ok. so, i am on a quest to make the longest blog ever. err.. maybe just enough to beat MY other blogs. my life ain’t that interesting. but, before i start all the excessive nagging.. well, that’s kinda like the ONLY thing i’ll be doing this whole morning i think i’ll start this blogring just like every other one i’ve made.

ok, so it’s a new year. sorry people but. big deal. i mean, every year, everyone makes resolutions that hardly ever come true. i mean, i used to but this year, i decided that i would stop fooling myself and just GET REAL. see, i’m random like that. who knows maybe tomorrow i’ll change my mind and start jotting on a piece of paper the things i’d like to change about myself. note: LIKE. i never said WILL change. there’s a big difference. get a clue <- that’s my new line. and i know it’s original cuz i stole it from this movie. “get a clue” so yeah, just get a clue. [damn, that sounds soo fetch] as i was saying, there were times when i used to like new years eve. there was something so magical about the firworks and everything. but i guess it all changed when mom would shout at me all the time. claim that there’s something wrong with me or you know.. just be the bossy her. getting her way [fyi: that’s my role in this family] but you know what? i think i cried again this new year. like i always do. and i was really quiet. i don’t know why. i think i was upset cuz i had no one to talk to. i mean, im the only teenager in the family so i had a mood swing. i couldn’t tell my mom though cuz she would drag me along with her. but not telling her probably made her pissed to. so one way or the other, i know i screwed new years eve for this filipino family… again. good job, issa. but you know what? i partially blame them. cuz every new years eve there’s only one thing i look forward to. it’s soo weird though. i mean, i always anticipate going to mass. not cuz i’m so religious though. god, i;m sorry. plus plus, im not even catholic. well, technically, i am but whatever. i guess one of the reasons why i like mass is cuz angie is there. and i get to hang out with her. especially cuz we were kinda in the same click and it’s soo fun cuz it’s just me, her and sometimes chastine and we just make soo much noise there! like, we’d have soo much fun catching up on things and making fun of people there. plus, i think that the reason why i enjoy it soo much is cuz i hardly hang out with her anymore. like, holidays are the only times i hung out with her… since idk. but i know that it’s been happenin for a while. so anyways, i bet youve figured why i was pissed. well, that’s not just it. first, angie couldn’t go cuz her relatives from australia arrived. yeah, we shared the same emotions about that one. they didn’t have fireworks this year too. i pity them. but i know how it feels. remember people, last year all we had we’re pop pop’s.lmao. plus, it kinda didn’t matter if angie was there, i just wanted to show up since it’s like tradition for me. plus, if i go to mass it’s like, it sets the whole occassion of new year for me. plus, i see people. but soo much for traditions. cuz while everyone was out “massifying” themselves… i was unconsiously watching unfabulous waiting for my grandma to call us to go to mass. damn it. sometimes i hate my life.

so, i wasn’t perked up or anything. like, i was soo unaware that it was already time to blow up the fireworks and shit. i wasn’t even in the mood to send out my holiday greetings much more celebrate it.

i think the only times i smiled were when i did my little butt dance for miguel and franco. [baby cuzinz] lmao. those babiez crack me up. i love them.

but i do remember smiling when papa faked something on me. then my ego popped back in and i kicked him. i dunno. this year was quite empty for me. speaking of remembering, i can’t remember one single new year. and yeah, i didn’t even get drunk!! fuck. i think i rem. walking around. well, ambot. i rem. a bit. just a tiny bit. lmao.

there were a lot more fireworks than usual tonight though. my mom says it might be good year. a good year for who exactly? as for me. i have no idea on who i’m going to be this year. cuz as long as i’m surrounded by montessorians.. i’d rather just stay as random as i am. that way, they can’t follow the trend. OF COURSE EXCLUDING SOME BUT A VERY MINIMAL AMOUNT OF PEOPLE WHOM I SHALL NOT MENTION BECAUSE PRIDE IS NOT A GOOD VIRTUE. you know who you are. :p

which is why… i shall be stripped. from everything.

