[VLOG] What To Wear To A Music Festival ft. Steve Aoki & Plus.Six.Three

As we all know, STEVE FREAKIN’ AOKI is coming to Cebu to throw us a wild concert! I had been to Plus.Six.Three’s Sinulog concert last year and I had such a great time that I’m literally dancing in my seat thinking about this year!

With Cebu being fairly new to the “music festival” scene, it’s not unlikely to get a bit confused as with what to wear to a festival like this so, I decided to come up with 3 simple yet practical looks for the events to come.

Keep in mind the following tips for dressing up to this years concert:

  1. You’ll be dancing the whole night so you want your feet to be comfortable.
  2. You’ll be dancing the whole night so you want your body to be uncomfortable. Ditch the tiny black dresses and opt for something that allows you to move freely and your body to breathe comfortably. Crop tops, bikini tops, sports bras, cotton tops- yes!
  3.  Ditch heavy and annoying accessories. You don’t want to lose anything while you’re dancing around.
  4. Bring a sturdy and small bag.
  5. Hydrate! This is definitely a Tita Issa tip that will go a long way!

Any other tips, loves?

For more details about the concert, check here!

Party Safe,

Issa P.

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