Places I Can’t Wait To Eat At

Fast food – MCDO and JOLLIBEE

Chicken – Chosun & KFC

Pizza- Yellow Cab

Japanese Food – Yakimix or Vikings (wherever there’s unli salmon & tempura, honestly) or Hanya

KBBQ – Premiere KBBQ

JBBQ – Tajimaya

Sugbo Mercado – Nikumaki

Siomai sa Tisa

Uncategorized (I don’t care where as long as I get to eat it)

will update

i aint’t shit

i’ve been feeling like absolute shit lately. i don’t even know what i’ve been running on anymore.

i’m unhappy. i’m uninspired. but i keep acting like i’ve got it all together. for who? i don’t need to fucking impress anyone at this point. i don’t have kids i need to pretend to be strong for. my husband doesn’t need me to be strong.

if i wanted to cry on the fucking bathroom floor, i could.

so here i am. lying in bed. just crying  my eyes out feeling like i’m never gonna be the person i need to be.

feeling like i’m a constant disappointment and like i ain’t shit.

it’s nice actually.

to be able to admit that to myself.

Waist Training with FeelinGirl

Ever since my first feature with FeelinGirl, I’ve been growing more and more curios about waist trainer for women. For some reason, every time I think of them- I imagine Kim Kardashian. I’ve been doing my research on them (still) and while I’m not completely sold on the thought of using a waist trainer just yet, if I did ever consider using one, I’d definitely choose this one.

I’ve always been a fan of teal and so scrolling through their selection, this one definitely caught my eye.

So since I’m not completely convinced on getting waist trainers, I decided to take a look at their shapewear shorts instead. I was pretty impressed with the options that they offered because they all looked like they were made with great quality.

I’ve definitely found myself in shapewear before and I appreciate how they give me that extra boost of confidence. While I do urge all of us to eventually have the confidence to strut our bodies without a shaper- I respect women who finding themselves more comfortable in one. And so, I’m sharing this interesting piece with all of you!

I’m pretty interested in the best waist trainer from FeelinGirl because the pieces they offer all look so great!

What do you ladies think about waist trainers & body shapers? Would you suggest them? Would you encourage them? Let me know how you feel!