Hello, my name is Jean Louise “Issaplease/ Issa” Perez now, Gandionco. Because I am now married and have chosen to take my husband’s last name. I consciously chose to change my convenient last name of Perez to Gandionco- which is a lifetime of having to spell out possibly the most complicated name in the world because that’s love.

Speaking of love, I am a woman of deep burning passion. I am a Scorpio (born at 6:06 am of October 28, 1990 & I forgot what that makes me) and I am the extremely passionate kind.

Everything I do, I am passionate about. Otherwise, I won’t do it. I’ve done things I wasn’t passionate about before- believe me and I hated myself immensely for it. So I try not to do it anymore.

Here are the things I am passionate about:
– Writing (in every & every form)
I have been blogging for the last 15 years. For most of it, I kept a private blog and a professional blog but that’s a lot of work. So I have decided to merge both my personal & public blog. So… here it is, guys. All of me. From an angry teenager, to a lost girl, to a woman just trying her best to always be passionate.

– Creating Content

– Talking

– Being a “good” influence

– My family
It’s just us and our dogs for now but one day we’ll be more.


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  1. Hi Dino!

    That’s very sweet of you 🙂 I hope you meet you soon, as well. And don’t be a stranger when you do manage to catch me!

    God bless!

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