My earliest memories of food involve Mexican cuisine which is why I have a certain fondness towards it. A little known fact, I lived in Burbank, California throughout kindergarten and some parts of first grade. We lived in what I fondly remember as the downtown/ slummy area of Burbank which was a multi-cultural community mostly consisting of Mexican/ Latinos, Asians and a few Americans. It was such a great time of my life and my best friend was Mexican, my nanny was Mexican, I could speak Mexican/ Spanish and I was even almost adopted by a Mexican. So I guess you can sort of piece the puzzle by now… lol.

Funny thing is, I never got around to loving spicy food which is ironic and at the same time, pissed my baby sitter off a great deal but truthfully, I was in it for the cheese and years later, I still am! haha

I’ve been keeping this entry in my draft section for quite some time now and it’s about time this post saw the light of day. So here it goes.

Red Lizard is another gastronomic genius brought to us by The Abaca Group who is also responsible for bringing us Abaca bakeries, Beqaa, Luncheonette, Maya, Phat Pho & Tavolata. Truthfully, I’ve only been to Abaca bakeries, The Luncheonette, Maya & Red Lizard but each one was a great experience and I’m looking forward to checking out their other selections.

Back to Red Lizard.

Red Lizard is pretty straight forward (like their website says) and offers basic, classic Mexican dishes that are affordable and keep true to original Mexican flavors. They’re homage to original flavors without compromising taste to appeal to a mass audience is what truly made me appreciate them.

Their interior is pretty dope- walls covered with luminescent wall mountings and caricatures depicting Mexican culture and bright signage’s all paying homage to Mexican pop culture. It has a very bright and light aura inside inviting everyone to come on over, grab a good meal and just have a good time.

Here’s a look at the menu and their food:

Homemade Masa Chips with assorted dips – P69.00 ++

Carnitas Quesadillas – P199.00

Tacquitos with shredded pork- P299.00/ 6 pcs.



It’s hard to find decent Mexican places around Cebu, which I think is because Cebuano’s haven’t fully embraced this awesome cuisine yet. But it is comforting to know that there’s been a slow growth of decent Mexican food around the city and if you asked me, Red Lizard is on the top of that list!

Check out their Facebook page, Instagram & Website.

Location: Filinvest Cyberzone I.T. Park, Cebu City

Operaitng times: 11am to 12am

For reservations/ inquiries: (032) 233 9879


Issa P.

The Pyramid Opens In It Park, Cebu- Menu, Prices & Everything Else You Need To Know

Pyramids have always symbolized great things amongst men. For example, Mfuniselwa Bhengu believed that pyramids symbolized consciousness of strength and energy; some believe it is a symbol of life & death; The Egyptians believed pyramids held a great significance on their great spiritual quest and in our more modern times, some kooks believe it’s the symbol of a secret society that drives the very core of industries and subconscious aka the Illuminati. (Sorry, I really just had to throw that in there. lol.)

 Here in Cebu, pyramids or The Pyramid rather, symbolizes opportunity; companionship and a new place for locals and guests to appreciate Cebuano culture, art, food and of course, the people.

In my April vlog, I take you inside The Pyramid even before they had opened their doors to the public so I could sample a few of the dishes that they had been preparing before opening. I was invited again some time this month to sample MORE of their food during their soft opening and fast forward to present day, now can YOU!

Cebu is small and word’s gotten around that the proprietor of The Pyramid is the same businessmen who brought us Coffee Prince so naturally the next question would be is, “so, is it a coffee shop?” No, but they do serve coffee, if that’s what you’re looking for. The Pyramid is actually a food, wine and tapas lounge with fusion cuisine and lots of other food to choose from!

Menu from Zomato

Croquettas (parma ham & cheese) – P120.00 (3 pcs.)/ P220.00 (6 pcs.)| Gambas Bruschettas (shrimp with cherry tomato) – P95.00| Eggplant Omelet– P105.00

Classic Caesar – P245.00| Cold Cuts & Cheese (varied prices depending on cold cuts)

Chicken Wings – P180.00

French Macarons – P35.00/ pc.


Aglio Olio with shrimp – P220.00

Carbonara – P240.00

Crispy Pata – P399.00

Ham & Cheese- P210.00

Craft Beers
Bliss Point/ Drop Zone/ Midnight Blur – P190.00

White Wine

Pyramid Signature Drinks
Lady Dragon-
 P255.00| Purple Haze – P275.00


If you’re looking for a swanky place that won’t break bank but will still allow you to enjoy a great view together with friends and family, The Pyramid is the place for you. Its glass panels widen up the entire space and there are lots of nooks and corners for you to choose from whether you’re looking for a relaxing winding down sesh with a loved one, a loud get together with friends or just a quick catch up over coffee or drinks.

The Pyramid also displays a few art pieces which should be a joy to check out. Make sure to bring your cameras because every corner is just soo cute! <3

The Pyramid is located at West Geonzon Road, Lahug (or acorss E-Block 2).

