39: Artistic Blocks & Failed Ideas

I want to be “rich conyo girl”, to date Medyo Maldito and to be an instahoe.

I’m frustrated of all sorts. Help!

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Free Rides with Grab this Sinulog!

Exciting events and offers are abound during the Sinulog festival as it rewards existing Grab users.

Cebuanos can use SINULOG, a special promo code that entitles users to an unlimited P50.00 off their Grab rides from January 16- 21 to and from following festival destinations: Fuente Osmeña, Basilica del Santo Niño, Plaza Independencia and Cebu City Sports Complex in Abellana.

Festival essentials such as caps, shirts, water bottles and more are up for grabs at the special GrabRewards redemption booth situated at Plaza La Independencia. Using their available Grab Rewards points, user are a few clicks away from claiming these offers.

Grab has also partnered up with select establishments that are nearby, accessible and preffered such as House of Lechon- a well- loved signature Cebuano restaurant that serves some of the best roasted pig in town. Grab users can enjoy P100.00 off their orders when they dine at House of Lechon. Just check the GrabRewards catalogue, look for House of Lechon offer and redeem.

Catch my little adventure from yesterday with Grab. I sound hellah bossy, which I am, but I had so much fun!!

Issa P.

Sinulog/ Festival/ Mardi Gras Make up + Cut & Style Outfit Idea

EXPECTATION VS REALITY. Make sure you watch this til the end!

Check out what my Sinulog make up routine & my Islands Cut & Style look. Although, it doesn’t really matter kay hugaw-hugawan raman gihapon’s mga tao. ZzZzZzZz. HAHAHA! Hope you like it!

Products used:

Moisturizer: Innisfree (이니스프리)
Foundation: L’Oréal #beautyforall True Match in N7
Concealer: Maybelline Philippines Age Rewind
Brow tattoo: Maybelline Brow Tattoo
Tint & lips: Let’s Stylize
Highlighter: Sleek MakeUP
Lashes: Janie Flores/ FabLab
Eye shadow: Miniso Philippines
Sun block: Flawless Face and Body Clinic

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Issa P.

Cut & Style Your Way Into Sinulog 2018 with Islands

Sinulog is right around the corner and you know what that means my fashion inclined friends- Cut & Style shirts!

I remember growing up and my Sinulog outfit was a pivotal part of my festivities and I would spends hours rummaging through my closet for the perfect street  outfit. Over the past years, Island Sounvenirs has taken the load off my clothes (which I know I will never get to wear again after the festivities) and has not only provided me, but party goers and spectators alike, with colorful and festive garments that allow us to show off our cultures pride with their very own spin!

And of course, their back at it again this year with another round of their famous Cut & Style series for everyone to enjoy! Here’s how you to spruce up your very own Sinulog gear:

There’s no shortage of pieces to choose from at the Islands kiosks as they’re flowing to the brim with different styles and designs for you to choose from. Shirts range from P199.00 and up and once you’re done picking out the design of your choice, you can then pick out your embellishments or proceed to the check out counter if you’re more of a minimalist than avant garde.


Whether you’re a fan of feathers and embellishments or not (I heavily contest them on a spiritual level), you’ve got to admit… there’s something whimsical and fun about them especially with the spirit of Sinulog in the air.

At the 4th and final step of your Cut & Style adventure, you now have the option to have someone design your article of choice for you or you can skidaddle home and design it on your own! I opted to have Paolo & Eduardo cut up and style my own shirt for me because as much as I hate embellishments, I also loathe DIY-ing clothes but it seemed like a fun idea for the boys to do and I was surprisingly impressed. Catch the episode here.

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Want to catch your favorite local celebrities walk the runway? Make sure to check out the annual Cut & Style runway fashion show on January 19, 2018 at the SM City Cebu Northwing Atrium at 6:00 pm.

See you there!
Issa P.

Steak- All- You Can @ Bai Hotel For P999.00

Bai is one of Cebu’s newest luxe hotels that offers guests with the perfect view of the city and the harbor while also providing them with a visual adventure with their beautiful industrial and minimalist interiors. Although they are very new in the industry, their offerings and services seem to be quite polished and seasoned gearing them, as early as now, to be one of Cebu’s top hotels.

