maybe i under estimated school…

ok. i haven’t really updated this thing ina while. usually i’ve been pilling thiz thing up with mushy crap that dun do anyone here any good. so, ima lay low now.

so, here’s what i did the whole week. i’m sure you’ll find it interesting. LMAO.

hehe. well, i was absent on monday. i spent the whole day lying in bed.. sleeping. i was doing a pretty good job at it though, i don’t know why i woke up. ughm.


well, i didn’t want to go to school. but i did. i wasn’t really sick but i could pretend to be. to hell with academics. only god will judge me! [hehe] so, i went to school. faked that i was really sick. called my parents and they picked me up. seriously, i wasn’t really faking it. 1/4 of me was. well, that part really didn’t want to waste in my time in montesorri. smacked in the middle of the mountain with no means of civilization whatsoever. [i try to sound smart, people] i thought i was gonna get my pim na gyud!!! shit. who knew it would take 4 fucing hours. whoopz. don’t say the F word.. tiz is my hair people!! ;p

that afternoon i went to the dr. ypil. he was cool. old, but cool. my papa kept saying that he had a big thumb. apparently, he claims that dr. shoved his thumb up his ass when he told the doctor that his tummy had been aching. nice story pa. i loved it.. not! 


i didn’t feel like going to school either but then, how often to you have pe? so,yeah. for the sake of pe! i didn’t enjot it though. school is getting so overrated.


wel, wa namai pe. [evil grin] but then, periodicals are coming up and if i was absent AGAIN that would mean that i would fall behind on soo much. But, who cares?! i didn’t!!

it was soo cool though, cuz t. T was absent so, Mr. S took over her class. seriously, i have a problem with remembering thingz cuz naka LOUD akong phone and my mom called in the middle of his “sense of propriety” speech or something like that. everybody starred. it was scarry but tptally awesome cuz he didn’t notice or anything. DINOSAURS. i knew they were good for something. ;p

so, my mom called. granny was on her way. coool. home nasad!!
but an fuking injection went through my skin.. again. i hate it!! but chance.

i didn’t have dengue. but i was like, on the border line of apencitiz. whatever. i missed school. it was soo fulfilling. watching troy made me hungry!


well, i proud to say that i spent the whole day at school!! i almost went home.. but, i didn’t. [gives self pat on back]

we basically did nothing in the morning cuz it was the science and math month culminating activity. isn’t that like the coolest thing?! lmao.

francis, josh, aj and gervise won the powerpoint making contest and they all got medals for it!! ughm. it had he thinking “what could’ve happened” if i passed ours on time. fuck. tripz.

anywho.. what’s done is done. our group won the egg dropping contest anyways which makes me feel pretty darn good about myself. hehe.

at the end of the day when i was soaking wet, i found myself saying.. “iz it friday already?”

oh yeah! sab and em taught me this cool new game. the best part about it is being able to hit people… and get away with it.!! ;p

sometimes when i dont mean to think all the thoughts in my head, i think of you. i imagine you hold my hand and touch me the way you always do. and it seems like, in an instant, there i am, holding your hand and your there with your arm around my waist. it all seems unreal but, i wouldn;t want things any other way.

some people fall in love. some spend their whole lives looking for it. some find it, get tired and soon fall out of love. there are those who have found it. missed it and are getting over it. while there are others, who have been looking for love, have found it and now are dying to pretend that it never existed. which officially makes me the biggest liar in the world [or that i know of]

isn’t it that when you love someone you shouldn’t care what others have to say because what matters most is what you’re heart has to say? I mean, no offense. but, shouldn’t it just be you and him and no one else? i need help.

it’s just that. i’ve been keeping too many secrets that i know i should’ve been keeping but i guess, i thought it was better if i did. i mean, i’m happy. that’s the point right? maybe god wanted things to be like this. he wanted to keep me missunderstood, confused and everything so that He can take all the pain away like always.

whatever. we’ll find out. but for now.. i have to tell someone. she has the right to know.

you know what i’ve noticed? nowadays, there’s something wrong with everybody! now, i had a neede go through my body. my precious body! ughm.

pray it’s not what everybody thinks it is.

