D’Pond: Don’t Teach A Man To Fish, He’s Old Enough. He Can Do It On His Own

Snicker at the blog title.
Oh, fishthat you??

My family’s always been the pretty adventurous and outdoor loving kind. I lost my Chinese yellow when I moved to Cebu because they trained me to be a sun child at a very young age.
Aside from this, we’ve always had this fetish towards fishing.  In fact, a few months ago, we traveled down south in hopes of finding a new place to release our inner cavemen but ended up disappointed.
Since then, I made a vow to find a new place to fish and luckily, I did! And just in time for Mother’s day, too! So on that special day, I took my family (but mom still ended up paying for it. hehe) to a pretty little getaway in Yati, Liloan called D’Pond. I first found out about it when Paolo took me there because he knew how bad I wanted to fish. And since then, it’s been my favorite place to experience the great outdoors and you know, practice manual labor of having to catch my own food.


Can you imagine that we caught this much fish in less than 2 hours?? That’s what I call fisting daghana! (okaaay, enough of the fish jokes!)
What we loved so much about D’Pond (aside from the FREE WIFI) was how big the area which gave fishers a fair chance at catching their meals. This, and the fact that those fish were HUNGRY. We were literally flooded with fish!
After fishing, you can opt to either take home the fish or have it cooked there for Php 200+/ kilo depending on whether you catch Tilapias/ Langkeyas or Bangus. We caught  Bangus that day which cost us Php 241/ kilo + Php 99 for the cooking fee.
Their cooking is really good (take it from someone who hates fish) and you can choose to have it fried, sugba, tinola, sinigang or kilawed.
And in case you opt not to eat fish hanggang sawa, you can choose from a wide variety of other food like BLUEBERRY PANCAKES!
Plus, they don’t charge corkage either. Just in case you’d like to bring a few chips to munch on. Or lechon. Lechooon :p~
And in case fishing isn’t your thing, you can try boat riding, zip lining and other activities you can do ‘til your heart’s content.
So basically here’s what we spent for:
–          Cottage – P300.00
–          Fish – P 241/ kilo
–          Cooking Fee – P 99.00
          Drinks – 59.00
–          Rice – P20.00
          Fishing rods – FREE
–          Bait – FREE
Here’s what I wore:
Top: Men’s DIYed polo shirt| Shorts: BNY| Silver Flats: Old Navy| Headband: Goody
[introducing my weird kiat smile and un made up face!]
I was very smart about wearing white to go fishing. Oh well, I’m allowed to make a lot (some) of fashion mistakes.
Accessories: From my childhood friend in Canada, Rejoyce (Love you Joyce! Thank you :*) | Belt: Aizilym
For more information, you can contact D’Pond at for reservations and directions here:
+639184782473 / 09333369386 

1 Word: Boots

I am in love and I’m going to rub it in everyone’s face!!!!

Introducing my new pair of boots. I think I’m going to name them. Ok, it’s not so much of a thought as it is a fact because in fact, I have already named them. Say hello to Jimmy- after the fish I caught the other day at D’Pond (post coming soon).
Aren’t they lovely??
And a flying f*ch to anyone who thinks otherwise!
(Thanks, Eden for encouraging me to put this PG picture up. Still not as badass as you are, though. sigh)
Shades: Oakley c/o The III| Military Jacket: Thirfted| Floral dress: July| Stockings: Burlington|BOOTS: KICKS
I fell in love with these boots the milisecond I laid my 4 eyes on them. My sister and I walked right in front of them one Sunday afternoon while we were walking around SM Department Store because that place NEVER lets us down.
She and I have been looking for Doc Marten’s for the longest time but always felt that we would never be able to find them in Cebu and also, we’re broke. She’s 14 and I pay rent- I think that explains a lot.
However, these are not Doc Marten’s but they’re pretty close to the real thing for a quarter the price. I got these babies for P800.00- talk about a steal.
They’re actually 2 sizes too big for me but they’re my sisters’ size and we decided on sharing them. You read that right, I’m a size 5 and she’s a 7. I’m glad I got them a size bigger though cuz they’re not to stuffy to put on and walk around in.
What do you think? Check out KICKS here and get your own pair!
Issa, please

I’ve Got My Eye On You

Can you guess what this is?