Being strategically located close to malls and establishments, Bai has raised the bar by offering check in guests, walk ins and anyone looking for a gastronomical treat great food selections with over 8 dining options to choose from. In this post, we explore Marble + Grain, their swanky steakhouse known for their custom-aged USDA prime beef and impressive wine offerings.

Starting January 16- 31, at P999.00+++, guests can eat to their hearts content every lunch time to mouth watering slices of certified Angus beef prepared and cooked to your liking by Marble + Grain’s very own resident British- Filipino Chef, Jaimes Van Haght. Aside from that, you can also help yourself to a variety of side dishes such as: mashed potatoes (a personal favorite!), corn, baked macaroni, salads and more! And if that’s not enough to catch your attention, you can always appease your appetite by pairing your meat with your choice of wine from their extensive collection.

1″ cut beef steak cooked medium rare. Just how I like it

Marble + Grain Steakhouse is located at the ground floor or Bai Hotel Cebu, Ouano Avenue cor. Seno Boulevard North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City Cebu, Philippines

For reservations, call +6332 342 8888 or +6332 355 8888.

 Cuisine | Premium 21 days dry-aged Steak
Time of Operation |
Lunch Open 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM
Dinner Open 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Closed on Mondays
Ambience | Fine Dining
Dress Code | Smart Casual (with collar for men)
Location | Ground Floor
Capacity | 48

See you there!

38: The Longest Hour

We talk about getting engaged, the past month hiatus and then things got really boring after that.

Calling all wedding suppliers. We don’t mind being charity cases!

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The Most Peaceful Mornings

I’m at my desk at 10 o clock in the morning and it’s a slow paced Thursday, without coffee, which I really should go out and get.

You’re in bed still because you probably slept a lot later than I have and as much as I would want to get up and make coffee, I’m just here, amazed at how peaceful life has been lately.

I honestly do not think that I would have had this life if it weren’t for you. A life where I am calm, peaceful and contented in what I am capable of doing and giving instead of constantly trying to outdo myself. I am grateful, I am passionate, I am euphoric…I am at peace and this is something I never, in this lifetime, thought that I would have.

And I found that with you.

You’ll be up in a bit. I think I’m gonna get coffee.

My Lash Story. Keratin Lash Lift Treatment with FabLabPh

I’ve always been an uneven mix of a girly girl and a tomboy and it’s completely up to you to define the ratios. To give you an idea, I never carry retouch make up in my bag except for lipstick which I hardly ever use, gym clothes are my go-to outfit and I have not owned an eyelash curler in the last decade… don’t even get me started on fake lashes.

I had seen an influx of lash appreciation posts flooding my social medias in the past month which caught my attention although, if I’m being completely honest, my initial thoughts were, “what the heck is so important about eyelashes anyways?” I truly know nothing.

Out of total curiosity, I messaged FabLabCebu on Instagram because 1. the owner, Jane, is a friend of mine and 2. everyone who was talking about their lashes were also talking about FabLab so obviously, it had to there.

I was booked for a Fab Lash Initial Treatment (P1,500.00), which was the initial package for most people coming in. It’s basically a combination of a Keratin Lash Lift, lash tinting and semi- permanent mascara which only involves your natural lashes and nothing else. It’s supposed to last for up to 8 weeks and succeeding treatments can be availed after for maintenance. For more information about the procedure, you can check out this article which I found online.

The procedure:

  1. As soon as I got in and settled, my lash specialist (Jane) asked to take a look at my lashes. She had set my expectations beforehand and expressed how excited she was to do my lashes as they seemed untouched and healthy. I guess it pays to not have an eyelash curler. lol.
  2. Then I got propped up and ready on a bed where under eye patches were then placed on me followed by small pieces of tape, similar to when you get lash extensions.
  3. My specialist then proceeded with the procedure which lasted a little over an hour. I had my eyes closed for the most part so sorry if this doesn’t paint you a beautiful picture.

Does it hurt?

A lot of you have been asking me on social media if the procedure hurt and to be honest, there was a teeny bit of irritation, as some of the product got into my eye, but was easily and quickly cleaned up.




