relationship and i guess i think i find it cool that we basically want the same things and it makes me happy that nina is with him because it means she’s not tied down to all the norms that some people usually are involved in when they get into relationships.

i guess the biggest mistake we make in relationships is looking too far into the future and forgetting that when you’re in a relationship, that’s not the only life you have. you have your own, your partner has his own and then you have your lives together which is your relationship.

We found out that JM was cheating on Ina and it made me sad cuz ina doesn’t deserve what she’s been going through. i don’t understand why boys cheat on us girls. i mean, it’s not fair because the only thing that us girls want is to be loved and to love back, i don’t think i could ever cheat on anyone and i don’t think i ever wanna know what it’s like to be cheated on either.

like for me, if you don’t want to be with me anymore, then just tell me and i won’t stand in your way. i give you trust [or at least i try] and you best not take advantage of it. it’s not like i would die without you anyways. i don’t know bitaw. this is just my perspective.

anyways, yeah. i’m done.

good deeds, bad habits

my 100 truths:

1. Real name: Jean Louise I. Chua- Perez
2. Nickname(s): issa, sushi, it-it, toots [as in puTOOOT]
3. Zodiac sign: scorpio. so i suggest you don’t piss me off.
4. Male or female: shemale.
5. Elementary: ST. THERESA’S COLLEGE!
6. High School: Maria Montessori International School
7. College: Cebu Doctors’ University/ Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising
8. Hair color: awesome. hahahaha. [i don’t know what my hair color is. i forgot]
9. Long or short: looong
10. Loud or Quiet: LOUD. and you know it ;]
11. Sweats or Jeans: sweats
12. Phone or Camera: camera, hands down.
13. Health freak: could care less
14. Drink or Smoke?: either/ or
15. Do you have a crush on someone?: maybeeeee.
16. Eat or Drink: eat oie. ang ang.
17. Piercings? : ears. and my belly. soon enough.
18. Tattoos: YES YES YES.


19. Been in an airplane: uh huh
20. Been on a motorcycle: mm. but it scares the shit out of me. i want a vespa 😀
21. Been in a car accident: not YET
22. Been in a fist fight: yeaah, boy. i’m hardcore ;p


23. First piercing: one my ears like us regular people
24. First best friend: andrew martinez
25. First award: duude, i have no idea.
26. First crush: the red ranger <3
28. First big vacation: states. erm.. 7 year vacation?


29. Last person you talked to: casey, my sister.
30. Last person you texted: justin geson 🙂
31. Last person you watched a movie with: byat. T2. cool kai mi.
32. Last food you ate: barbecued chicken
33. Last movie you watched: the Grudge. i am pathetic.
34. Last song you listened to: Feelings show – Colbie Calliat
35. Last thing you bought: googley eyes. hey, it was an impulse. i blame national bookstore.
36. Last person you held hands with: nina!!


37. Food: pizza, burgers, japanese, steaks, CANDY. if i could have things my way, i’d have candy every single day and i would die happy
38. Drinks: oh, you know what i like ;]
39. Clothing: tops, shorts, dresses. no pants, skirts and capris for me, please.
40. Books: the perks of being a wallflower, the curious case of the dog in the night, the shack, rachel’s tears, etc.
41. Music: varied.
42. Flower: i don’t like flowers. but i get bummed when i don’t get any on valentines :'(
44. Movies: never been kissed. FOREVER.
45. Positions: hmmmm.
46. Subjects: PE, Anatomy, Science [not chemistry though], Music, ahh sos. wala oie.

In 2008…

47. kissed in the snow: no.
48. celebrated Halloween:YES. YES. YES!!
49. had your heart broken: millions of times. over and over again 🙁
50. went over the minutes on your cell phone: unli calls. what is. 😛
51. someone questioned your sexual orientation: oh man. wtf. i’m straight!
52. came out of the closet: hahahahaha. oo.
53. gotten pregnant: unsaun.
54. had an abortion: YES! haha. kidding 😀
55. done something you’ve regretted: nothing. i don’t live on regrets.
56. broke a promise: they are meant to be broken anyways.
57. hid a secret: yes.
58. pretended to be happy: ALL THE TIME.
59. met someone who changed your life: stayed with someone who changed my life.
60. pretended to be sick: YES
61. left the country: no.
62. tried something you normally wouldn’t try and liked it: oh yeah.
63. cried over the silliest thing: pirmiiii.
64. ran a mile: i don’t recall.
65. went to the beach with your best friend(s): YES!
66. stay single the whole year: no.


