the holy week of un holiness

as unholy as my last 3 days of “holy” week have been, i think this is the best holy week that i can remember. lmao. it’s been fabulous.

holy thursday? is that it?

well, sun was up and it was such a nice opportunity to take major advantage of it’s magical rays. so while everyone was either at bantayan, boracay, dumaguette or wherever, we [the family and i] were at tambuli, Mactan. at first, i was bitter. so i didn’t swim or anything. but after a few hours the water was just soo tempting and i couldn’t help it, so i dived right in. i love the beach! in fact, i have a new name for myself..

a sea whore

haha. i’m soo weird. i actually got that from evesdropping on people. i heard them say “sea horse” and yeah, my mind. it was soo cute that day too, cuz my papa was baking practically the whole morning. lol. see, apparently, everyone in my family wants to have my chocolate color so, they all sat under the scourging sun for at least a good 2 hours and hoped that they’d turn chocolate too. but, haha. wala gyud. too bad for them. and yeah, i got bored after a while from te ocean so, i too sat on that bench, under the sun and prayed that i’d get a sun burn. hey, at least now i’m black cuz of the beach not from tennis. i also got to go on an adventure note: i love adventures now too! lmao. well, i consider going back an forth from tambuli east to tambuli west and cebu beach club an adventure. sue me. 😛

got to scam on some eye candies too. they looked like hearters who’re now i college, though. lmao. i bet they were. messing. like i have time for boys. i have to focus on my tennis career, i couldn’t possibly have  boyfriend!! – confessions of a teenage drama queen named issa, not lola

good friday

yes! this friday was a good one. it wasn’t just good, too. it was wacky, wild and crazy. well, all those mean the same thing but, i’m just “stretching” my point. haha. so we woke up at like 8 in the morning, took a bath, got dressed and ready to go to moal boal. it’s absolutely gorgeous there. i wanna go back. it took us apporoximately 3 hours to get there are another twp hours to walk around every beach resort there and ask if they had available rooms. uhm, excuse me crazy parent’s, it’s holy week, everything’s booked just in case you didn’t aready know that!  and for a split second, we almost thought of camping out. which wwould’ve been cool but no. 

top three, “aha kuno mi matug” places

+ 800 php bahay kubo that was madd tiny
+ 200 php na room nga murag bahay ni lola

i think that about does it. haha.

i was able to snorkle and get darker. lol. i met shaldon,  nichole mella and the aldeguers/ garcia’s. it was soo fun. the grand parent’s came too. it took they a good 5 hours to get there though. crazy old people taking tge long way. THAT’S THE WAY TO GOO fine seniors. i loved it soo much. and the way home. well.. i was thinking of something . stuff, really.

black saturday

now i know why they call it that! cuz everyone’s practically black on this day. well, for those who celebrate it. sorry, americans. we get tans. you get school. i’m a bitch. but this other bitch bitch bitch said she din’t wanna talk to me cuz im chinky? what?! basically cuz m pinoy. lmao. like, i choose to be pinoy. BITCH BITCH BITCH. but i won’t fight back, im not a racist. i’m not mean!! so, anyways. i’m home. people are in danao. i didn’t want to go. so, yeah.

people ringing my phone . what’s the deal? lol

ixxa prezz
-be holy, bitches-

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