** well, why don’t we find out shall we?? **

1. you’ve only known each other for a few weeks, but you and your crush already:

a. known every detail abut each other

b. argue like you’ve been together for years

c. have managed to talk about any messy rel. issues

2. your guy cathces you talking about your ball [in the summer, which is like 3 years from now [for me that is]]. he:

a. turns bright red and immedietly changes subject

b. nudges and says. “do i get to come?”

c. says, “i’m glad i don’t go to your school. that sounds totally lame.”

3. you bump into your sweeties parents at the mall. when he introduces you, they:

a. immedietly know who you are and treat you like part of the family.

b. ask your guy why he’s blushing so much.

c. smile blankly amd ask. “are you one of his friends?”

4. when your guy asks you out to a movie, he’s most likely to call you:

a. minutes before the preview starts.

b. a week in advance.

c. a few hours before.

5. your hottie has a reputation for:

a. falling for a diff. girl every summer

b. never act. dating any of the kazillion girls who are after him.

c. being really serious about any girl he’ seeing.

6. you tell your sweetie you’re worried about what will happen to your relationship when summer ends. he:

a. admits he’s worried, too.

b. shrugs and says, “ hey nothing lasts forever.”

c. starts listing all the diff. reasons you 2 will definitely stay together.

7. when you snd your guy hang out, it’s usually

a. with a bunch of pals

b. just the 2 of you

c.  unplanned. you just happen to be at the same place, at the same time.

8. when school starts you’ll probably keep in touch by:

a. phone

b. lots of e-mails and IM’s

c. who knows? you haven’t really talked about it yet

9. you’re used to seeing your crush in flip flops and board shorts. if you try to imagine him wearing a parka and snow boots, it seems:

a. to weird!

b. exciting.

c. kinda scary.

10. your friends’ nicknames for you and your guy are:

a. romeo and juliet.

b. nick and jessica

c. no nicknames. none of your friends reall know how you feel about each other.


now, don’t you think this is much more better than answering a test at school?? haha. go to the guest book for the answers.

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peace. 🙂

** Are You Ready To Have Fun?? **

jUz piCk oNe ghUrLz .. i kNow iTz hArd .. hAha. eRr.. nOt rEaLLy.

1. your idea of a perfect summer day icludes:

a. curling up on the couch and reading a great book from cover to cover

b. sleeping late, then going yo a friends house to hang out

c. hitting the pool early, so you can chat up to the cute lifeguards

2. time to go to the beach! what’s the most crucial item on your tote?

a. a pair of long pants [wtf?!] – you hate anyone seeing how pale your legs really are!

b. sunglasses – besides protecting upir eyes, you love “people – watching”

c. A frisbee – it’s the best way to meet guys

3. you promised to baby-sit your little brother, but then you rem. today is your bud’s party. you:

a, feel relieved to have an excuse not to go. you hate small talk

b. call up your pal amd ask if your brother can come, too. if the party’s lame at keast you’ll be able to duck out early.

c. beg your parents to let you out of baby – sitting duty. this party is waay important to miss.

4. as far as your concerned, the worst part of summer is:

a. how slow time moves! you feel like your always searching for something to do

b. those heat waves when you don’t want to step outside.

c. that it ends! you’re just hitting you groove come labor day!

5. you run into your crush at the mall. when he asks you what your doing this weekend, you:

a. shrug and say, “same as usual. nothing.”

b. put the ball in his court and say, “i don’t know. what about you?”

c. reel off your busy social calendar, hoping at leas one thing will interest you.

6. you’re addicted to the o.c. and gilomore girls, but there are only reruns during the summer. you:

a. watch them anyway. adam brody’s still adorable the secind time around.

b. spend time on the internet to find out the scoop on what’s going to happen next season

c. invite some pals to watch a movie instead.

7. to you, the idea of having a summer romance seems:

a. silly. why hang with a guy for only a few months?

b. kinda exciting. although your not sure where you’ll meet the right guy.

c. totally romantic. it’s so sandy and danny in grease.

8. your parents keep complanning that since school let out:

a. you never leave the house

b. you spend too much time on the phone.

c. you’re never home.

you want answers? well.. duh!! go to the guestbook. all the answer to the following quizzes are there.

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iMa wHo . bUh mOz imPortAntLy 

 .. bUH onLy oN tHe inSidE tHouGh. 