67. Eating: nu uh.
68. Drinking: not that either.
69. I’m about to reply: miguel smells like cinammon.
70. Listening to: dogs barking. ugh.
71. Plans for today: talk to justin on the phone. 🙂
72. Waiting for: the sky to fall.


73. Want kids?: yes. i want a million kids!
74. Want to get married?: yes yes yes
75. Careers in mind: fashion designer!!


76. Lips or eyes: eyes.
77. Shorter or taller? doesn’t matter.
78. Romantic or spontaneous: SPONTANEOUSLY ROMANTIC. i wanna fall in love 🙁
79. Nice stomach or nice arms: nice arms. i am a sucker for tight biceps.*droool*
80. Sensitive or loud: loud lang ako oie.
81. Hook-up or relationship: relationship. i hate hook ups.
82. Trouble-maker or hesitant: trouble maker. money maker, anti home wrecker.


83. Lost glasses/contacts:YES!
84. Ran away from home: around… 4 times already.
85. Hold a gun/knife for self defense: never.
86. Killed somebody: hoped to
87. Broken someone’s heart: i refuse to answer.
88. Been arrested: wala PA
89. Cried when someone died: yeaaah.


90. Yourself: yes, i do. i honestly do.
91. Miracles: no.
92. Love at first sight: no.
93. Heaven: of course.
94. Santa Claus: YESSSSSS!
95. Sex on the first date: only after marriage :]
96. Kiss on the first date: why not?


97. Is there one person you want to be with right now? yess.
98. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life? no. not really.
99. Do you believe in God? with all my heart.
100. Post as 100 truths and tag 15 people: no.

knock yourself out

forever and a day

… so you stole my world, and now i’m just a phony

so today was a mix of emotions for me. i had tests that drove me crazy, we officially started our project in CLE, i had dinner with Justin, i had to study for my biochemistry test tomorrow and now i’m online trying to get “unbored”.

i like it when we make our project, it makes me feel like i’m actually doing something good in my life. i guess it’s not exactly a heartless deed though. maybe there aren’t really things like that in this world. :/

there’s this kid that comes to our sessions high. i catch him starring into space a lot and i think he doesn’t even know how to read or write that much. ever since the first meeting he’s been so hard to get through. he always gives us fake names and stuff like that and idk, i just thought he got into this thing all for the sake of doing something.

after today’s first session, he admitted that his sister has hyper [i have noo idea] and that’s what causes him to steal and right now, he just keeps on texting me and asking me for help. i honestly don’t know what to say to say to this guy… it’s so hard. i’m glad i got to touch him in a way and maybe renew his prospective in life. and i wish this project would be as successful as we’re all hoping it would be.

i can’t wait til Thursday where we’ll let these kids watch a movie and our church. it’ll proli be fun. hehe.

Anyways, moving on, i had dinner with Justin tonight and i guess i was really happy to see him and it was really funny cuz we messed with this report text thingy at Harbour City. and it was all ok until we ran into his ex girlfriend and her friends. i just hope she doesn’t start anything because i do NOT deal with ex girlfriends. that is just not part of my system. hahaha.

i guess i don’t wanna ask him about her either cause you know, what happened in the past happened in the past and it’s really not my business. i guess i learned that from james where i wanted to know everything and i guess there are just somethings that are better left unsaid. and besides, i don’t wanna be that person who gets insecure over small things anymore because i know i wasn’t that person until you know… you were there.

i guess there are a lot of things i don’t wanna be anymore. but i shouldn’t be saying them here. maybe i will next time. or maybe i won’t.

interesting stuff’re happening to me right now. really interesting stuff. i guess life does better. 🙂

thanks for being my silver lining!