It’s my awesome necklace, of course!
If you’ve seen this weird awesome necklace before, it was probably on this post.
Yep, Justinne & I purchased it during our second When Food & Fashion Meet whilst scouring the streets of Colon! It was an unlikely find but apparently, eye accessories are in! If they aren’t, then I’m glad to be one of the few queer enough to try and pull it off.
Here’s what I wore with it:
Necklace: Aizilym Ent.| Neon green sweater: Thrifted| Dress: Terranova| Booties: Thirfted| Watch: iWatchz
I decided to take a picture of my friend, Janne’s, headphones because I felt that it made a pretty cool accessory for this outfit. I’m in love with these headphones and you will hardly see me walking around my building without me in them.
I’m a pretty basic girl and black headphones pretty much describe my entire personality: pretty dull but deadly. But then again, black isn’t really dull… and I’m not either. 😉
Now I have 4 eyes. Get it, get it? hekhek. I overwhelm myself in funny sometimes.

I got the inspiration to wear a sweater over a dress after watching Chriselle of thechrisellefactor‘s take on wearing 1 dress in 5 ways. I don’t usually like copying getting inspiration from other bloggers style (I’d like to believe I’m totally original like that. not) but it was just so cute and well, I had a dress like hers so I couldn’t resist! Of course, her looks are so much cooler but I’d like to think I added my own twist to my knocked off imitation. Check out her video here:
What do you think?

I think I’d like to do something like this. Maybe I’ll wear this dress again once I get my laundry back. Or maybe I’ll just learn how to wash my own clothes. Whatever comes first.
Love you all!
Issa, please

Things NOT To Do While Menstruating

I have made the honest mistake of watching Serendipity while on my period. For reasons I can’t fully explain but let’s just say, I was hoping to watch The Great Gatsby but ended up watching Star Trek: Into Darkness instead and quite frankly, their costume design pissed me off.
Hormones are really one of the main reasons I hate being a woman. That and (you may or may NOT believe it) but also dressing up. But not childbirth, never childbirth! The world needs babies. They are cute, cuddly and they might just be the only form of humans I hardly feel the need to suffocate no matter how loud they can get. (to everyone in my office, now you know how I feel about you) Those may or may not be the hormones talking.
So going back to my hormones and Serendipity, watching it was not a very good idea. Despite it being my millionth time to watch it, I found myself so lost and confused. I was jealous and suddenly unsure of myself and my feelings. I started to wonder if I would ever have that sort of love (well, not their love. That was f*cked up) when at the back of my head, I was quite sure that the man I want to grow old with was lying in bed or up playing counter strike (which I have no problems with, btw). I was scared because suddenly the thought that maybe he didn’t feel the same way about me crept in which made me think that I needed some sort of security, some kind of assurance. Then I thought about us breaking up and me never being happy again and him finding someone better than me, someone with a cleaner slate, someone girlier- and it scared me because, “shit! I forgot to comb Barbie’s hair today!”. And then I thought about how much I wanted McDonald’s and how I should move to Manila and start a career there and how much I hate the Star Trek uniforms and that cheap cloth. Ugh! And… uhm… Hi! That’s pretty much how a menstruating woman’s head sounds like.
So I have made a list of to keep in mind when handling a menstruating woman:
1.       Watching any form of entertainment that involves love, romance especially unrequited love is a bad idea. And by watching it makes you a bad person!
2.       Do not go to places where couples might be on dates, unless you’re out on one. But that can be hazardous, as well.
Ø   If you are single, there are a million reasons why this is wrong and if you aren’t then you will most likely bitch at your man for not taking you out on one.
3.       Do not attempt to dress. Also, pressuring us to dress is also not advised.
Ø  Why the hell doesn’t anything look good when I’m bleeding? I never knew I was THIS fat!
4.       Menstruating women should not have access to a fridge and/ or kitchen. Because we will sweep that shit up.
5.       Personal contact is hazardous to everyone’s health. Suggested distance is about 5 feet from us. Believe me,  I pushed a girl yesterday and I punched a number of guys who got on my nerves. I am innocent.
6.       Talking should be done at your own risk. Because if you say something stupid, I will call it out. And I will humiliate you cuz you’re stupid and I think you should know.
7.       Never ask us for advice. Nuff said.
8.       Never ask us for our “honest” opinion. YOU CAN’T HANDLE TO TRUTH!!
9.       Talking about our boyfriends ex’s or our ex’s is like asking me if I want to sucker punch you. Because I do and I’ll consider it as permission to do so.
10.   Say NO with caution. Refusing a bleeding woman is like taking candy away from a baby. It’s like stealing your dads cigarettes or being cast out of the garden of Eden. It is that bad. Which totally eradicates rules 1-9.
11.   Keep a bleeding girl locked up. Like a bear should ought to be hibernating. But let her know you love her because she doesn’t understand herself either. When the pre menstrual/ intra menstrual and post menstrual syndromes are done, we will go back to loving you. Sure, we still not really like you but we’ll be easier to manage.
I’d finish this but I’m back to wanting McDonald’s.l

The Cooking Fashionistas: Tres Chic, Bella!