                  Click here to see more graphics by, 

LiKe jAcK loVes naTaLie..
LiKe .. lIkE ..
DaRn iT..  
Click here to see more graphics by, aWw. hE loOkz sOo cUte. bUh, tHe oNly ThaNg cuTer iZ a GUY giVinG mE roSes.
 Click here to see more graphics by, CarrielynnesWorld.comdUn gOt mUch tO saY bOut tIz liL feLLeR oBah huRr bUH, iF aNy1 waNnA gIVe mE aNy sPonGebOb sTufF iLL tAke iT .. bUt, iLL hAvE tO tHiNK bOUt You. dOnt fEeL luCky eR anYthiNg. i Juz caNt sAy nO tO sPoNGie!!   
*uGH.. i aM sOo hOPeLess.
Hey thurr!! Mah freakin mouse work work again so I decided to type my blog in micro word fiorst and then just paste it… hey, I’m in the zoOone!!J haha. Anyways, iM sOo weird today, I dunno I just told Kathya bout this funky [?!] dreamI had the other night. Can’t tell ya’ll.. tha’z our lil secret. LoL.
*iT aiN’t icky.. iT’z jUz “hOpeLez”
anyways, today was soo fun. I think it’s like, holy week right now. I’m nOt sure though L haha. SorrY. Im nOt uP-daTed. Haha. So anyways, I like spent the whole morning in bed playing PS. Buts-A-gRoOve bAy-bEh!! J haha. I’M sOo good aT iT. HahA. DUn min tA brag eR anyFin. ThEn I played CaspUrr.. I swear to **** **** I suck BIG TIME!! Buh aT least iM improving. Haha. ThE family left me at home while they went to the grocery. They came home aTta bout 1 somefin and they didn’t even buh-reyng me any fOooOD!! I was like, starving! They are always like that!! MIgueL [aMpaO] was cRyin LikE hell tOo! It wUz cuZ o’ joLLibEE. HE LiKe missed hIm eR somEfin. LOL. SO cAsey gave iM a stuffed tOy oF iM aNd miGueL hAsn’t lEt gO oF iT since!!
*iZ tHa like… sOoO gAY?!
IN tHe afternoon, wE aLL went To wEtLand park [wIt tHe HeLpeRz ToO.] total flirting wAS goin oN wIt NeneNg [YaYA] aNd tHe assistant [soWe, dUnNO watTa call iM!]
CasEy caught aLooT oF fish sO diD aMpaO .. I swear they aRe jUz lyK lucky eR suMfin! CUz IwUd bE hoLdin tHe rOd rYt?! [which was bamboo wiT nylon aNd a hOok wiT bait] aNd I would gVe iT tO migUel, rYT?! Then like, seconds!! [aNd iM noT exaggerating] hE would already catch something!! IT wAS sOO unfair. bUt iZ aLL good.. cUz I caught ^6^!! J hAha. CasEy caught a catfish tOo!! Which was wErD cuZ dEy’rE onLy supposed tO hAvE tiLapYA’z tHuRr!! HAha. IT wUZ sOo hard tO gEt iT oUtTa tHe hook tHa tHe gUy nEnNen wAs flirting with hAd tO cUT tHe nylon!! HAha.
*bTw, tHe gUy,.. wSnT sOo bAd looking. FOr a yOU know Tha’ iZ
iT wAs sOo gross cUz I held a worm iN mAh haND!! ANd I hooked oNe!! IT waS sOooOO.. can’T eVn find words fOr iT!! J
sO after tHE fUn.. hE hAd more fUN.. wE aTe!! J I aTe sOo much!! IT wAs like sinning! (“,) LoL.
SO, iM home nOw.. L AnD like, eVeRy1 buH mE [aZ usual] iZ ready tO head down To tHe beach tOm. WHatTAh!!
OH yeA, naTaLie wOn!! YeHey!! JacK, I salute yOu yOU hOt bloke!! YoU’Ve chOosEn a mighty fYn sHeiLa rYT tHurr, yOu haVE, mate! YOU definitely aren’t gonna come a gUtseR!! J grouse, mate. GOoRoo wiT tHe fReakiN lingo! IMa improve laTah.
ANywaYs, check oUt tHe quiz I made!! IS tIz rOmeO fO’ real?!?!?
Check iT ouT.
PEacE!! J

i LoVe mAh siTe .. 🙂 hAha. dUn bE haTin.

