[VLOG] Surviving Manila Traffic


Currently in Manila and on our way to ABS CBN’s multi- channel network Chicken, Pork, Adobo’s Christmas party. Yes, I am a kapamilya. *insert fireworks* In lieu of this, we’ve been sent over here for a week to get to know one another, learn a few tips and tricks of the trade and of course, to […]

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Budget Shopping @ WeDo Shop


Every woman’s weakness is a good shopping trip specifically when it involves the words bargain, sale, discounts, everything must go (this one is the best!) and the like. Throw in even more special words like American/ Korean/ Brand New and you’ve just created a lethal combination of words we cannot resist. So allow me to make a combination of […]

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No MiSTEAKS @ St. Moritz, Cebu


I thank the Instagram and Facebook Gods yet again for leading me to a humble hotel/ restaurant that is quietly tucked away in the heart of my most loved city. If you’re a bit over 40 years old, St. Moritz might not be a secret to you as it is to us younger folks- apparently, it’s […]

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Bo’s Coffee Christmas Coffee Starter Kit 2017


With their aim to highlight Philippine coffee as a platform for nation building, Bo’s Coffee launched the Bo’s Coffee Starter Kit last November 12, 2016 at Bo’s Coffee SM Seaside in Cebu. The Coffee Starter Kit is Bo’s Coffee’s annual Christmas merchandise aiming for it to be a tool for togetherness, allowing friends and loved […]

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Going Places with Rustic Steps


They say that that a smooth sea never made a good sailor but I also believe that good shoes take you good places (and a bunch of other awesome quotes to get me by)… As I enter the second half of my twenties, I have made it a point to travel more often, to discover more about […]

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