PLESE PIMP MY COMPUTER!! [desperate puupy dog eyes]

i absotutely hate the fact that my pc’s busted. because of the incident, i’ve been forced to get in touvh with the little people of out townhouse. even though i strictly encourage myself not to interact with other species outside our villa. lol

but anyways, desperate times lead to desperate measures. ooh, cliche.
so, yeah. usually while the pc’s busted, i just go out and do wallings
at the clubjouse. lol. and i thought i was going to be busy. wait, i am. so, yeah. that’s been my life for the past week. not really, i shall fill you in.

i joined this hullas tournament thing, not knowing that it was th
ebiggest tennis tournament in the whole visayas and mindanao. but when
i found out, i just didn’t mind. until now. see, i was just doing it for the


oh, i’m smart. well, the right
term i used oh so often was “exposure”. lol. i’m not regretting it
though. lol. so yeah, i played against this chick, robie lou santos
from cagayan de oro who loves in quatar. god, if you’re playing
with  chick like that expect to loose. and i did just that. lol. o
have to admit i did look like a ditzy freak on that court. i kept
laughing the whole time. but yeah, i’d rather be a laughing ditzy freak that’ll loose than a reall serious one who sucks at tennis and still looses. anyways,
yeah. i did loose that match. 6-0; 6-1. very nice. and it came in the
newspaper too. i was in the wrong bracket [14 under instead of 16
under] and against the wrong person and the specific term they used to
describe my loss was “DUMPED”. common, people! was it really THAT bad??
the people say. “YES”. oh well. there will be others.

i’m playing against carla, the girl from bantayan that i dislike
tomorrow. haha. then that afternnon after i loose, i might watch the
nba vs pba game. and yeah. i hope i do good tomorrow. i don’t mind loosing. it’s something yoiu eventually get used to. haha.
so, yeah. i’m sleeping over at andrea’s place that night too. JUMP JUMP JUMP i’m soo excited! yey! lol

and yeah, i QUIT swimming! lol. i think i’m happy about that. i think it’s just not my thing. i’m concentrating on tennis from now on. yes, i am.

so, i’ll hear from you.

kev, i miss you. my phone’s soo dead now. come back

it’s not like you don’t know who i am

it’s not like i ever asked anyone to bow down

to me! it’s not like i ever made anyone run

after me and blow their self respect on me. i

never did and i don’t think i intended to do

that. it’s not like i’m not over what happened.

i’m pissed ok? it’s not like i’m only mad at

her! wtf. i won’t blame everything on her.

wtf. bastards!

but how would you feel if someone walked

out on you?! this would sound lame to some

people but i do enjoy the benefits of respect.

thank you very FUCKING much. you probably

thought that i’d run after you. that i’d ask

where you were and follow you and pretend

that i was ok. no. because, i’m not her.. the

one you thought i would be. sorry to bust

your bubble. don’t even know why i’m taking

time to right this here’s my side blog. blah.

i’m not a bitch for getting mad. you should

know by now that i run away from

everything. Just so you know, i didn’t want

you there. you came because you thought

we did and i said nothing about it. but to go

on and say what i think you did. uh huh.

thanks a lot. yeah, you made my day. i love

you. God, you people.




today i’m going to forget you and the rest of my life will be led on pure bliss

i can only truly say that today was like no other

i don’t know what today was. lmao. but i do plan on telling you what happened. lol.

i honestly think that swimming is doing my game good. lol. i think my strokes and shit are definately better, not to brag. and i do hope that i don’t jinx it. or chub does. lmao. the woman has come to a certain point in her life where she thinks she’s a jinx. aye soos. tuo baka!

anyways, after tennis, me, kaira, leigh, chub and ryan walked all the way to ayala. pfft. like it hasn’t been done before. lmao. we basically went there to watch “she’s the man” [amana bynes]. it’s about this girl who pretended to be her brother to play soccer. uh huh. cute much? yeah. it was. plus the dreamy actor. lmao. CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY, I’M OVER YOU!!

haha. and yeah, kathya, jet and jedd went. but i don’t wanna talk to them.. not today.

♥ don’t you think we’d be perfect? ♥


god, kev!

i still feel bad for not going to kevin’s last party. but yeah, i guess i have to get on with my life but that doesn’t mean i don’t feel shitt. believe me, i do.

anyways, today, i went to tennis instead. i have no comment on my game today. paulo o. [again] and bayot caught up and watched us play. i was soo happy that bayot was there cuz it’s been so logn and i missed her like hell. plus she’d be leaving in july too and yeah. what’s wrong with you people?! i think i love smiley’s nah. oh well.i went to ayala after that to buy something that i didn’t find.. grr. we ate at mcdonald’s and had a talk with paulo o. about his lover girl. it was ok, i know he felt bad but we had to tell him before he’d end up regreting everything. lol. people these days.. alwyas looking for a reason to be inlove. it bites. i’m over it. lmao. and i think that’s my most used line. haha. yes,i  think it is.