i would tell you bout my site but hen, im too lazy.

yesterday was the bomb though. haha. im too lazy to write bout it so, here’s chub’s blog. sorry fpr steaing chub. 🙂 haha.

anyways, it’s the same shit so. peace!!

just got home from issa’s and IM SO TIRED, and yet SO HAPPY!..driver dropped me off and me and issa ate lunch..daghan kayo kOg gi kaOn, which is why im nOt eating dinner anymOre. hehe.. we went to JY square! it was fun, we went to these different kid stOres. ahaha, issa is sO Obsessed with barbie nOw. i knOw na what tO buy her fOr her birthday!.. ahaha 🙂 we were suppOse to play gunbOund.. but then all the i. cafes were FULL, as in. so we went out and walked to the nearest i. cafe, just to find it full tOo!, and the next One.. then the next. realizing di jud will ni lord, we decided to head home nalang! WE WALKED HOME.. ahaha, we need the exercise. we almost got hit by a taxi AND a jeepney. but lingaw ghpOn! oh yeah!, issa bought this REALLY great mag with chad on the cover. he’s sOo cute. i might marry him someday..[shOx, a girl can dream] sO when we gOt hOme we dipped our feet in the pOol and read the mag. then we gOt in her mOms rOom and watched tv. then we went out to play with her “hObbit” neighbOrs. ahaha! jOkeü we played vOlleyball.. which i really suck at!:) then we played basketball.. which issa is really gOod at. but then i always get the ball kai i push her man.. hihi 🙂 then we went biking!, i got tO ride this really petite bike, that issa’s really small yet chubby neighbor owned. i gOt tO go arOund the place ringing the bike’s stupid bell, lingaw kauu! 🙂 then, we all went to the pOol place. and issa was like.. “kung di gani mu mu swim di nata friends!” ahaha, ka luOy tawn sa mga gagmaing taO.. they listened tO her.. sO they all swam!, xcept me thOugh 🙁 kai im sOo afraid Of the water.. i dOnt even knOw how tO swim! 🙁 sue me.. ahaha. lain pajud kau coz i told guada and dodi na i cant swim they were laughing their heads off!!.. sO mean! :p and yea, sO i was just watching them swimm.. and they were splashing water at me. and shit.. nasuya jud kOo!.. yOu knOw what i did?.. i jumped ui!.. i gOt rid Of my fear na. and issa’s gOnna teach me swim, di jud kO anang instruuctOr2x kai i dOnt trust them..[lOong stOry] and when my mOm came tO pick me up, she wasnt even mad!, she was happy im nOt afraid of h²o na! 🙂 i may sound lame tO yOu guys, but i dOnt care.. ahaha:p lipai kai kOo.. oh yeah baby. i might go to their house tomOrrOw tO swim.. yeheyy 🙂 i had sOo much with issa tOday.. and i lOve her even mOre. hehee.. i lab u esa. *mwaaaaaaaah

hey!! i am like, so knocked out! speaking of which, pacqiao lost against morales!! i hate it. im like, so depressed. darn it! 🙂 Lol.


i was practically out the whole day, like in the morning the whole circus a.k.a my family went to mcdonalds for breaky. i saw elen a, sj, lesty and love there. i think they we’re joggin or something. haha.:) then, we didn’t go to church to watch boxin. shesh!!

in the late morning we went to maia luisa cuz it was sofia’s birthday. it was .. fun. hahaha. well, not really to be honest but it was better than her other parties especially the ones that i had to host! anywys, andrea was there and as usual, we had a sleepover!

it was aryt. late night reading and talking and watching dvd’s till we coudn’t take it anymore. JOY!!


well, my stinkin grandmother dragged me to meet this girl that i was “supposed” to know.. haha. so i went.. total boredom!

i didn’t do much today cuz yea, beats me.

casey is pushin me t play with her. jeez!!

aryt. ima go now, the b/witch is getting touchy .. specifically with my hair.


oh and one lasy thing:

my prince turns out to be a frog.:) oh well, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

what the f***

  We weren’t friends from the start nor were we meant to be best friends since birth. We never always understood each other and at times, I think we didn’t really try to either.

We started out disliking each other without a single thought that maybe, just maybe by a twist of fate would we end up being best of friends. We both have our differences and I think that’s what’s brought us together. Sometimes we don’t get along as much as we would want to but I know that God works in magical ways, which is why I always find myself running back to your embrace each mesmerizing fight or misunderstanding.