Opening hours are from 4:00 pm – 2:00 am

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates and reservations.


Issa P.

Welcome To The Weekend, Cebu

It seems like restaurants are popping up left and right here in the Queen City of the South. With the sudden influx of new places to dine, it often leaves us Cebuano’s wondering, “of all the places to choose from, where can I get my money’s worth?”.

There are a lot of factors that come into play when choosing a place to dine but if you’re looking for a spot with a hint of sophistication, variety, good food at a very reasonable price range, The Weekend might just be your new favorite culinary spot!

The Weekend, which is located at The Greenery in Kasambagan, is technically not a stranger to the critical Cebuano taste buds (which we are all pretty familiar with). Jan Rodriguez, who brought us Cebu’s well- loved and all time classic, Ilaputi, has raised the bar yet again together with his partners Jay Alba, Edward Mellana and Jon Louis Yu, to serves us with dishes from around the world.

Aside from the incredible dishes, The Weekend is also home to extensive collection of craft beers. In fact, it is the first in Cebu to house a 16- tap draft system which pours beers from two of Cebu’s best craft breweries, Turning Wheels and Cebu Brewing Co. And if beer isn’t your thing, the Weekend is also stocked up on a curated selection of whisky, gin and mezcal.

So that’s ✓ on food, ✓ drinks, ✓ interiors – all we need now is great company to make The Weekend complete!

Check out their dishes:

Buffalo Cauliflower – Crisp fried cauliflower, celery sticks and Gorgonzola cheese dip

Jupiter’s Acorn salad – Candied walnuts, apples, bacon bits, romaine and arugula, maple vinaigrette, blue cheese drizzle| *soon on the menu

Bourbon Bacon Steak- Bourbon maple- glazed double- double cut bacon, grilled tomatoes, fried eggs, dirty rice, quick pickled onions

Fish & Chips – Beer- battered fish fillet, slaw and handcut thick fries with malt mayo

The Fat Bastard-  Tender, thick- cut chop, dry- rubbed and grilled

Steak and Cheese Sandwich – Angus sirloin steak, caramelized onions, green & red bell peppers, Provolone cheese

Angus Beef Tapa- Fried eggs, pickled onions, spicy vinegar, dirty rice

Fried Chicken Sandwich – Herb- crusted chicken, Jamon Serrano, Manchego cheese, poached egg, horseradish hollandaise

 My personal favorites from the Media Preview would have to be the acorn salad, bacon bourbon steak, fish & chips and the fat bastard- each dish was very different from the other but each special in their own ways. The salad’s fresh greens and light dressing was not too overwhelming despite the blue cheese, the bacon steak was tender and juicy, the fish and chips was a great healthy option for those who are a little more keen on what they eat while the fat bastard was a complete experience in itself.

Find out more about The Weekend on Facebook & Instagram!

Operating hours: 11:00AM – 11:30PM

Everyday is THE WEEKEND,

Issa P.

edit: prices and menu items constantly change at the Weekend, which is why I decided to remove the menu photos. Best drop by Weekend to find out for yourselves but to give you a price range, food offering start at about P250.00 ☺️

IssaTalks Episode 14: Closet Essentials For The Fashionably Impaired

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TUF Barbershop Now Has 4 Branches in Cebu!

TUF Barbershop is every Cebuano man’s go to place when it comes to quality hair cuts & grooming. I’ve kept an eye on them over the years, as I’ve questioned every one of guy friend’s haircuts, to find out each time that they’ve entrusted their precious manes to The Urban Fade.

At TUF, each customer is offered 4 of their signature haircuts namely, The Gent Cut, Bastard Cut, Hooligan Cut and the Bugsy Cut but of course, if you come in with a style you already want, the barbers will try to achieve for you. They also offer hair art at different price points, depending on the design.

TUF understands how crucial a mans hairstyle is and therefore, only the best of the best are able to handle their loyal customers. Each barber undergoes training sessions and is prepped to understand that TUF isn’t only just a barbershop but it’s also a community. I guess that’s why every single guy in Cebu is gaga over this place.

TUF’s Signature Cuts

I brought my little brother, Miguel, in for a quick session over at TUF’s latest opened branch in Talamban. This was his hair before…


And this was his hair after!

It’s needless to say but Miguel was obviously delighted with the Gents Cut that he was given. He was also geared with some pomade to keep his hair in place and he was well on his way.

Pomade selection

TUF Barbershop recently opened their 4th branch in the city and that is just the beginning for them! In the coming months, they will also be adding more signature cuts, services and promotions for everyone to enjoy.

Visit the closest TUF branch to you:

Follow them on their Facebook page and Instagram account for more details and promotions!


Issa P.

Barbie Dog

Your eyes, that annoying way you breathe, the way you didn’t like to snuggle when we got you but eventually learned to love, your doggy bag and how you loved it so much, how you hated dogs but you loved people, your dumb dumb ways, how you always couldn’t wait to get in the car, that time I shaved you like a lion and how you wouldn’t come out from under the bed for days, the way you would hide in my shoe closet and 5 1/2 years of you being the best dog anyone could ask for.

