The Best Gifts Don’t Come In Packages


First of all, I want to say a big fat THANK YOU to everyone who greeted me on my birthday.

I tried my best to personally thank each and everyone of you but my internet has been bad lately so I might not have been able to deliver 100%.

Please know that I feel very blessed this year because of your thoughtfulness <3



Being 23 was such a wonderful time in my life. I wish I could stay 23 forever (or at least look it) but, I haven’t really figured out how to do that just yet!



If you had to ask me, the best part about ending my 23rd year was getting to spend time with the College Editors Guild of the Philippines and sharing my knowledge about writing online and social media.

It was definitely “one for the books” and I’m really proud of myself for being asked to do it. lol. I’ve always enjoyed public speaking so every chance I get to do it, I grab it!




Thanks again!



I Chase Sunsets & Dreams. Not Boys & Their Petty Needs.


No intended aggression from this blog post. It rhymes and sounds cute so yey!



I tried to take these photos right before sunset because I completely forgot to take them any earlier and by the time I remembered, it was too late!

In case you didn’t know, I’ve worn these pants before here  but I wanted to show you guys how I would wear it on a regular day- fully clothed and everything.



I never really had an exact way to describe how I dressed until today and it’s lazy and sloppy. Yep, not to under mind myself or anything but I love everything loose and fuss free which is probably why you’ll often catch me in maxi skirts and flowly crop tops.

But I understand that as much as I love to be lazy, I also have to consider my body type and what looks good on my body which is why I often pair loose pieces with tiny or fitting pieces.

I got this top at a local department store (*cough*cough*Gasiano Carcar) after  eyeing it for a couple of weeks and I think it was the perfect addition to this Vanessa Hudgens phase I’ve been going through a lot lately because 1. it’s white, 2. crocheted, 3. cinched at the hem.

I can’t wait to wear it with denim cut offs or daisy duke shorts and boots because it totally makes sense, right?


Issa P.

Weddings Make Me Sad

Tonight I realized that there might be something very wrong with me.

I don’t have a “dream” wedding.

No dream ring, no dream color scheme, flower arrangement. Just a dream dress and a dream thank you speech but that’s just it.

I have no standards in life and this makes me feel less like a woman.

I’ve honestly dreamed of my dream life and career than I have of a wedding.

Oh God, I’m going to die alone… Dammit.

Simply Issa

Happy Saturday!

A month or so ago, I was invited by a friend of mine, Ryan Orcullo of Ryan Orcullo photography to do a fun shoot with him and another photographer friend of ours, both whom I had met during one of my Google events.

We wanted to try a shoot we haven’t done before and since I’ve done street fashion countless of times, high fashion was the way to go!

This shoot was done downtown, Cebu where most of our historical landmarks are located. We had to shoot fairly early in the morning to avoid the 12 o clock sun and since this was done downtown, I got a lot of weird and curious glances which was a pretty funny and equally great experience!

Here are my favorite shots from the set:

At the Magellan’s Shrine

Shoots like this take a lot of diversity in posing and I’ll admit, so far, I’ve only mastered the “hair-in-my-hair/ aray-ang-sakit-ng-ulo-ko” poses which you’ve probably gotten a handful of already. lol

Posing with a long dress was also a bit tricky because I really had to work with my body and try to create as many silhouettes as possible so I did a lot of bending and twisting of my body to add a bit of a form.

And since you can’t see my legs, I had to play with my arms a lot which… totally explains why I had to overuse my “signature” pose. HAHAHA

I find it very important to find your comfort zone when shooting because then your poses become much more fluid and your smiles also come out so much more naturally. And when you feel like you’re getting a bit rusty, feel free to let loose and be a bit goofy so you get your momentum back.

I’m a fairly awkward person so I do this A LOT!

What do you think about this set? 🙂

Special thanks to:

Ryan Urcullo (photography)

Hans Perez (photography)

Julie Ann Sollano (make up)

Have a happy weekend, everyone!



Better Than This Weather feat. Sanuk, Cebu






It’s like I can never say it enough… Cebu’s weather is totally whack!

One minute I’m in a summery ensemble ready to hit an event and the next, I’m scurrying to find a cardigan to match! It’s like these rain clouds come out of nowhere so I’m always finding myself having to pack an extra layer of clothing just in case.

There really isn’t an “ideal” way to dress for this weather and I think we’re all aware of this since it’s the only thing us fashion bloggers can seem to talk about these days. But the problem is real… the solution however, may often be hazy.


And although my #OOTD may not look as prepared to combat any weather, at least I know my shoes are. These babies from Sanuk’s Spring/ Summer 2015 collection are perfect whether it’s raining or shining outside.

Sanuk, which name is directly derived from the Thai word meaning happy, is known to attract people who love hitting the outdoors. They are constructed from innovative technology to ensure maximum comfort and durability and they are super stylish as well.

They can easily take anyone from the beach, to the mall and straight to the mountains for quick hike which is perfect for the Cebuano lifestyle!


Floral crop top: SM Department store brand, Betty (gift from Chay Ramirez. Love you always, Chay!)| High waist shorts: Gaisano Car-car| Shoes: Sanuk| Shades:  Forever21 (similar here)


For days like this when then the weather is off but I need some flower power to brighten the mood, I always pack a bright colored cardigan just in case it drizzles.

In addition to my cute and versatile shoes, keeping a cardi in my bag gives me the quick option to dress up or down as I please. It might add a little extra baggage but I like to carry big bags anyways so I don’t seem to mind.

 Congratulations to Sanuk for opening their new store at the 2nd level, new wing of Ayala! Thanks for having us and of course, for my new favorite pair of shoes :*


With Doyzkie (, Toni (, Marco ( and Jean (



AzTec- AzToc


I’ve been investing a lot in matching sets lately mostly because it saves me a lot of time deciding what to wear and it’s great for making a statement when you don’t really have the time (or in my case, the willpower) to look dressed to kill.

Also, my Chinese side gets such a kick out of these purchases  because it’s like I’m investing in two pieces rather than spending the same amount on just one piece. It’s such a budget saver!



Bag: Ecko Red


Crop top & Maxi skirt: Let’s Stylize

1555375_706542499440467_4829622215499039435_n (1)




Rings: Forever 21



 The material of this maxi skirt is a very soft kind of cotton which means, I had to very specific when choosing out my underwear. Luckily, Zalora has a wide selection of underwear to choose from and the seamless panty I bought did the trick!

You can find more of their collection here:

Wishing everyone a happy weekend!



Photo credits:

Jean Yu (