I’m not always there for you as much as I want to. Sometimes I am but not as much as you want me to and I’m sorry for that. I wish I could’ve been there when you cried. If I was, I wish that I paid more attention to you because every time I needed someone to hold, to listen to me or put up with me, I didn’t have to look that far. I know a best friend is supposed to be in the first row seat cheering you on during a performance and it’s so humiliating to claim to be your best friend yet I never did any of those. I was never in the first row and I didn’t get to cheer you on. But I wanted to; well at least if I couldn’t be there physically, I wanted to be there in you heart. I’m your biggest fan, I just never got the chance to tell you that.

Before, I wanted so badly to turn back time and change certain events in my life, wishing that I would make things better. But when I come to think of it, it was those events that brought such joy to me that I will always treasure in my life. Without a doubt, the one that has brought me the most amount of joy is you. If I weren’t the biggest suck-up that I was, I wouldn’t know you. If I didn’t torture you back in elementary, no one would call me a “witch” and still accept me for that. And now, we can still laugh about those stuff and just think of reasons why little events like those has stuck us like mighty bond glue.

Now, if I could think of things that I would want to do, that would be to hold on to more things. I wish that I were Superwoman and do two things at once. Better yet, I wish that I could freeze time, so that I could freeze a second that I get to spend with you to an eternity.

Of all the things that I had to decide on, leaving you and all the things that remind me of you is definitely the hardest thing to do because I have to choose whether to live the life I want or to be with someone who has made this life worth living.

If leaving is a mistake is a mistake, I know that this is the biggest mistake I’ll ever make but I hope that you’ll be able to forgive me for that.

I’m going to miss you chub … you will always be my best friend, forever. And if I’ve said it before … this time, I mean it with all of issa. [lol] You have a special place in my heart that distance can never replace. Even though I’ll meet new people, no one will ever be half as good as the person I have found in you. I know we all have our doubts. But I promise you things will work out. I love you with all my heart. And if you need anything … I’ll stop whatever I’m doing for you … promise.

Schary. [There, I said it for you! and I can’t believe it!!]

I bet you thought that I’d just stop there, but I’m not done yet.

A friend is the one that calls you up when she’s meant to call her man. “oops, wrong numbah, beb. I’m just soo used to calling you.”

A true friend is someone who thinks that you’re a good egg even though you’re slightly cracked

We said our last goodbye’s and when I almost gone I gave you one more look. The look said it all; everything was going to be ok.

A true friend picks you up when you fall. But if they can’t pick you up, they’ll lie beside you and talk for a while.

You don’t have to be all these things to me because you’re so much more. I have my own definition of a true friend and it starts with a c and ends in an l. yeah baby, its CHABEL!! Ü

hey .. i woke up today at 10 something .. i was like soo tired from yesterday.

i took the test and all at montessori .. i got in. JOY.

it just wasn’t so exciting as i thought it would be . the school didn’t fucking call me up or anything. which kinda disappointed me cuz i wanted to tell me personally but then, they didn’t.

im not gonna make a big fuss outta tiz here .. maybe on the phone wit chub though.

haha. i’m pissed for multiple reasons!! fuck this life!

anyways, it’s phil-o-rama and i spent most of my morning watching tv [buhm] and nothing else. i decided to go online cuz i didn’t get to write a blog or anything.

im buying my guitar today [for te record, this is my 3rd guitar this year!!]

can’t wait .. i wanna write songs again. im inspired.


much <3..


oH gOd ..

iM suCh a bUhm .. and im enjoying it!  hEhe.

wuz spos’d to take an entrance exam tiz mawnin but like, there’s supposed to be a freakin storm or something .. during the summer!! go figure! and like, it’s soo friggin hot for there to be a typhoon!! stupid weather people!!


*just a thought: why do weather reports report the weather but never end up doing anythang about it.. * Lol. aryt. go laugh yer freakin heads off.

so .. i’ve been a buhm at home. but wait.. that’s nothing new.

guess what? the scariest thang .. all morining dudes have been textin me from mmch. which is scary cuz i’m not there yet and like .. i bet you know where i’m headin. Nax. there’s rae, chuck, yan and i forgot the other one’s. there was tiz dude who was all, “as truly, yadi yadi yadi ya!!”

whatever. i’m stumped. but there’s no turning back .. so, yeah.

ima theresians turned montessorian. damn you jet. lol. just messin. 🙂

ayt. out,

bebe_phat 🙂

damn.. ima be soo busy today.. gotta go to my cardio and like back to school [in summer!!] i have to study and pick out cothes for our garage sale!! lol.