I was then instructed not to wash my eyes til the next day with no specific instructions on how I should wash my face. I was relieved at this because when I had gotten lash extensions, there were very specific directions on how I should wash my face which I honestly loathed.

I woke up the next day and washed my face truly curious as to how my lashes would turn out and was honestly impressed at how much better they had turned out. Initially, my lashes were a bit clumped up, I’m guessing from the product, but my post facial routine had caused my lashes to spread out, making it more natural to the eye without loosing its lift.

I was so in love with them that I got contact lenses and had a mini shoot in my office!

Aside from the typical questions, a few of you also asked me if it was beach/ salt water safe, as we do live on an island and trips to the beach are as common as a trip to the mall. As fate would have it, I was scheduled to go to the beach and I excitedly put my lashes to the test. Here is a photo of my lashes post beach.


I’ve been sporting these lashes for a good 3-4 days already and here are a few thoughts that I’ve gathered and would like to share with anyone who is thinking about trying out this treatment:

1. Your eyes will light up so much eliminating the use of eye make up, specifically eyeliner.

2. It’s a quick and affordable procedure.

3. There’s little maintenance required aside from succeeding treatments after 2-3 months, depending if you want to keep them lifted.

4. It’s beach safe.

5. There are no harmful side effects .


1. If you’re addicted to liquid liner like I am, application can be a bit tricky. I look great without it though and I’ve gone eyeliner-less without wanting to kill myself for the past days but I love lining my top lids so honestly, this has been a challenge. It’s not impossible to do though, it’s just a tad harder.

2. Biologically, lashes are meant to protect our eyes from foreign objects so I get a bit paranoid that my eyes aren’t as protected when lifted as compared to its natural curvature. I’m mostly in glasses so this has never bothered me but it’s a thought that entered my mind at one point.

Image result for divider tumblr

Overall, it’s a simple, safe and inexpensive procedure with amazing outcomes. It’s perfect for those who want “permanent” make up effects without the actual commitment of permanent make up. This is me. Which is why I never got micro-bladed. lol. Also, it’s a pretty safe procedure unless you’re a bit sensitive, in that case, you should probably consult your dermatologist first. But otherwise, I would definitely suggest this to anyone interested and I am definitely going back to get them done as soon as needed!


Keratin Lash Lift- P 800.00
Fab Lash Initial Treatment – P 1,500.00
Fab Lash Succeeding Treatment – P 1,000.00

For bookings and reservations, contact Janie Flores on Facebook or Instagram.
She also does visits and group bookings.

To better lashes in 2018,
Issa P.


I was feeling a bit groggy on the eve of the 25th. I had spent the entire day making my “world famous” spaghetti, as per Miguel’s request and then had stuffed my face with lechon which was the only other food option that night. We’ve gotten lazy over the years and smaller, to say the least. Miguel and I ended up skipping out on Christmas mass and spent the hour to ourselves feeling a little bit unfestive over how we haven’t spent Christmas as a complete family for over 6 (or probably more) years. I remember telling Miguel something between the lines of just being lucky that we even had a family to begin with and that we all loved each other because some family’s don’t even get to enjoy that.

I’ve always had a fixation on families, having grown up from a “broken but whole” one. Let me clarify this before it gets out of hand- I have 2 dads, 2 moms, 5 siblings and am loved completely but let’s be honest, does it really sound that simple? So growing up, if you take the time to read my blogs, you will know how much I’ve dreamed of having a normal family although I will never really know what normal is. Nevertheless. I’ll save this bit for Paolo one day. Maybe on the day.

I surprisingly wasn’t in much of a mood to drink that night and instead spent majority of the night talking, laughing and dancing with my mom, Casey & Miguel. The night ended a bit earlier than usual and I remember starting to wonder where Paolo was and why he wasn’t picking me up just as we had agreed. He said he’d pick me up a little after 12 so we could spend our first Christmas at home together after all the formalities of spending time with our families but it was close to 1 am and my mom was this close to pulling out a blanket so I could sleep on the couch.

And then Paolo knocked on the door to my relief and in less than 5 minutes, I was out the door and ready to fall asleep to some chilled beer which we agreed to drink with Ed.