strip me from my insecurities:

probably one of my greatest insecurities and i can’t believe i’m actually admitting it is that… i don’t have a barkada anymore. i mean, don’t get me wrong or anything but kathya’s great.she’s the best. but i guess i just miss the thrill of it all. i guess, i miss the pressure. the big groups. more laughs and maybe just the company. i think i’ve been a free spirit for quite sometime now. and if i could, i would like to settle in a group of my own. not a group i’m forced to stay in but one where i think i really belong in.

but if you think about it,if it were to be based at school. kathya’s really the only person i need. so im kindda like the luckiest person there and she kinda iz too. admit it, kath! we’ve both realized this one hundred times, maybe more. :o) and for the record. i am not a lezboe. wth. there are more prone to be lezbo couples at school. class dun play like that.

maybe my next is being physically less fortunate. hey, i don’t think i’m ugly i just don’t think i’m pretty either. my mom says it is. sometimes it makes me feel good but then again, that IS her job. lmao. so much about that… i could always go for surgery.

stripped from hell:

ok. this is when i start to talk about MMCH the place i hate more than hell. no.. i hate hell the most. it’s just a bad place. anyways, my point is… at first it was ok. then it was bad, then it was ok now i just wish i had nothing to do with it. the main reason why i hate this year is cuz of that dump.i admit, it wasn’t always sucha dump but… it still isn’t home to me. i miss stc soo bad.

i don’t know why. i mean, i hated my first year. but i was always excited to go to school. maybe cuz i had tons of friends. i loved it there. sometimes i wish i could go back. then again, sometimes i think leaving was the best decision. but whatever. im stuck there anyways. 3 more years isn’t much right? we’ll see.

stripped from the opposite sex:

i am soo over you… that’s all i have to say.

stripped from friends:

ok, first of all. i can deal with the one’s on this island. but those who ain’t. gravity’s gonna grab you by the ass and pull you right back to the ground. i love you all to death.but please. you we’re just like us. you still are.. and you better remember. pfft. gangstah talk. i think i love it.

stripped from alvin:

he’s not family anymore as far as i’m concerned. i mean, he’s soo pathetic. like, he thinks he can even lay his fingers on me. he has another thing coming to him. i swear, he’s like a dinosaur. extinct and ain’t ever coming back. thank you for the asteroid. yep. one just hit him and it had my name written all over it.

basta.. strip me from everything. except my clothes. you can steal the old ones if you want. i’m through with those. lmao.

so, here are the few things that i’ll never but just might forget about this year

january –

wow. that was the bomb. sinulog was great. i rem. lunch with chubel. that was fun. i think the start of the year up to now basically has chub written all over it. what can i say? her quirkyness has grown on me. sometimes pulls away but.. i love her.

i don’t think i’ll ever forget watching mymp and kitchie nadal wih angie. i met ice surge. he was in black. he was also in black the second time i saw him. costume change for thought??

i rem. walking in the streets. bayot. chub. angie. lotz of peope whom i so truly love. i think sinulog reminds me of why i’m a teenager and what im supposed to do.. PARTII. :p


god.. i think i hated this month. i think around this time things got bad for me. i thought i could just run away from everything. i can’t believe i ran all the way to talamban. goddamnit. WHY!?!?!?! but it was cool cuz it was the love month and i got my very first gift. thank you, Pao. i’m sorry it didn’t work though. i think we’re just VERY different. well, maybe that ain’t true. compatible, eh? 🙂

march –

the month that i unno. din’t mean much. but, iknow that leaving made me miss you. that’s good, r0ight?!?!


tennis. leigh. sigh. im over you, dork.


tennis. i almost won that one. lmao. kathleen ponche. nah. i call it “lucky”. what do you call it!? and yeah, i went to bohol . that was def. f u n. fun fun fun. 😀

plus, who could forget ina’z party?? coolaz.


ooh. the beach party. 😀 my first time ina bikini. that was weird. but soo awesome!

and then school. damnit.


i rem. singing for nutrition month. damn hale.


sports clinic? was that it? we lost. good god.


what happened in september? oooh. ok, let’s not rem. that one.


