Live A Good Life With FWD Insurance & the Orange World App

Now that I’ve reached the mid-20’s bracket in my life, I find myself facing more mature priorities like: creating a lasting career for myself, having enough money to sustain my lifestyle while having some money set aside for rainy days, being able to invest in insurance and other #adulting concerns. But at the same time, the child in me longs to hold on to certain privileges such as traveling, eating out, shopping and trying out new things.

My goal in life has to always been to live a well- balanced life where I get to work hard, enjoy the money I make while saving some left to spare and it wouldn’t help to have my own insurance just in case! Luckily, FWD Insurance, the first life insurance company licensed by the Insurance Commission of the Philippines under the new Insurance Code, allows me to enjoy the finer things in life while knowing that I will always be protected.

FWD launched their commercial operations in September 24 and after only a year of full operations, they’ve already ranked #13 in terms of total premium income (source: Insurance Commission’s end- 2015 report.1)! With life and medical insurance, general insurance and employee benefits offered to countries such as Hong Kong & Macau, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam; FWD focuses more on offering fresh customer experiences with easy-to-understand products supported by leading digital technologies. Through these efforts, FWD is definitely changing the way that people understand and feel about insurance.

Last January 11, 2017, during the Sinulog weekend, FWD launched their Orange World app at the La Vie Pink House. Together with the media and their partner establishment, FWD Insurance showed Cebuanos how they aim to become the go-to source for trends and news in terms of travel, food, fitness and art.

Through the app, users can avail of perks and discounts at partnered establishments by availing their passion points that can be earned by simply downloading the application, logging in, reading, sharing and liking content. Accumulated passion points may then be used at establishments such as Lovey Doggy, Albur’s, Bintana Coffee House, Abaseria, Memory Crafters, Café Cinema, Cebu Canyoneering, E-Philippines, and The Barracks Cebu (and more to come!) for exciting surprises!

All establishments fit 2017 Q1’s theme, “Kanto Spot,” perfectly inspired by the laidback luxe trend. Gone are the fancy setups and wine glasses. Today, it’s all about mason jars, farm-to-table fare, and al fresco dining.

Making use of the colloquial term “kanto,” which means street corner, Orange World Kanto Spot theme celebrates the next-door, off-the-beaten-track hangouts, encouraging people to “spot” the next big thing. Often, it is just at that street corner next to you.

FWD’s Insurance and the Orange World App is all about letting our passions pave the way and it’s also a great way to try out new things and as they encourage their tagline which is “Get Ready To Live!”

Find out more about FWD Insurance here.

Download the app on iOs or Android.

Follow FWD Insurance on Facebook for more exciting updates and news.

Live long and prosper,

Issa P.



Gaping Holes

It’s the morning after you left and it feels a lot more quiet now even when it’s usually mom’s voice we hear in the background. The sound of your voices together always sounded like the nicest song to listen to in the morning.

“… no matter what we are still blessed.”

“… families should be together.”

I miss you so much already.

Now there’s an empty seat at the table, there’s an empty place in the car, there’s always one person missing from my sight, a missing spot on the bed.

I will never get used to not having you here. So everyday my heart will ache til you’re home with us again.


Time & Distance

I have a problem with time. I have 1 day left, 4 days- I don’t know if I want it to come sooner or to last longer.

I have a problem with distance because I can never be too close to you.

I have a problem with never getting enough of you. Here I am dreading the coming hours when I have to say goodbye to you.

I hate hello’s that lead to goodbyes.

Papa, I wish you could stay.

In 12 Days…

We will have a concrete wall to ourselves which we will turn into a home and it will be ours.

One day, in 10 years or so, we will drive by it in our minivan, with the kids at the back and we’ll show them where we built our lives together.

3rd floor, 2nd from the right- 3 freakin’ floors, I’d be glad to climb everyday to get to you.

I can’t wait. I can’t wait to be with you!

Short Pauses

I asked the Lord to fill up my days with activities that would make me a better person, give me more opportunities, meet more people, grow, be a promising adult/ person and to allow me to feel a sense of accomplishment. And He heard the 1 million things I’ve asked for and provided.

I am blessed beyond comprehension, I say that to myself everyday. I have no time to feel sad or be ungrateful (or work on my IG!).

Thank you for always providing! 🙏🏻

[VLOG] What To Wear To A Music Festival ft. Steve Aoki & Plus.Six.Three

As we all know, STEVE FREAKIN’ AOKI is coming to Cebu to throw us a wild concert! I had been to Plus.Six.Three’s Sinulog concert last year and I had such a great time that I’m literally dancing in my seat thinking about this year!

With Cebu being fairly new to the “music festival” scene, it’s not unlikely to get a bit confused as with what to wear to a festival like this so, I decided to come up with 3 simple yet practical looks for the events to come.

Keep in mind the following tips for dressing up to this years concert:

  1. You’ll be dancing the whole night so you want your feet to be comfortable.
  2. You’ll be dancing the whole night so you want your body to be uncomfortable. Ditch the tiny black dresses and opt for something that allows you to move freely and your body to breathe comfortably. Crop tops, bikini tops, sports bras, cotton tops- yes!
  3.  Ditch heavy and annoying accessories. You don’t want to lose anything while you’re dancing around.
  4. Bring a sturdy and small bag.
  5. Hydrate! This is definitely a Tita Issa tip that will go a long way!

Any other tips, loves?

For more details about the concert, check here!

Party Safe,

Issa P.


Be prepared for a night of nonstop partying and dancing as Steve Aoki conquers the Cebu Business Park this January 14, 2017!

From the group who brought us Steve Angelo last year, Plus.Six.Three. is at it again and this time BIGGER & BETTER as they bring in one of the worlds most popular DJ.

Tickets for the Saturday concert will be sold at:

GA – P 1,000.00

VIP – P 1,800.00

To get your own, go here

Gates open at 5:00 PM – 4:00 AM

For more information about the event & line up of presenters, check here.

See you,

Issa P.

SINULOG 2017: The What, The Where & The Who

SINULOG 2017 is just a week away- by now Mango Avenue is pretty much filled with bandaritas, establishments everywhere are playing the famous Sinulog theme song on repeat while tourists & locals are filling up their weekend itinerary with lots of fun activities.

For the 20 something tourist (or local), you’re probably asking yourself what’s there to do on such a festive weekend other than the grand parade itself. So just to help you put everything in order, here are a few ideas of where to go, what to do and who to wear for SINULOG 2017!




Check out the line up here


Find more about it here

Official website


Book your tickets here

Gates open 1pm.
Php 500.00
First 1,000 to preorder gets free shirt
Check out their event page


Filthy Project

Substance Ltd.

Island Souvenirs

Enjoy & Be Safe,

(Tita) Issa P.

Vibe With The Tribe This Sinulog 2017 With Filthy Project

Filthy project has done it again! Year after year, Filthy Project has won Cebuano party goers over with their eye catching designs and this years’ release is no exception!

Together with Lee Casas, 2017’s design and tagline “Vibe with the Tribe” is lively, refreshing and not to mention inviting enough to get everyone in the festive mood.

Wear it alone, as a couple or as a group for maximum enjoyment, just remember to party safe and to always remember the true essence of the feast of the Senyor Sto. Niño.


Get your shirts here.

Tanan Mag Saulog,

Issa P.