Loon, Bohol- A Photo Diary (Photos by Angging)

After weeks of back to back weddings & events, we were finally able to squeeze in a little down time to pack our bags and just get out of town.

It was a weekend I had been praying for ever since our good friends ditched the city life to raise their kids and build a life in Loon, Bohol and while I resented them for moving my god children away from me, I truly understand why they did it now.

I stayed up the entire night drinking the night before with my sister in law as we discussed how we were going to celebrate Mercury’s Rising (I don’t actually know if I believe in this or not but hey!) and I found myself drunk packing for this trip which surprisingly wasn’t bad- apparently drunk Issa is ok with repeating clothes and using bikinis as underwear.

We spent most of the weekend drinking beer & bahalina, playing with the kids, cooking with coal, preparing meals and sleeping in hammocks. Well, I got to sleep with the kids in their rooms but you get the idea. On Sunday, we went trekking at one of the rivers and eventually found a couple spots where we laid our things, swam and you guessed it… drank some more.

I feel like I really  needed this weekend because I’ve been beating myself up over a lot of things. I’ve really been doubting myself and I can start to feel the pressure really getting to me. I needed to take a step back, not feel the stressors of the city and then wake up on Monday and be like, “bitch, we got this!”. It’s Tuesday now and I think it worked.

Surprisingly, when Almay asked me how the city life has been like and what I’ve been up to- I really didn’t have much to say about it. So what have I really been up to lately?

Also, we’ve been married for 3 months now. Wow, we made it! HAHAHAHA I can finally get my marriage license and everything now!

Issa G.

Smoothie Bowls, Poke Bowls, All Day Bfast Meals & Cool Vibe @ Cooee, Cebu

First of all, I know you’re all wondering what Cooee means and most of all- how to pronounce it. For starters, it means “come over/ come here” in Aussie slang and it’s pronounced as koo-wee, preferably in a high pitched tone. Like I like to say, you learn something new every day!

Cooee, which is a passion venture between friends and their love of food and adventures, is home of baked, blended, brewed & juiced goodness. By the slogan alone, you can expect food offerings of desserts & pastries, smoothies/ smoothie bowls, brewed coffee and different juices. Aside from that they also offer all day breakfast variations, tropical poke bowls, healthy breakfast offerings, sandwiches and so much more!

I super love how the interiors are super chic and chill. It’s the perfect spot to catch up with friends, take photos and enjoy yummy food. I was really impressed by their selections and how affordable they are and the amount of their servings.

Just to give you an idea- a poke bowl with salmon sashimi (which a friend said was comparable to the ones in Bali) costs only P245.00!

While I won’t go into detail about every dish that we had (or will I), my general opinion is that if you have a knack for interesting dishes and tastes that are well loved around the world then you would definitely find comfort in their offering. It’s a great mix of tropical, sweet and savoury food and if you’re looking healthier options whether it be food or drinks- there’s definitely a wide selection to choose from here.

Ohana Bowl Bowl – P 245.00

Cooee Breakfast – P 245.00

Fruit Medley Waffles – P 195.00

Mahalo Bowl – 245.00 (Vegetarian dish!)

Aloha Bowl – P 245.00

Greek Yogurt Bowl – P245.00

Big Breakfast Combi – P 195.00

Mango Float

Tropikale Smoothie Bowl – P245.00

Strawberry Yogurt Bowl – P 245.00

Makai Bowl – P 245.00 (Seafood option!)

Acai Bowl – P 245.00


Cooee is currently located at the Ground Floor of Raintree Mall (behind Greenwich).
Operating days are Monday – Saturdays from 8:00 am – 12:00 mn

Follow them on Facebook & Instagram for more details & promos!

Issa G.

Benefit Cosmetics Is Now At Ayala Center, Cebu

One of my favorite make up brands, especially when it comes to dope brows products, is finally within arms reach!

Following the success of their first branch in SM Seaside, Benefit Cosmetics has moved closer to us city gals and is now located at the New Wing of Ayala Center, Cebu (right across Zara Men).

Their newest branch is plastered with their signature bright pink colors with fine touches of lemon yellow and eye catching slogans all over their walls- giving ladies the best make up experience they could ever ask for. But my favorite part about this new make up haven is the vanity section which allows women to play around with make up under perfect lighting and comfortable chairs.

Here’s an inside look:

I took a jab at the bushy eyebrow trend thinking I wouldn’t be able to but thanks to the magic of Benefit’s awesome brow products- I am officially a cool girl 😉

Make sure to follow Benefit cosmetics on their Facebook & IG for exclusive opening promos!

Issa G.

Vintage Party Dresses Online

I’ve been lurking online again looking for interesting fashion buys to add to my ever growing collection of clothes. Lately I’ve been inspired by polka dots and vintage finds much like the housewives of the 1950’s mostly because they always look so happy in accomplished in photos. lol.

If you follow me on my Instagram, you’ll notice a little pop of vintage dressing every once in a while on my feed and I’ve been keen on adding even more pieces from this era of fashion.

Upon my quest, I was able to run into a quaint site called Zapaka which is a lovely e-commerce site that is sure to entice any vintage fashion loving woman. So far, here are some pieces that absolutely blew me away…


While I am in love with these designs, I am a bit concerned that they silhouettes probably won’t suit my petite figure but I just can’t help but gush at them anyways! I am absolutely in love with the white Marilyn Monroe-esque dress and I think that all the details on the polka dot dress are absolutely amazing.

In all honesty, I feel like my first two options are a bit costume-y and I would have to keep it in my closet for a very special occasion so a nice compromise for little ol me is this straight cut baby doll dress with these amazing ruffled neckline and sleeve details. What a beauty! As

As I did more research, I found this cute video that zapaka.com posted which is such a nice inspiration for anyone who’s a bit hesitant to spice up their wardrobe. It’s always nice to work with some inspiration and if this isn’t it, I don’t know what else is 😛

What do you think about my cart?

Issa G.

[VLOG] Fresh & Fast Everyday Make Up Look!


I’ve been getting a lot of compliments about looking more “blooming” lately which is quickly connected to questions if this is my pregnancy glow. Sneaky, sneaky. But no, it’s not. More over, it’s an improved skin care routine which I’ve heavily invested on lately thanks to my favorite- Dara Beauty Market

Nothing much has changed with my beauty routine in the past year but I thought I would show you how I did my make up anyways. TBH, I’ve been really lazy when it comes to make up but ya’ll seem to really like how I’ve been doing it so here I am sharing it.

Hope you enjoy!

Issa G.

Island Hopping in Cebu: A Pandanon Photo Diary + Details

Bikini: H&M| Flip flops: Havaianas| Shades: Forever21

Boat service– 0925 725 1497 (Debbie)
Php 4,000.00 for boat good for 30 people

Pungko-pungko in a boxKusina ni Sir

Lechon – Kharmen

Pandanon entrance – p 150.00/ head

Cottage – P 400.00

Smiles, friends and sun– FREE

PhotosAlex Eturma

Issa G.

This is Paolo on a Monday night. He is currently building me a “frame light” because ring lights are too big & bulky. I also really need this for doing make up at night and he’s a doll for setting this up for me.

I love him so much. Thank you for being handy.