nothing like home

there are three things that suck about this scenario right now:

1 i’m typing on my lap since there’s no table

2 this isn’t my computer

but worse

3 this the last time i’ll be able to blog in this tiny room right beofre the stairs and still say that i’m home 🙁

yes, lovers. yes, today is moving day and i’m not hyped. i mean, don’t get me wrong, i know we havta move cuz sacrifice for the family and all but i wish we could’ve moved somewhere more civilized. or somewhere where i could actually go out without being followed around by my helper from the fear of me actually buying drugs or whatevr ka buang buang they think i’ll do. i live a crazy life. lmao

anyways, i’m only hyped about moving cuz i’ll be neighbors with people my age for once. lol. angie. haha. and plus, i heard our principal lives in sun valley so, my plan is to seduce him in the middle of the night and convince him to either burn the school down or let me get out of highschool a yer early. lmao. i hate mmch. 😐

we went to the house yesterday. i fell asleep. lmao. i was kinda disappointed cuz i didn’t hear from him. but i guess that’s how guys are. they like this game of “i like you i like you not’s” which is exactly why i pretend not to fall or jump or stumble; whatver you people call it. i’m an alien to this. i like it that way, thankyouverymuch. sorry to anyone who reads this and thinks i’m not being real or whatever but i can’t take the drama. lmao

school’s been hell for me, as usual. we didn’t have academics the whole week so we got away with murder or just bringing phones, ipods and going to school i n pants. lmao. that’s like the only thing i like about that place. getting away with murder. lmao. we only had practices for stupid family day feild demonstration and lingo ng wika practices. and i’m proud to say that we screwed our lingo ng wika dance but it was still cute. lmao.

i’ve lost my voice and my soul from choir practices. i love choir mainly for the reason that i can talk and not talk to anyone. why? because i hate school. i hate the fact that there’s no one to talk to and i don’t have a life there. 🙁 god, i am a loser. lmao. but no, seriously, i need to graduate a year early or swutch schools. my happiness depends on it. lmao.

chabel has to go to family day. if she doesn’t, iknow for sure that i will hate that day and everything else about it. why? because mmch does not compliment my lifestyle in any way whatsoever. i have a life outside those 4 walls the reek “hell” and i do not choose to live this way very long. i’m wildin out after graduation, i swear on my dead fishes grave. lmao.

anyways, i have fucking practice today. i havta be at family park by 8 and it’s 6:35. nah, i’ll take my time. lmao. papa promised he’d get me new pants for family day because i refuse to wear the same pants i wore last year. haha. yes, i still remember what i wore last year. i remember a lot of things. and that should scare you. haha. i’m jp.

*why shouldn’t we be with the one’s we really love? now tell me who have you been dreaming of? 🙂 let see what love can dooo. <3″ – paris fucking hilton. lmao

haha. i’m just wasting time, really. i like sitting in this chair while the sun’s rising and i’m not even tryng to care. this is my life. i don’t wanna let it go 🙁

sun valley is messy and dusty and when it rains, the fucking frogs sing til kingdumb comes. lmao. and i ca’t make love outside cuz everyone there talks. lmao. jp. like i would ever ever ever do that. lmao. but yeah, you get my point. 😐

but i won’t tell the rents that i’m unhappy with their decision cuz i know that this is for everyone. lmao. maybe things’ll be better there. i unno. lmao.

|+| tell me that i’m worth it |+| i love you too. </3 yes,i know it’s a broken heart, dimwitt. lmao

issa prezz






&& this is the makings of a disaster

today is the mark of what will turn into a terrible mess like all the one’s before. why? because this is my life. and i am permanently banded by the neverworlds from complete happiness. and hearts will be broken and i will resent myself forever. just like i already am.

but this is sweet and i like it. i like how things’re soo.. well, just how they should be. lmao. i’m crazy. i know, right? when am i not? uh huh. uh huh.

i heard from the grapevine that you felt something that well, maybe i am too.hehe? and  yes, please take care of it and treat it right cuz you only have one chance to break it. i’m not quite fond of glue. lmao.

i hope you know the world hates me already and i love the fact you’re seeing right through that. you know why. thanks for staying. <3

but yeah. ok. we’ll see.

saddest monday ever

yes, i am sad today.

i can’t go to the mall today because my mom thinks i’m being abussive. but i don’t think i am. i’m simply making up for all the saturday’s when i didn’t go out. lmao.. fine,i admit, i just really REALLY REALLY wanna go out today. lmao.
kate’s leaving in a few hours and i was supposed to watch miami vice with some friends. haha.i know, right? me? miami vice? i bet’ll scared the buh-jeeperz outta me but hey, i survived troy and the gladiator. :]

btw, i fixed it, yes, i did. lmao

mom told me that we’re moving next sunday. fine. family day is this sunday. better. i don’t have class on the monday after that. fine.

god, i really, realy, really ,really wanna go out today. i’m actually starting to feel sorry for all the people that i threw bitch fits at cuz i coudln’t go out. I LOVE YOU 🙂

i’m quoting kathya, “let’s all get FUCKED UP and DIE!!”

my alchoholic nightmare

and this is the trouble with drinking.

you get left with a really really bad headache [ even if you didn’t drink that much at all ], you get really  dizzy and you’re left with a drunk head and a sober heart.

