The Perfect Place for Families in Bohol- Mithi Resort & Spa

NOTE: THIS POST DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY PHOTOS YET. Still trying to figure out how to resize/ add photos again! hehehe.

We are currently on a 3 day, 2 night vacation in Bohol (Thank you Lolo & Lola for bringing us here. hehe.). We’re traveling to witness family get married and we are now staying at Mithi resort.

It’s been great so far so and our wonderful stay has inspired me to get back into the groove of blogging again after a very long hiatus. That, and the fact that I Just got a new iPad and I want to put it to good use. hehe.

Pre-baby we’ve always been somewhat low-key travelers choosing budget places & activities and enjoying DIY-ing our trips but now that we have a baby in tow, I’ve found myself leaning towards more relaxed trips and finding whatever is more convenient more than our usual adventurous travels.

Mithi has been such a great place for our family (a toddler, exhausted parents and senior citizens) and I wanted to tell every one about it.

Let’s start with the amenities:

Mithi has a lot of different spots to keep everyone busy, relaxed or entertained. As parents, we’ve reveled in the pool areas that offers multi -sectional pools that allows US to keep our rambunctious toddler entertained but most importantly, safe.

They have beautiful beach areas that are also divided into different sections that allows more privacy for guests and I am absolutely mesmerized with the sugary shores of Bohol. TBH, I had forgotten how beautiful Bohol is and I blame no one but myself for missing out on so much.

Aside from the beach & pools, they also have an outdoor game room that has a lot of different activities that guests can enjoy but my favorite spot here is their playground… for obvious reasons. 

Other amenities include multiple tennis courts, a spa and their own cave (!!!)


What I love the most about our stay here would definitely have to be their impeccable service. We haven’t necessarily been easy guests- I’ve had multiple odd requests since we’ve been here like ask for dish soap cuz someone (that someone being me) forgot to pack some & north’s bottles must be washed, request for take our boxes so north can eat with his own “plate” and just a million other things & questions I’ve hassled them with as I navigate traveling with a toddler and throughout the period we’ve been here, they’ve been nothing but kind & gracious to us.

Honestly, the cost to stay here isn’t cheap (again, thank you mama & papa!) so you sort of expect nothing less but the extra service they’ve offered us is above and beyond.


Mithi offers a bunch of different room options and our family is staying at their Superior Room. I don’t know how to describe it in proper terms but if it were a house I’d describe it as a double attached apartment. 

The cool thing about it is that they have dividers in between rooms to offer more privacy to guests but since we’re right beside our in-laws we didn’t have to use it. Mostly because North being able to run to Lolo and Lola’s room at anytime has been much appreciated because I can actually get some rest!! Hehehe.

Our room is GIGANTIC- with double sinks in the bathroom, huge closet spaces and there’s a lot of room for kids to run around and wear themselves out.

I love it here and I’m ALMOST convince that I want a resort themed bedroom in the near future.


As you would expect, the food here is a little on the pricier side and tbh, although they have a pretty expansive menu, I wouldn’t say their food is out of this world.

My only strife about their food would have to be the cooking time as it usually takes a while for some dishes to be delivered. I ordered ribs for lunch and it took almost an hour to serve and I ended up having to eat it in the room since north fell asleep mid meal. It also took the same amount of time to serve our pumpkin soup which was odd- I mean, the ribs I could somewhat understand but the soup didn’t make a lot of sense.

But anyways.

G0ing back to the place- Mithi is pretty big-IT’S about 15 hectares which means getting around can get pretty exhausting However, they do have round the clock golf cart services to help you get to and from places. It’s free of charge and it’s such a fun experience! 

This place has become bohol’s 60 to destinations for weddings over the last few years and I can definitely see why. It’s a beautiful backdrop for a beach wedding and today we got to see the people we love celebrate their love at the beach during sunset and it was just amazing!

Here are some important links to Mithi resort and some photos I took which I hope can help.

It’s now 11 o clock, my son is in bed and while I hoped I could still sneak in some more cocktails tonight, I think it’s about time I counted my wins and call it a night. After all, North did sit through the entire dinner program, gobbled up his dinner and I was able to get some kill shots at the beach today. I call that a win in my book! 

At least I can still hit the beach with north in the morning without having to deal with a hang over. There can only be one hung over parent on trips and I’m happy that that parent will not be me.

Hope you enjoy this, folks! Hope this is just the first of many blogs as I make my comeback to sharing life with all of you!

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