&lt&lt–* i d0nt kn0w why i’m feeling like this when i kn0w that i shouldn’t care. i d0nt kn0w if i feel hurt or if i’m insulted. it’s not my life, so i shouldn’t worry. but, you said something to me, something that i couldn’t refuse to believe. you said something that enlighted me but, i think it did more than that.. i think it blinded me.




i don’t want you to do something that doesn’t make you happy. i don’t to stop you from something that does. but, i just thought that when you said those words, you intended to keep them.. for me. but i guess promises will always be broken, al0ng with this heart, lies will be told and.. you will never change.

hey, is it my fault for believing you? for trusting you? yeah, i think it is. but, is it my fault for thinking that things would work out? fuck. i must’ve have thought wrong.

lie to me.. right in front of my face, for the whole world to hear. you already did it once, don’t lie and say you can’t do it again.

my head is in space because of you, it’s im circles because of you and worst of all.. i didn’t see it coming but my heart is a bit cracked because of you.

I’m still holding on to the next best thing though. cuz who knows.. MAYBE YOU COULD love me. maybe this time, a little m0re than you loved her.

I knew thingr would be different when i met you. just never thought that different was like this.*–&gt&gt

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