I love you, barbie girl, barbie dog, bebe bawbee, our little princess. I wish you didn’t leave me too soon. 🙁


Styling A One Piece As Outerwear

Honestly, this isn’t my favorite trend. I thought I would like it but apparently, I am extremely uncomfortable about showing my tata’s, no matter how little, to the world. So will I wear this one piece again? Probably not. The bottom wasn’t to snug either anyways. Well you win some, you lose some. But let these photos show to the world that you CAN wear a bathing suit as outerwear, depending on the occasion, of course.

Sometimes I question my question my fashion choices.


Issa P.

White On White ft. Zalora

There’s something magical about a pristine white dress. There are no words for that exact moment when you walk in, heads turn and it dawns upon how powerful a piece of fabric can actually be.

Lots of women have that one dress that “makes” them like J.Lo’s Versace dress; Lady Gaga’s meat ensemble, Audrey Hephburn’s timeless Breakfast at Tiffany’s look and the list goes on and on. Truthfully, if anyone’s going to remember me in anything, I honestly wouldn’t mind if it was this one. Sure, it’s not a wedding dress or anything, but it I might as well marry it!

I like to say that, “it’s the person that makes the outfit” but sometimes, it’s also the other way around and this dress has by far got to be my best pick-me-up-dress that I like to keep hidden for extra special days. Despite the off-shoulder trend being a big hit in the markets lately, I do not fear the day that this dress becomes a fashion faux pas especially because unlike other renditions of the shoulder baring look, this dress is timeless. It doesn’t hurt that it cost me less than a thousand pesos either.

Dress: Zalora| Watch: Michael Kors| Shades: Rayban| Heels: H&M


Issa P.

Doctor On The Go- MyPocketDoctor

This post really goes to show how much my priorities have changed over a very short span of time- mobile space allocated for games have now been replaced with more adult applications and my favorite one so far is MyPocketDoctor.

If you haven’t had the time to check on the video, which I strongly urge that you do, here are somethings that you need to know about the application:

  1. The My Pocket Doctor is an application that is free to download on your iOs and android device  or via their official website that allows anyone to get in touch with a nurse and a doctor through the application.
  2. The application is very user considerate wherein the nurse/ doctors actually calls YOU instead of the other way around. This is to give them enough time to assess the situation and also, to ensure that the user is able to save up on credit/ load.
  3. My Pocket Doctor is super user friendly and has an almost flawless design. It allows you to fill in your patient history which should make the assessment process a lot easier.
  4. Through the application/ website medical certificates & prescriptions can then be set via email.

It’s such a great app and I would recommend it to any person especially in the case of a medical condition that you wish to be addressed as soon as possible.

If you’re interested in getting 6 months unlimited consultations, make sure to contact Maria Kato!


Issa P.

Breakfast Selections at Circa 1900’s, Circa Dos

I’m not a huge fan of grand breakfasts for the main reason that I have the most unfortunate allergy on the face of the earth- I’m allergic to eggs which immediately makes the most important meal of the day a whole lot less eventful. Although I may not be a fan of waking up early and eating something that could potentially harm me, I am however, a big fan of hanging out with my girlfriends especially if it’s with an amazing view!

Circa 1900’s more millennial and up beat counterpart, Casa Dos (located in the same vicinity), is complete with Colonial architecture and interior, a pool and garden view, a wine and tapas lounge and now an interesting breakfast menu on top of their already existing food selections making them the top choice for anyone who’s looking for a good place to start the day.

Circa Dos’ breakfast menu may seem short but it is certainly not limited. They’ve created a good mixture of food meant to help you be fit, allow you to indulge, explore the intriguing tastes of organic plates or perhaps enjoy a classic pinoy breakfast and even eat your heart out to a hungry breakfast platter- which is how Circa Dos’ has categorized their selection. They also have a few interesting side dishes such as crocodile tocino & ostrich tapa!

ORGANIC. 2 fresh organic eggs served with thick cut wholemeal toast- P185.00

FIT. Sliced fresh tropical fruit with honey & strawberry citrus dip – P 195.00

PINOY. Fried eggs and garlic rice with choice of 2 items, homemade beef tenderloin tapa, longaniza, homemade chicken tocino or danggit – P 270.00

HUNGRY. Eggs any style with hash browns, beef sausage, bacon, saute garlic mushrooms, roast tomato & toast- P375.00

INDULGE. English muffin with salmon garvlax & cream scrambled eggs – P 315.00

SIDES. Crocodile tocino – P 295.00

SIDES. Ostrich Tapa – P 295.00

Make sure to go with friends and to make as many memories as possible <3

Check out my friends: Ron, Keisee, Jean & Marianna

Find out more about them on Facebook and on their official website!

Til the next,

Issa P.