i know this because i’m asking myself right now, “what did i do wrong last night?” WELL, nothing really. haha. i guess i expect more from the drunk issa. an advantage that should be taken so i can get away with it because remember, you’re incontrol[not in control, whatevr] of your feelings when you’re drunk and you can get away with murder. or at least doing somethig stupid. hh. so, ok, maybe <b>now</b> i’ll admi i was drunk. even if i wasn’t. just to get away with it. lmao.


i think my problem is i want soo much. i want too much. but right now, i’d give everything up to be with him. oi, that’s not me. i swear. lmao. pero tinuod gyud toh chab, i’d stop everything. watch me 😛 erm.. no nalang. this single ife is as narly as it could get.

but whatver. we’ll get tere when we get there. and i’ll be telling myself, “why don’t yoiu ever learn?” i’m hurt already. this is murder <3

make 10 steps back and run in that direction

so, yes,i’m home and blogging. lmao.

i spent the night at chab’s in honor of her birthday celebration which was fun fun fun. 😀 haha. we basically spent the whole day  here and there and the night watchng chab get wasted and suck on suicide sticks. lmao. nice one, chab. but i love you. 🙂

so, yeah. i don’t feel like narrating. i have a bad headache and it’s not a hangover. lmao. i didn’t drink enough to reach that stage. lmao.

i gotmy grades btw and went to toledo or my hearing. i ranked 4th but i didn’t make it on the honors list which sucks like shirt. lmao.

i need to find an alibi to go out tom. fuck.

happy happy birfday, chab <3

the best thing about birfdays are the birfday suprises. they’re wicked awesome because 1. they’re fun to plan and 2. cuz i just like making people special on their birfdays. lmao.

that’s my suuprise for chabel. <3 it’s nothing much but i think it’s pretty cool. lmao. i collect paperclips and i like to run around and act all crazy and retatrded and i love it. hey, i’m like the coolest person i know right now. HAHAHA. omg, i swear that was a joke 😛

anyways, so, today’s chab’s birfday and somehow i managed to get the family up by 6:10 in the morning to greet chab a happy happy day. it was soo cute <3

nothing great for me though. except for going to stc. those are always the highlights of my week. lmao. and plus, i also saw claudine and roxanne [freshmen girls from school]at msquare niha. and jackie, jan dean and jan paule [seniors] at st. patrick’s square. cute. lmao

anyways, so that was basically it. school’s school. nothing new. i still hate it. lmao. it’s the getting of cards tomorrow and i can’t even get them cuz i have to go to the hearing from my adoption at toledo which is like, gaah!

but yeah, i know some of my grades

fil – 93
geom – 89 [i’m not satisfied wit that actually. lmao]
ss – 88 [and i don’t like this garde either]

and i think those are the only grades i kow soo far.lmao. i begged teacher jo to sms my grades. i hope he does. i really hope he does. lmao. <3

so, i gtg now.


quoting feelings

once upon a time, a little fabulous someone wrote,

“the rain doesn’t quiet give me the same high as it used to. Its different to want something despite knowing you; regret it in the end. i’ve lost the thrill of it all. Life doesn’t give me the same reasons to live as it used to anymore and i guess, i just expect more.

but life on the downlow can be ok not justsometimes but most of the time. i’ve lived with the fact that i am no one to everyone. that i dwell in with the walls and that i have to crawl on my knees just to get by. this is my life. i live to love it. i’m forced to.”

i’m sorry. it’s a PMS, not pre marital sex. not yet. HAHA

anyways, mom’s been beng a bitch lately so i haven’t been able to go onl,ine

owell, ujbye migupel’s getting annuoying

here i go again

it’s just that i’m soo bored. there’s really nothing to do. it’s miserbale. pitiful. tragedic. lmao. i need some sort of alternative aside from eating. HAHA. i swear, it’s soo sad. lmao. recess, lunch and dismissal and sometimes after that. and i still eat dinner .

hey, don’t get me wrong, i’m not the kind of girl that cares about this kind of stuff, if i truly did, i’d consider being anorexic.

ooh. food. lucky mee. lmao.

omgah, see!!!

haha. but i’d rather be eating like hell than be studying for out p.t’s just like everyone else is. i’m lucky in some ways. yes, i am. lol.


our friendship’s a waste. but i’d rather see you go drown the drain than see your name up in lights knowing we can never be friends again. </3

i AM all that AND a bag of chips

if you want to witness being personally attacked on my own blogsite, read the chatterbox. it’s freaking awesome. this dude actually thinks i care about the fact that he thinks that i’m a boyfriend stealer. lmao. like i care. like i ever did. lmao. i know the truth and things’re fine with me and whoever’s involved. those other people, are trying to steal back the spotlight. lmao. sorry, it’s all mine.

it’s better you think i’m an attention seeker. lmao.

so anyways, next time you wanna ruin me, personalize it, baby. MAKE ME A TESTI. lmao. let’s see if you actually have the guts to tell me who you are. harhar.


anyways, i finally watched sukob yesterday! 🙂 and i bought myself new school shoes today. lmao. i call this personal redemption. haha. or maybe not :p

and i also went high on bazaar products. i hate the fact that granny didn’t bring enough money to buy me the cute earings i wanted. but the bazaar will always be there and their goods.

and once again, i’m candy girl. haha. and it’s F-U-N. but yeah, i’m out.

soo tired.