Live Everyday

Louie Pestano,

I remember when I was little and extremely annoying, you were always nice to me and teaching me how to do things. I was at your graduation and birthday parties and you were always telling me to be good or helping me with whatever I needed help with whether if it was setting up the dance pad or trying to get sips of beer. Even when we grew older and went our separate ways we still remained friends and the casual hellos and holiday greetings were always present. 

Our family always looked forward to seeing your family again and it’s just sad to know that this is how we will be seeing each other after a few years.

You were a very good person and everybody says that. You were genuine, an ideal son and a loyal friend.

May you rest in peace always.


I Am Lonely

Don’t talk to me about the future. That’s just as bad as pushing me away.

Don’t talk use permanent words like forever. Because forever is a scary place.

Just let me live in this moment and not have to worry about tomorrow. I am so tired of living a life that has been laid down and planned out for me.

But please hold me because I miss you and I’m having trouble merely making it through the night.