-smax and beermugs- 


hey, came from chub’s house .. it was rockin!! we had a session wit the web cam .. i swear, our faces are meant to b in front of te camera .. ima show you em when chub sends them ..



yeah baybeh, i did it!! Ü ill add mo piciez when im up to it ayt .. got people waiting fo’ me so .. gimme props for the good work!! 🙂 hahah

fuck the pictures!! screw them!

anyways, today is the 2nd day of summer and like, i;ve been a buhm .. i’ve been online and to the grocery and places. ima get my requirements so i can take mah test by saturday ..

there’s not much to say bout today .. lol.

oh yea, i have a new big brother.. donnie and i have him wrapped around my finger [in the words of kathya] he’s sending my pins over .. i dunno about my pencil case though .. haha . not that i need it or anythang.

i need to do something productive .. damn. save me!




haha. juz loose it crazy [biotch] !!


oK.. this day was JamMin.. iT was like, FINALLY the last day of school and it would probably be my last day at stc .. jy. haha. it was c0olazZ cuz we took the test .. maybe cheated for the last time this schoolyear and went wild!! haha. i honestly wanted to cry because it would be the last time for alot of thanz like, the last time alintaya would give me “cool shoes”. or the last time i would ever talk back to my fucking™ teachers .. or the last time i would be walking down those halls in my st. theresa’s uniform .. God, i’m happy but still, i feel like crying. i’ll emote when ecerything is finally ayt? haha. cuz i gots a lot to say.

so, we went to ayala .. i spent most of my time with nEeneE, aRdEN and nIkKi .. it was the four of us .. well, duh!!

we ate at desert fac. we all had caesar [how the hell do you spell it?!] salads .. yuumm.. hahaha.

it was all good. meeting up with people who you would normally see on a saturday at the mall. but oh, i saw a couple of you knows and whatchama – callits. [wtf!? did i just say that??]

hhaha. i saw r o y .. haven’t been textin or hearing from each other ina while and .. that’s ayt with me.  i mean, i wasnt bein mean but yeah, things are better so, yeah. shuttup!!

anyways, me, mom and papa had our usualy date. i was spoiled ..  i got new bed sheets and liek i was supposed to get the lamp but then, bast aloong story and it’s not worth typing. 🙂 hahaha

we ate at tinderbox. [sossy] i swear the shit there is soo freakin expensive!! Ü haha. i mean like, 500 bucks for a freakin steak .. omg! good thing it tasted good.. 🙂 haha. and like, while we were eating layla came in .. hahah. not much to say bout that .. it was just weird cuz i saw em in ayala earlier .. i wanted to like stay and talk to her tha time but then .. like, i’m guesing their stil pretty pissed off at me .. well.. whatever !

oh, i have a mother who’s a tiguwang igat! she’s all made up and shit. she had her eyelids and her bows tattoed.. oh wow.


uhm.. i went to church .. went to yala .. and oh, i went to mia’s birthday dinner.. kim a and karl was there.. naka points si arden .. sweet love.  mia’s room is ssoo cool and im jealous haha . Ü i had fun .. yeah .. i would definitely do it again .. 🙂


oh my god .. it ws so.. yea!  i had a hot oil .. now my hair smells guhd.. haha. then i went to maria montessori children’s house .. its soo freakin far . but it was worth it .. 🙂

the place is soo fetch .. wa dyud ka tungga ang stc and im just being honest and im not trying to diss my own school .. its just like me saying, i’m prettier than she is .. it’s the truth .  haha. just messing.

anyways, so apparently.. im moving there!! :)no worries.. or maybe there is .. my grades and my moral conduct or something. damn. what am i gonna do?! i dont tink im gonna get it .. i mean, i wasn’t one of the best .. in fact, i never was .. ir maybe in my dorky suck- up years but tha’s like .. so history!! Ü


ima buhm at home .. im hungry and its 5:51 i still gotta find out a way to add pictures t this dump! it’s soo freakin boring!  

hahah. okie .. i gotta go .. bye ..