gotta bounce,

now, don’t come up to me as that this isn’t love or loyalty because you guys are my life and i would go to the ends of te earth for you. i would cut class for you, bitches. let’s just thank god i didn’t have to cut today. [thankyouthankyouthank]

today is stc’s iintrams and i am like… soooo excited!! hehe. i bought their intrams shirt and everything. i;m ridding with arden today and i’m going to meet up with the guys at school at around 9. weeeeeeeeh. stc fever.

i swear. if going back wouldn’t be so hard, i would’ve.

my week at school has been revolving over the fact that today is the day i get to spend with all my matez and no one can tell me what to do or what to wear kay.. di na gud ko student ngadto. that means, i can get away with bringin my phone. haha. priviledge.


i gotta bounce. the shower calls.

sometimes we win and sometimes we loose and i am not a stranger to loosing anymore. it’s not the best feeling in the world but what can a girl do? God has his time for me.

volley isn’t my life. mdm. agbon claims that i’m a dancer. [i think she’s hellah right ab0ut that] but i’ve learned to appreciate volleyball and my players. i haven’t been the best team captain bt God knows i try. anyways, we did an awesome job. it’s better than our first game. i know we catn win someday. God will shine on us. he already has.. he just has to brighten it up a little. ;p

it was awesome. my whole day was. the past 2 days have 🙂

ilove my new bible!!! Ü



tomorrow is the district meet. i hate coach orvin. he’s soo mean. like, nothing’s ever good enough for him. even when i try my best and when i do something good, i never get any slack. i hate him and how he smells like fish and how he looks in his green shirt. how he has a burnt face. how messy his hair is and how i never understand a single f’in word he says! it’s pure hatred. if we loose, don’t blame us.. blamne yourself mother F!

So many things have been happeneing and i find myself sitting in my room saying,”is it Saturday already?!”

MY LEZBOE. i love the rain. we love it.

don’t talk to me.. cuz i won’t talk back.

and i just don’t know what to do. hahaiz. i worked soo hard for it. 57 slides and all. all those pictures. all the information. all the facts. the effort. the money. for what?! for nothing. you just can’t imagine how hard i worked for that.

and i wanna cry. because there’s just nothing that i can do about it. pour my heart over a big fat zero and a looow score on my report card.

lie to me. and lie like you mean it. i love you.. that’s the biggest

:/: and i’ll never let go, never let go.. until you want me to. lotz will come and lotz will go and if you’ll choose to go, i guess your true feelings will finally show. :/:

d0n’t keep it a secret. no longer keep it in. cuz i want to know if this is love or just another fling.

/: soon our lives will change and soon will your mind. but grasp the moment in your hands until the end of time /:

we could have each other and you could be somewhere else asides my dreams.

doesn’t that sound a tad bit like l o v e?

::.. h0w can y0u be soo perfect in my dreams but be everything that breaks my heart in reality? ..::

i’d like to think that my life is perfect right now and everything has fallen into place but it hasn’t and that breaks me into pieces.

all the hard work was a waste.. why did God make it that way? i hate it. thingz are soo hard and complicated and no one can help me but myself.

letz get this over with and just.. take me away


&lt&lt–* i d0nt kn0w why i’m feeling like this when i kn0w that i shouldn’t care. i d0nt kn0w if i feel hurt or if i’m insulted. it’s not my life, so i shouldn’t worry. but, you said something to me, something that i couldn’t refuse to believe. you said something that enlighted me but, i think it did more than that.. i think it blinded me.




i don’t want you to do something that doesn’t make you happy. i don’t to stop you from something that does. but, i just thought that when you said those words, you intended to keep them.. for me. but i guess promises will always be broken, al0ng with this heart, lies will be told and.. you will never change.

hey, is it my fault for believing you? for trusting you? yeah, i think it is. but, is it my fault for thinking that things would work out? fuck. i must’ve have thought wrong.

lie to me.. right in front of my face, for the whole world to hear. you already did it once, don’t lie and say you can’t do it again.

my head is in space because of you, it’s im circles because of you and worst of all.. i didn’t see it coming but my heart is a bit cracked because of you.

I’m still holding on to the next best thing though. cuz who knows.. MAYBE YOU COULD love me. maybe this time, a little m0re than you loved her.

I knew thingr would be different when i met you. just never thought that different was like this.*–&gt&gt