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Happy Saturday!

A month or so ago, I was invited by a friend of mine, Ryan Orcullo of Ryan Orcullo photography to do a fun shoot with him and another photographer friend of ours, both whom I had met during one of my Google events.

We wanted to try a shoot we haven’t done before and since I’ve done street fashion countless of times, high fashion was the way to go!

This shoot was done downtown, Cebu where most of our historical landmarks are located. We had to shoot fairly early in the morning to avoid the 12 o clock sun and since this was done downtown, I got a lot of weird and curious glances which was a pretty funny and equally great experience!

Here are my favorite shots from the set:

At the Magellan’s Shrine

Shoots like this take a lot of diversity in posing and I’ll admit, so far, I’ve only mastered the “hair-in-my-hair/ aray-ang-sakit-ng-ulo-ko” poses which you’ve probably gotten a handful of already. lol

Posing with a long dress was also a bit tricky because I really had to work with my body and try to create as many silhouettes as possible so I did a lot of bending and twisting of my body to add a bit of a form.

And since you can’t see my legs, I had to play with my arms a lot which… totally explains why I had to overuse my “signature” pose. HAHAHA

I find it very important to find your comfort zone when shooting because then your poses become much more fluid and your smiles also come out so much more naturally. And when you feel like you’re getting a bit rusty, feel free to let loose and be a bit goofy so you get your momentum back.

I’m a fairly awkward person so I do this A LOT!

What do you think about this set? 🙂

Special thanks to:

Ryan Urcullo (photography)

Hans Perez (photography)

Julie Ann Sollano (make up)

Have a happy weekend, everyone!



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