then paulo left to hang with friends and probably reflect on those words that stung. i know he got hit. his eyes. his eyes. lol

so, me and bayot walked around ayala and checked out clothes and shit. it was weird though, cuz bayotis called bayot for a reason. the incapability to act like a girl, yes. lmao. so, you get what i’m trying to say right now. and yeah, people must’ve thought we we’re a couple cuz they kept starring at us in a weird way. weven in the jeepney, i made my boice as loud as possible as to not make te people on it think we were.. yeah, that thing. lol. but yeah, i’m straight. i’m straight.

i had guitar lessons after that and i played what if god was one of us. cute song. lol. i talked to people at celebrity who remembered  me from waaay back then. lol. and there was this weird fellow, arch something, who kept shaking my hand and the people were liike, “ma eat al you can gani nah!!” green joke, much? i personally didn’t get it.

my body’s still bruised from yesterday’s trainning. 30 laps, people. 30.

now, i just copied quotes off the net that ima send to people.. eventually. lol

i don’t know why i can’t stop thinking about him.
i don’t know why i wanna be wherever he is.
i don’t get why my insides scream whenever he holds my hand or even just looks my way.
i don’t understand why i even like him
or why he’s even on my mind most of the time.
maybe i’m not meant to know why he does this to me.
but the only thing i do know right now is that thinking of him is all i ever need right now.


that night and the rest of our lives

this is a follow up on my day yesterday.. love it or hate it. i thought it was beautiful

so, i went to celeberity after making the blog before this and my cute, but i think is gay teacher made me tune my guitar. lmao. kathya thinks i think everyone’s gay nowdays. i’m just making sure. there are too many gay people in this world, you can never be too sure. lmao. and then,on my way home, [well, while waiting for father dear since he decided to pick me up that day. lucky mee.] leah arrived with the shirts that celebrity ordered and everyone was really cautious with their comments around me, i could tell. lmao. ilove it when that happens. scared of my authority. authority rocks so anyways, patrick called me on my way home and worshiped the ground i was stand
ing on. lmao. jp. he even asked if he should take guitar lessons with me. haha. NO. anyways, andrea found out. thank god, i need her. and yeah, we talked on the phone while i ate holy kettle corn and yeah, she mentioned that they we’re going to watch a movie and she invited me and yes, i went. lol. i was the shortest one there, god damn it. but i’m not short, really, i’m just “travel size” uh huh. uh huh. anyways, we watched eight below. hell lots of people at ayala. it was aiight. lmao. and yeah, so the seatig arrangement that night was,

gab’s  mom.  tita camille.  gaby.  andrea.  me.  nina.  anton. patrick

two people apart from patrick, not bad. the movie was soo cute. but yes, i have my own little inside jokes.

anyways, after the movie, we went to yellow cab to eat dinner. i love their family. on the way their patrick was freaking the hell out of me. like, that’s the first time. haha. he’d stare and go, “you look like you’re 12” and shit.. but you people who read my blog have heard this story already, i think. and yeah. so  me and anon camwhored for like 2-3 shots then just talked about his ex- girlfriend and shit. haha. random lang gud. btw, i ran into tito bong-bong. tita annie’s ex boy friend. aye, the thing about the ex’s. anyways, yeah. i did want to sleep over bit el mama didn’t let me. sos.  but they promised me a nest time. so, im expecting a next time. haha. make me happy again.  and yeah, i slept well and talked in the morning.

today, po

so, yeah, today, jet finally decided to respond to all the padung-og i made to him. and yeah, he showed up at san case and showed off his chest. “TOUCH MY CHEST! TOUCH MY CHEST!” crazy people. crazy crazy people. lmao. but i love them. josh went to. and he swung me all around untili got so dizy. lmao.

then i crashed at kathya’s. she fed me. wel, susan did. she loves me. lmao. i had sucha  great time catching up. god, i missed her. lmao. i had to leave thoughh cuz i have swimming in a bit. but MOTHER’S not here to give me money to re-enroll. grrr. so, yeah. we caught up with les paul, nikko and manok. lmao. what a name. what a holy name. and yeah, jedd has a girl now. immaculadista all the waay. haha.

i walked home, btw. i’m soo good
anyways, yeah. i’m done. and i have shu uemura lip gloss too!!

you look like shit, honey. so don’t let him hurt you.



what’s your flavah?

ok, so i’ve checked one activity of mylist for today. yey! lmao.

well, so far, my morning has been, ok. yeah, just ok.

well, at first i thought it would be really terrible cuz yeah.. this is a blush moment for me, but like always, i’m over it. cuz yeah, me and chub decided to walk from IT park to Sancase cuz.. basically cuz we were bored. SUMMER TRIP! lmao. and yeah, anyways, we we’e walking along TESDA and BAM! i slipped sa gutter thinggy and i scream so loud, everyone saw. including the people in the cars. god. i guess it wouldn’t be soo bad if i didn’t shout. but, yeah. i’ve been blessed with a big mouth. lol.
well, i was freaked about it for like, a minute and then, i got over it. haha. and anne cried after falling off her chair in the canteen. pffft.  public display of stupidty much? anyways, i’m over it.