If I know my bear like I know my bear, he gets very quiet when he’s nervous but that night, he was cheerier than usual. I had told him about the antic Miguel and I pulled off in order to get out of Christmas mass and he laughed a little harder than usual like he really enjoyed the story which made me happier because I’ve been practicing my stand up lately. lol. Honestly, I didn’t see it coming.

As soon as we got home, Paolo had motioned me to get the door since he had all my gifts and the left over lechon (yey!) with him. I’m sure you all know what happened after that but let me tell you what was going on my head in those exact moments.

“Are we even allowed to stick stuff on our walls? Our rental contract doesn’t allow it.”

“What the heck is going on here?”

“Oh my God, Oh my God, he’s kneeling! I’ve never had anyone do this to me before… what am I supposed to do? What is he saying? Am I supposed to just stand here? Should I kneel with him or something? I’m not used to people being shorter than me!”

And I guess that’s why I was laughing the whole time. Just kidding. I am a very awkward person and I don’t know why that would be a surprise to any of you.

But truthfully, our engagement was never a surprise to me because I always knew I was going to spend the rest of my life with Paolo whether he wanted to or not. At least this time I was sure of it. 😉 And also, I totally knew he had talked to my parents and everything because he can never keep a secret. HAHA.

There’s actually a really good story behind this that we’re waiting to talk about on IssaTalks so hopefully I’ll be well next Sunday.

Paolo and I are so excited to share with everyone that we are to be wed. Truthfully, I am excited at the fact that I get to share the rest of my life with the man I have dreamed of spending my life with since I was 21 years old rather than a wedding but I guess there’s also some joy in planning that, as well. :p

For wedding rants and the like, which I’m sure that there will be A LOT of in the coming months, head on over to www.issatalks.wordpress.com.

All our love,
Issa & Paolo

The Yearly Round Up, Owning 2018 & The 12 Year Long Survey

I remember starting this tradition in the year of 06- 07, a year after I had started blogging, being under the stairs where my first ever desktop sat peacefully. I was 16 back then and dial up internet was free from 2:00- 7:00 am and I never wanted to miss the first day of the year so I decided back then, to try to stay up for as long as I could every 1st of the year that came. In an attempt to keep myself busy, I eagerly searched the interwebs for a new year survey because 1. I was obsessed with surveys (as I still am) and 2. it was relevant. 11 years later, I no longer run to my laptop to entertain myself from trying to stay awake on the most festive of eves instead, I come home because this is where I feel safe, this is where I pour out my dreams; aspirations; accomplishments & failures and most of all because writing to you has become such a huge part of me.

If you are reading this, thank you for experiencing this with me. Here are the links to my previous yearly posts which you may laugh, cry, cringe and feel indifferent about- don’t worry, that’s ok, we share the same emotions. It’s interesting to see how different my answers change from year to year and I am happy to share these parts of me with all of you. Here they are:

2006-72007-82008-9|  2009- 10 2010- 112011- 122012- 13|  2013- 142014- 152016- 17

And so it begins!

1. Will you be looking for a new job?

Last year I entered 2017 with very little expectations. I had no plans, no dreams- just the hope that something interesting would happen. I took 2017 as my year of figuring out what I really wanted to do because I never want to look back at a missed opportunity knowing that I never tried. Growing up I always said I wanted to be an actress so in 2017, I tried it out and was able to get a non speaking role for Adober’s original series, Unspoken Rules which has gathered over 3 million views on Facebook. I also auditioned for an indie movie, worked in a commercial (which I mistakenly thought was my first but was actually not)- I’ve explored the world and industry of film and acting and am confident to say that if the opportunity comes in 2018, I would willfully take it head on. I dream of writing something beautiful one day and working in production and what not- we’ll see.

I took on more blogging and vlogging projects last year, which I realized is my true passion. I have been lucky in this industry to have been given the opportunity to take on great projects and although I often deal with your everyday entitled, stuck up millennial, I have also been blessed with the abilities to choose the right people and detach myself from the asses so despite all the drama the world of “influencers” and their constant fight for popularity, I have remained sane and immune.