i ended whatever you wanna call it. thank, god. i think i almost killed myself. parasites.

but.. happy birthday to me. 😀


intrams. KISS MY ASS!!!


uhm… yeah. i don’t rem. much.

and i haven’t visited stc for quite some time na.

i think i have a new hobby. bitting people. yeah, definitely. and i reached 500 on friendster. i got an ipod. i had my room painted. i got a bunk bed. lots of new things. a guitar. a new phone courtesy of donnie. my own band. friends. memories. well, i know this year sucked cuz i feel like shit but.. i unno. i think.. i liked it. JUST A BIT!!

don’t feel it. so, now i’m wondering who i’ll be next year. think i’ll be more religious? i unno. but, i haven’t had any big fights at school. i miss it though. lmao. so, who knows? i might actualy get overmy pms.

why am i soo bright and happy all of a sudden? gawd. i wanna huggy wuggy my mommy right now.

oh my…

bounce. <3

b y e 005.

-lil eeessuh-


-tootsie roll-


-issachua ;p




well, these past few days have been something. first: i’m finally out of the pastor’s house so things are more peaceful. i can finally lie down in MY bed and stay up for as long as i want surfing the net. plus factor: i love the smell of paint. fyi: our house is white now!! cream was nice. but white is white. lmao

and the highlight of this holiday was sleeping at kathya’s place. that was just precious. we stayed up until 3 but i know kathya stayed up longer. i fell asleep on her for the second time. god damnit. lmao. and before that, we went to Sm with her family. me, kathya and kristos played racing. Kathya is such a cheater. i knew she was trying to get back at me for beating her at MONOPOLY her FAVORITE board game. eat that. ;p see.. i told you buying all the rail roads would help. ;p we had a dvd marathon. kill bill was too graphic for my likes so we watched another movie. i don’t remember which. and then we both cried to the notebook. but the best one was 40 year old virgin. passion of the christ was boring. no offense to mel gibson, he is my grand father and all. lmao. and i fell asleep watching view from the top. i stil wanna wwatch it though, rats.

yesterday, me and alvin had a big ol fight. must not repeat it. comment me if you wanna know though. 😛

today: my eyes are still sore from crying. comment me twice if you wanna know why.


+ i call this holiday the holdiay of hatred ++

hey. im at neropia right now. i wanted t go online the lack of modern technology at the pastors house is driving me up the wall. lmao. im with cheska [aunt’s kid] she needed to get some stuff and i figured i;d catch up with the latest buzz since she knows stuff. thank G. lmao. anyways, i guess christmas has been aiight. i’d rather be at home though. i almost forgot we had a cafe near our place. lmao.

happy birthday lolo. love ya. 57 and still young

merry christmas to all those fellahz and ladies who still check out thiz site. it’s been a year already. 🙂 Gawd, i can’t believe it. i think this Christmas is better than last year. my hearts still whole.. last year was just bullshit. but anyways,i love you love you all. and if you wanna hear me say it to you up front. hollah !! :p

peace and love.

have a pink christmas ya’ll.

im at my aunt and my grammas house right now. we had this odd party with the patalinghugs who i could care less about. just playing. but anyways, i spent the whole day locked in their room isolating myself from them. I thought people would comment about how big i’ve gotten. these people are just like me. they don’t comment much. lmao. but they could’ve said that i was prettier or something. pfft.

anyways, i’d rather stay stuck in this room than anywhere. at least i’m infront of the pc.  share some love. lmao.

im on a search for a layout. tha’z hawt.

it’s almost xmas. im not done yet. shit

is it me… or the internet getting dumber and dumber? well, not dumber… maybe slower. yeah. which is why i need DSL connection in my life. lmao.