Bonjour Dames and Messieurs, Le Cooking Fashionistas are FINALLY back after our long and overdue hiatus [our apologies]!
Bid adieu to your ombre shorts and tropical quesadillas (check out the first episode here) cuz it’s time to pack our LV trolleys (Louis Vuitton or Lord Voldemort, whatever rocks your boat) and head to the land not only of the Eiffel, Louver but the macaroons, the afternoon teas, the fries (teehee) and gosh-by-golly-gee!, the Givenchy, Chanel, Dior and Lanvin!
Since we’re all poshed up, we went full Avant Garde with production with a little a WHOLE lot of help from our FMJ Co. bad assess, Franky, Mark and Jan.
So checked out our sexed up ham and cheese sandwiches and our DIY accessory hanger in video below:

  Can’t view the video? Mauvaise chose (that means poor soul. wink*wink), I have come prepared. Here’s the step by step:
Materials needed:
– Frame (you can use: old picture frames/ silk screen frames)
– Wires/ Lanyards/ String/ Thread
– Brass cup hooks
– Paint / Varnish for polishing (optional)
– Dimensional Paint/ Glue/ Glue Gun
– Scissors

1.       Mark frame on both sides (for the cup hooks)

2.       Screw the brass cup hooks into the frames (where you’ve placed your marks)

3.       Tie the wires between the cup hooks

4.       Decorate frames with dimensional glue. Leave to dry. (Apply 2 layers to get that “pop out” effect)

5.       Once dry, paint over with paint of your choice

6.       Leave to dry.


If that made you hungry, trot along to Justinne’s blog and check out how to make her Croique Monsieur (as seen in picture below):

So that’s it for The Cooking Fashionistas! We hope you liked this episode.

Once again we’d like to say a big fat THANK YOU to FMJ Co. for  this really awesome segment! Thanks for shooting this episode of The Cooking Fashes, guys! :*

<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/Y-ewVVCuIAM?feature=player_embedded” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Check out more of them on the youtube channel and make sure to like their facebook page, as well!

Let me know in the comments if you want your own accessory hanger- I SMELL A POTENTIAL GIVE AWAY COMING!! ;)What did you think of this episode, guys? 😀 ‘Til next!xx,


Cross That Damn Bridge

There is nothing more motivating than knowing that nobody has your back.

There is nothing more fuel burning than knowing that this is my battle and I’m going to do it alone.

It sucks in ways, because I don’t think that anyone believes in me, not even the people who mean the most to me. But well, what am I going to do about people who want to think I’m chicken shit? Prove them wrong.

No one is going to pat you on the back and throw you a bone (or a designer bag) when you do something good but they will magnify, gratify and multiply your flaws.

I was wrong, I know. I’ll fix it. Even if it’s the last thing I do. Just to shut everyone up.

For the first time, I’m looking forward to silence.

I Frogot It Was Summer

Of course I knew it was blazing hot outside, but would it be safe to say that it was cold in my building so it didn’t matter?

Denim polo: -| Denim pants: Sister’s | Undershirt: Forever 21| Belt: Given (mom)| Flats: SM Department store
Obviously happy to be wearing the denim-on-denim trend after months of waiting for it to wear down.
Funny how fashion changes like that, yeah? Growing up, I could’ve sworn that wearing denim on top of denim was some sort of immortal sin or something. When it came back around last year, my exact words were “why is she in all denim? Aren’t you like, not supposed to be seen in it… EVER? Wait a minute, it does not look half bad… I want to wear it!!” And since it’s come back, fashion enthusiasts have re-invented them in ways that have made me say, “why didn’t I think of that?”
I love how the rules of fashion have changed. They’ve been updated, outdated and forgotten and on good day, it feels as if there are no rules at all. HOWEVER: Leggings are not pants, people. And no one wants to see your camel toe. You’re welcome!
For my take on this misjudged trend, I decided to use contrasting hues. It gave me more variety and well, I love these washed out jeans so I could never pass out an opportunity to take them out! Besides, the weather in Cebu is terrible and wearing a dark ensemble would’ve been equivalent to me begging for a heat stroke. Things to buy on my must have fashion list: thinner denim tops.
I went in between closing my polo to opening it countless times because I couldn’t decide what I liked more. I forgot to take a picture of it closed, though. My bad L
Charm necklace: Aizilym Enterprises
So on a scale from 1-10, how did I do?