In all these endevours, plus working online, I was able to balance and have time to do more. I was still bored, I was craving for more creative outlets and this is how my podcast, IssaTalks started. It was a running idea which I jumped into head on and just a few months in, I was able to represent the Philippines’ (for the first time) during International Podcast day and it’s just been an awesome time since then.

But it still wasn’t enough. I still craved for more and this is how H&S Clothing came into play. H&S Clothing is not anything amazing, it’s simply me taking over our family business, the business that was able to put me and 2 other siblings through college while providing us with a good life and in 2018, I’m going to work extra hard to provide for my 1st family and eventually for my own.

2. Will you be looking for a new relationship?

No, because we’re ENGAGED!

3. New house?

Looking and hoping while having severe separation anxiety from the thought of leaving our little haven. I love it here.

4. What will you do different in 18?

Definitely a huge change in lifestyle choices. It’s not just about me at this point, as weird as it is to say, it’s about our future children and trying to live as long as possible to see them grow up while living a full life with our future family.

omg. am I seriously saying these things??

5. New Years’ resolutions?

To stop smoking, to save money and to lose weight.

6. What will you not be doing in 2018?

Hopefully bankrupt.

7. Any trips planned?

Manila, anywhere we can CAMP/ GLAMP, hoping for Hong Kong/ Japan. Dreaming of going back to the motherland.

8. Wedding plans?

This is so weird but yes. A big fat YES!

9. Major thing on your calendar?

Wedding planning, living situation planning, baby planning, businesses and the one million things I intend to do with my life.

10. What can’t you wait for?

Honestly, I don’t know. As much as I enjoy the thought of being married to Paolo, it’s not necessarily something I absolutely cannot wait for simply because I want to enjoy being engaged, planning the wedding and the last few moments we have before trying to start our own family. But I am definitely excited to have human babies and fur babies and scaley babies.

11. What would you like to see happen differently?

2017 was the best because I came into it with very little expectations which I think was the best thing I ever did so I’d like to keep doing this, as much as possible from now on.

12. What about you will you be changing?

Can I please be skinny this year?

Oh, my work ethic.

13. What happened in 2017 that you didn’t think would ever happen?

Moving into our beautiful home with Paolo (twice), starting a podcast, taking over a business, being in various ads, getting engaged and making more friends despite saying that I no longer needed any.

14. Will you be nice to the people you care about?

Yes, absolutely!

15. Will you dress differently this year than you did in 2017?

I cannot say.

16. Will you start or quit smoking?

Quit. It’s funny because on this survey you can trace the moments I decided to start followed by the many years I’ve decided to quit but PLEASE LET THIS BE THE YEAR. FOR OUR CHILDREN!

17. Will you better your relationship with your family?

I will be acquiring a new family soon and be starting our own. It’s always been about family and it will be about family.

18. Will you do charity work?

By all means, yes.

19. Will you go to bars?

Hopefully not as much but enough to preserve the youth.

20. Will you be nice to people you don’t know?

I have always.

21. Do you expect 2018 to be a good year for you?

Of course.

22. How much did you change from this time ‘til now?

A lot and hardly at all.

23. Do you plan have on having a child?

If not this year then definitely the next. We want furry children!!!

24. Will you still be friends with the same people you are friends with?

Most likely. But I’ll be honest, I would really like to stop talking to a few people.

25. Major lifestyle changes?

Lots. And lots. and lots!

26. Will you be moving?

We’ve been looking for a forever home for about a year now but until it happens, we’re perfectly fine in our little home. It feels so big though.

27. What will you make sure doesn’t happen in 2018?

Bankruptcy and family feuds.

28. What are your New Year’us Eve plans?

Well spent with family. 🙂 All our families know now and nobody contested so I’m happy, Paolo is happy, the whole world is happy. We also stayed up til 3 and then passed out.

29. Will you have someone to kiss at midnight?

Paolo. For the rest of my life.🙂

30. One wish for 2018?

For life to happen the way it was meant to happen. And also for things to not cost so much or for us to make more money to be able to afford them!

May you all have a wonderful 2018 and the years to follow. Thank you so much for all the love and support you have given me throughout the years. 13 long years of whoring myself on the internet- how would’ve thought?

It’s been awesome, fam!

To many more! <3