then, paulo o. [chab’s lover boi.. not!] went to visit sancase. maypa si paulo naka visit, si JET intawn! you better be reading this, punk!  and yeah, he got there right after tennis ended. lmao. he missed chub. aww, shucks. get over it! lmao. he and his friend, francis, who’s now my friend met up because, i unno. random get togethers for the able. lmao. kath, visit me again. i miss you so yeah. francis was quiet. not bad looking. ok, i guess. but i’m not looking for a guy. i have patrick freaking me out enough. haha. this kid keeps flattering me. it’s.. scary.

** btw, me and francis have been texting. paulo thought we’d be good together. i wonder when he died and proclaimed himself as cupid. lmao. no. i don’t like him. i just look at him as a friend. but he hasn’t texted me back. lmao. i probably reach his standards. he probably wants a slut. oh well, i want a man. i’m over it.. like i always am. i have aprom date. lmao.**

so paulo, walked me to IT park. he was supposed to drop me home, but you know i wouldn’t let me do that. seriously. anyways, we stopped by convenience 24/7 to buy popcorn and coke! yey. but when i got home, there were like, 3 coke cans in the fridge! what a total waste of 22 bucks.lmao.

anyways, i’m just online to send shit to petron for my mom. roar. being nice bites.

unless you get something out of it.


the holy week of un holiness

as unholy as my last 3 days of “holy” week have been, i think this is the best holy week that i can remember. lmao. it’s been fabulous.

holy thursday? is that it?

well, sun was up and it was such a nice opportunity to take major advantage of it’s magical rays. so while everyone was either at bantayan, boracay, dumaguette or wherever, we [the family and i] were at tambuli, Mactan. at first, i was bitter. so i didn’t swim or anything. but after a few hours the water was just soo tempting and i couldn’t help it, so i dived right in. i love the beach! in fact, i have a new name for myself..

a sea whore

haha. i’m soo weird. i actually got that from evesdropping on people. i heard them say “sea horse” and yeah, my mind. it was soo cute that day too, cuz my papa was baking practically the whole morning. lol. see, apparently, everyone in my family wants to have my chocolate color so, they all sat under the scourging sun for at least a good 2 hours and hoped that they’d turn chocolate too. but, haha. wala gyud. too bad for them. and yeah, i got bored after a while from te ocean so, i too sat on that bench, under the sun and prayed that i’d get a sun burn. hey, at least now i’m black cuz of the beach not from tennis. i also got to go on an adventure note: i love adventures now too! lmao. well, i consider going back an forth from tambuli east to tambuli west and cebu beach club an adventure. sue me. 😛

got to scam on some eye candies too. they looked like hearters who’re now i college, though. lmao. i bet they were. messing. like i have time for boys. i have to focus on my tennis career, i couldn’t possibly have  boyfriend!! – confessions of a teenage drama queen named issa, not lola

good friday

yes! this friday was a good one. it wasn’t just good, too. it was wacky, wild and crazy. well, all those mean the same thing but, i’m just “stretching” my point. haha. so we woke up at like 8 in the morning, took a bath, got dressed and ready to go to moal boal. it’s absolutely gorgeous there. i wanna go back. it took us apporoximately 3 hours to get there are another twp hours to walk around every beach resort there and ask if they had available rooms. uhm, excuse me crazy parent’s, it’s holy week, everything’s booked just in case you didn’t aready know that!  and for a split second, we almost thought of camping out. which wwould’ve been cool but no. 

top three, “aha kuno mi matug” places

+ 800 php bahay kubo that was madd tiny
+ 200 php na room nga murag bahay ni lola

i think that about does it. haha.

i was able to snorkle and get darker. lol. i met shaldon,  nichole mella and the aldeguers/ garcia’s. it was soo fun. the grand parent’s came too. it took they a good 5 hours to get there though. crazy old people taking tge long way. THAT’S THE WAY TO GOO fine seniors. i loved it soo much. and the way home. well.. i was thinking of something . stuff, really.

black saturday

now i know why they call it that! cuz everyone’s practically black on this day. well, for those who celebrate it. sorry, americans. we get tans. you get school. i’m a bitch. but this other bitch bitch bitch said she din’t wanna talk to me cuz im chinky? what?! basically cuz m pinoy. lmao. like, i choose to be pinoy. BITCH BITCH BITCH. but i won’t fight back, im not a racist. i’m not mean!! so, anyways. i’m home. people are in danao. i didn’t want to go. so, yeah.

people ringing my phone . what’s the deal? lol

ixxa prezz
-be holy, bitches-