back in the library

i’m blogging in the library right now. i have midterms at 1:30 and i have a big feeling i’m going to fail this test. haha. i hope i don’t though. i can’t stand to fail. but in fairness to me, i’ve been doing ok. not awesome, just ok. haha.

just thought id drop by and blog a little bit because i’m bored and blogging is so much better than studying:)

i’ll update later. chiao.

this smell is just waaay to familiar

Love is crazy
Pretty baby
Take it real slow
My feelings show

so i’ve been talking to this guy lately, i don’t know if i’ve mentioned him here yet but his name’s justin, i’ve gone out with him like 2 times already. the first time, last wednesday, he came over and picked me up then we had coffee. and then the second time, he just hung out with me and my friend at city sports. he’s really fun to talk to and everything. i enjoy talking to him so much it’s crazy. like i talk to him about really stupid stuff and it’s not even weird or embarassing. i could talk to him for hours and not even notice it. it makes me really happy.

every time people find out we’re texting though, i always get a common notion about him. so, i really really don’t know. i don’t wanna base our friendship on other people’s judgements of him though. i was never that kind. and you know me, if you tell me not to touch a live wire, i’d touch it anyway just because i have to find out for myself.

so anyways, it was really stupid cuz like i was saturday drinking with friends and he text messaged me to go home and oddly, i did. i don’t even know why. and when i got home, i felt kinda stupid cuz i listened to him. hahaha. but then it wasn’t that bad. we ended up talking all night and it was just fun, you know? i just won’t let him manipulate me like that next time :))

idk, we’ll see where this goes. he’s really cute though. and i like the fact that he’s constantly trying to hang out with me but then i’d feel bad cuz i never have the time too. just hope he understands that. and aside from that, i heard this really nasty rumor about him that’s kinda making me scared. but apparently, i like getting electricuted so i’ll proli have to keep you posted.

i just remember how hard it is when everything’s starting out. i guess i’m just really scared. but i told myself i wouldn’t let the past affect the future. who knows, this could be something really good.

i think i’m seeing him again tomorrow. can’t wait 😀



today wasn’t the BEST day but i guess it’s better than being dead. and i definitely thought i was going to get wasted today. but i didn’t. maybe that’s what’s wrong with my day. i knew i should’ve just went and gotten wasted. **sigh** 🙁

ok so here’s what happened:
1. i failed my biochem test by like 5 STUPID POINTS. only cuz i forget to put a D on the stupid carbonyl chain or whatever you call it.
2. diana bugged the hell out of me in the morning
3. i haven’t found a gift for papa yet
4. my bill is 700++ and i have no fucking idea whyy
5. school is soo tiring. i don’t wanna do it anymore. haha.

i just stayed at ayala today and studied all by my lonesome. it was nice to be alone and actually get SOME things done but then it kinda sucked after diana made me cry and then LEFT me.

i hate “a year from now” it tore me up today. 🙁

i guess it still does kinda sting. sometimes.

anniversaries and nachos

so i guess today was supposed to be our 2 year anniversary but it’s not anymore cuz we’re not even together.
i guess life’s really temporary like that, you know? one day you have everything and the next it feels like you have nothing at all. but i don’t feel like i lost everything, you know? i kinda feel like i gained much more.

and even if i’m sad cuz we’re not even together on the biggest days of our relationship, i guess i’m happy cuz it’s over and i have so much more to look forward to this time. i hope next time will be better 🙂

school now. byeee

2:30 curfews

lately my life has been generally good. like there’s school- i’m busy with that and then friends and yeah, that’s basically it.
i guess now i’m still trying to make up for what i lost and it feels nice not being tied down to anybody right now. but you know, you always want what you don’t have. 🙂

i don’t feel like blogging much right now so i’ll proli get into the details next time i blog. besides, there’s not much to elaborate man sad.

i’ve been hanging out with this one guy lately and it’s been good and fun and everything it is when a friendship starts out. it feels nice to be giddy again 🙂

king texted me and amiel admitted he liked me. like i didn’t see that coming. so now i’m going to stop talking to him. 😀
and life right no w is good and i want to sleep