I’ve Got My Eye On You

Can you guess what this is?

It’s my awesome necklace, of course!
If you’ve seen this weird awesome necklace before, it was probably on this post.
Yep, Justinne & I purchased it during our second When Food & Fashion Meet whilst scouring the streets of Colon! It was an unlikely find but apparently, eye accessories are in! If they aren’t, then I’m glad to be one of the few queer enough to try and pull it off.
Here’s what I wore with it:
Necklace: Aizilym Ent.| Neon green sweater: Thrifted| Dress: Terranova| Booties: Thirfted| Watch: iWatchz
I decided to take a picture of my friend, Janne’s, headphones because I felt that it made a pretty cool accessory for this outfit. I’m in love with these headphones and you will hardly see me walking around my building without me in them.
I’m a pretty basic girl and black headphones pretty much describe my entire personality: pretty dull but deadly. But then again, black isn’t really dull… and I’m not either. 😉
Now I have 4 eyes. Get it, get it? hekhek. I overwhelm myself in funny sometimes.

I got the inspiration to wear a sweater over a dress after watching Chriselle of thechrisellefactor‘s take on wearing 1 dress in 5 ways. I don’t usually like copying getting inspiration from other bloggers style (I’d like to believe I’m totally original like that. not) but it was just so cute and well, I had a dress like hers so I couldn’t resist! Of course, her looks are so much cooler but I’d like to think I added my own twist to my knocked off imitation. Check out her video here:
What do you think?

I think I’d like to do something like this. Maybe I’ll wear this dress again once I get my laundry back. Or maybe I’ll just learn how to wash my own clothes. Whatever comes first.
Love you all!
Issa, please

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