anyways, i’m sleeping at the pastors house tonight. i just got home from buying gifts for people. my whole body is aching. but when i get home ima watch tv and paint my gifts for ina and arden. it’s pretty lame but hey. i won’t say it out loud. lol. the mall was packed and i hated it. but at least i got my gifts, right?! but i ran out of money. which reminds me…

so woke up at 9 today. then we went straight to beverly hills grand legacy since that’s where pastor arnold and dr. ching yee live. omg! their house is humongous in a way that it’s such a waste! cuz there are 3 floors and only three people living there! you  can’t imagine how loud we were when we got there! on the third floor is their attic and it was soo big and nice i called dibs on that room. the funny thing is is that they wanted to trade houses with us which does make sense cuz our house is getting small. you know… medium sized family and all. and yeah, the best part about the house is their bathroom cuz they have a urinal!! haha. i swear, i can’t stop talking about that. who has a urinal in their house?! whacked. lmao.

but asides from the fresh mountain air, big house, space and everything. there’s not much to do. they left us with a tv with no cable [how am i going to live with tha!?] and a DVD which we couldn’t even play cuz they didn’t leave the remote!! so i had to ask my papa to bring my tiny white tv. i think that’s the oldest memory i have left from the states that still works. so while waiting, the kids ran around the house a ga zillion times and i laid in bed listenin to my ipod while eatin candy. i must’ve gotten super bored cuz i finished all the candy… on the 2nd day. what’s the meannin?! and yeah, i talked to kathya and nina on the phone. i missed her.

nya mao to, the afternoon was pretty much just that. we watched the sisterhood of the travelling pants. it’s such an adorable story. ><.

then we went to ayala. i was walking around by myself [like i love to do] looking for gifts. and haai nako. know what?! when i went to the comfprt lounge [you pay 10 bucks to get inside.. isn’t that stupid?!] the faucet was running. i got soo f’in pissed, bai.lmao. anyways, i’m soo super duper nice i turned it off.

then, i went to starbucks to hang out with mommy and her friends. they were soo stupid and loud. ilovethem. tita xtin and violy have friendster and are gonna add me up. should that scare me?! lmao

oh well. i’m not as bad as they were. although i do wish i was. haha.


yuletide greetings. losers :p

hey. it’s 1:30 on this side. i’m not sure if this bog is going to be one of those extremely long one’s like the last long one. but i doubt it. lmao

me and kathy akinda hit it hard today. it’s the first night we started chatting since she got back fromp plantation. i made this status and i thought she was gonna ask me then i snapped. lmao.so much for that. but we talked over nd now we’r good. good times. good times.

so. about being a buhm. it’s fun. i don’t know why people are complainin! soo far, i’vw seen two movies:

bring iton again and the first wives club. i was starting to miss thath thing.

i also watching friends [but, yeah. i’ve already seen the episodes] and everybody loves raymond. i’ve seen regular nickelodeon and disney channel shows which cwould be a total waste of tie if i enumerated them all. i’ve also been using this break to learn science. yes people, props for me! learn to share some love! i’ve bben watchin national geographic! weeeh. the other day, i saw a documentary of animals… hahaha. gettin down. and today i saw croc hunters or something.wasn’t as fun though. lmao.

and it’s a miracle that my mom hasn’t nagged abut my buhmness at all today. i think it’s cuz i took a bath today.lmao.

i have a new hobby,too. it’s making kevin hole’s [kevin wevin] life completely miserable! haha. hey. im evil… it would be such a waste if i didn’t use it. too bad it had to be on you though. yeah, i’ve been telling people he’s gay. but it’s all fun. he ain’t really gay… i think. i could be wrong. it’s possible. lmao.

josh has been calling for the past 2 nights. appears to be a slight problemo. we’ll figure it out, homeghurl. dun be trippin, tiz chica’z got cho’ back.

and sab! waaaa. she has chickenpox.. it’s soo sad. we were textin when she found out. but at least she’s getting married. ohh. and i have a part. awesome. right? 😛

i gotta end i here.

i have myspace. x6xlickmylipzx9x@yahoo.com

ok. so, i decided to update. what the big deal? 🙂
anyways, it’s been xmas vacay for the past… 2 days, i think. and so far, all i’ve been doing is sleep in. watch tv. stay in front of the pc and if i feel like it.. i take a bath. lmao

jet is so cute. cuz he came over. while i was in PJ’s and gave me a BAG of candies! i love him.

and yeah. maybe next time