One Day

In a few months or maybe years from now, you will be able look at me with those big beautiful eyes that I love so much and tell me that you love me.

You will hug me in your arms that I have made my home for these wonderful years and you will thank God that you have me.

In a few years from now, we’ll be sitting down watching tv or playing a video game which will end in some sort of tickle war and we will end up staring into each others eyes and you will kiss me. Just like in the movies.

One day you will love me because I know it is hard to do now. One day we will be able to love each other and thank God that we were in this mess because it made us strong. But I know that that day is not now.

I need to tell myself to be positive because if I don’t, I might not make it til the morning and I really want to wake up to an us.

I am trying soo hard.

Bad Boys Wingz @ The Greenery, Mabolo

I first heard about Bad Boys Wingz a couple of years ago when they first started selling at the Banilad Town Center’s weekend food fair. They were an instant hit and it wasn’t too long after that they started making a name for themselves at local food bazaars where people would flock to get a chance to try out their chicken wings. Soon after, they opened their first branch right across B.R.I.G.H.T. Academy and the entire Cebuano population rejoiced because they no longer had to wait for the weekend to feast on their well- loved wings and other menu items that were added to their selection.

Following this success, Bad Boys Wingz which is owned by the “Bad Boys of Cebu”: David Santos, Gino Ortiz and Andrew Aseniero, pushed the envelope even further and opened their second branch at The Greenery in Mabolo. If you’re a banila-phobe (a.k.a. someone who is physically incapable of enduring the Banilad- Talamban traffic) like I am, then this branch is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy some and alcohol, let us not forget alcohol.





Hello little monsters!

Their second branch has 2 floors and can roughly accommodate 30- 40 people including a smoking area outside. Their industrial themed interiors are perfect for that laid back and unpretentious feel that we all look forward to at the end of a long day of work. It’s also pretty spacious so you don’t have to worry about bumping into each other while eating or getting around.


Of course, what would Bad Boys Wingz be without their signature chicken wings that come in 9 flavors: Plain Old Wings, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Parmesan, Honey Bbq, Teriyaki, Siracha Honey, Mild Buffalo, Angry Buffalo and Suicide? Enjoy these favorites or their boneless chicken for P 169.00 for half a dozenP 320.00 for a dozen wings or P 430.00 for a bucket for 16  with a choice of two sauces.


Deviled eggs @ P 100.00

In case you didn’t know, I am allergic to eggs but these babies were definitely the egg high and itches I got not too long after. For the price, servings and taste, I would definitely recommend this dish to my friends who want something to much on as an appetizer.



Spicy Garlic Shrimp @ P 280.00

If you love shrimp and that subtle spicy kick in your mouth then I’m sure this is something that you’ll find yourself coming back to over and over again. We devoured this dish and then played with the shrimp heads after. #weirdandproud



Linguine Scampi @ P 220.00

The shrimp linguine was also one of our favorites and we made sure to bring some home for our mom so she could tell us what her opinion of it was since she really enjoys pasta. She gave it a thumbs up and vowed to come with us to sample it fresh and warm some time soon.


Bad Boys Burger @ P 250.00

The inner burger girl in me truly feels like I need to give this dish justice because I really, really, truly loved this dish. I probably skimped out a bit on the fries because I was eating soo much already but the Bad Boys Burger definitely did not disappoint. There is nothing I did not like about this burger and the patty which was cooked just right (brown on the outside, pinkish on the inside. Just how I like it!) took me all the way home. 

If you love burgers just as much as I do, PLEASE try this and love this burger like I do!


The Rib @ P 250.00

Their grilled ribs covered in their special bbq sauce was soft and tender which is how all ribs should be. The sauce was a bit sweet and barbecue-y which wasn’t overbearing but not lacking in taste either- it was just right. This was the first dish we finished and we really enjoyed the extra sauce that came with the dish and needless to say, we had our own little dipping party.


Other items on their menu also include:


Crispy Spuds – P 75.00

Spam Fries – P 150.00

French Fries – P 80.00


The Burger – P 195.00

Classic Cheese Burger – P 215.00

Shrimp Po’boy – P 230.00

Philly Cheese Steak – P 225.00


Macho Chops – P 200.00



To keep updated on Bad Boys Wingz’ latest offerings and promotions, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Operating hours are from  11:00 am – 12:00 pm

For reservations contact 0925 502 7874

Stay bad (to the bone) ,

Issa P.

Babies & Brunches


I still have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that most of my friends are already working, let alone getting married and having babies! But yes, I am finally at that age where everyone thinks we have out sh*t together but the reality is, the majority of us are still trying to figure it out.
Being an “adult” is definitely a lot harder than what I had imagined it to be and to be honest, I don’t even think I’m half way there which means I have A LOT of growing up and maturing to do. When I was younger, I thought adulthood simply revolved around work and family but apparently, it involves a lot more than that… most of which I am not prepared for and some, I am just grateful to have even experienced. But when life gets hard, and it usually does, I know that I can always lean on my girlfriends for a good support system.
Struggles, jobs and people may come and go and I guess that’s a big part of life but always keep your friends close because with the right ones, you will never lose you way!



Dress: H&M




Heels: H&M


Love you mga Yobs!

Issa P. 

Back To School Looks

In case you haven’t had the chance to catch my Back To School Looks & Must Haves video, I’ve also taken the liberty of providing you with still images of the outfits that I wore.

I hope they help you gain some inspiration for your school looks!






Catch the video here

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Study hard,

Issa P.

[VLOG] Quick, Easy and Inexpensive Make- up For School

I fairly enjoy make up but to be honest, when I started college I hated the fact that I was required to start wearing make up. Youtube wasn’t as big as it is now so I basically learned my make up preferences, techniques and skills from joining make up classes, gay classmates (I miss you all!) and my mom.

Now that the internet has gotten pretty huge, I wanted to do my fair share and give back to my wonderful young readers by sharing with your MY college make up routine. All the make up that I’m using the budget friendly and if you’re not the type to ask your mom to buy you make up, you can easily save up for these products.

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I’ll talk to you soon,

Issa P.

Rootches Cultures Launches @ Handuraw 3rd Anniversary!


There’s a lot to celebrate about like the end of summer, the start of the rainy season, Handuraw Pizza Gorordo’s 3rd year anniversary and Rootches Culture’s launching!

12384984_705048859598311_1279838352_n 12503283_881108148684179_168565653_n

Rootches Culture, a lifestyle brand that promotes good vibrations, will be launching their first line of apparel this June 11, 2016 (Saturday). To compensate this momentous occasion, their first design will be a limited edition design and will come in two colors: black & white for only P300.00.
12503476_1219813471365098_2000414157_n  12532621_1051710658255038_970553001_n
Since Rootches Culture’s main goal is to spread and promote good vibes, knowing and staying true to our roots; there’s no better place to kick off their launching party than at Handuraw’s anniversary! There will also be lots of good music by some of Cebu’s local artists who will be rocking out and celebrating with.
Be sure to check them out especially if you’re into skating, surfing, long boarding, any time of adventure and of course, good music- cause we all need the perfect theme song for “those” moments.







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 Imoha nang tagay,

The Asian Taco in Cebu: Pow Bao


Consider me a little late when it comes to popular food choices in Cebu but like the saying goes, better late than never.

The Asian Taco, also known as Pow Bao, invaded Cebu a couple of years ago, first debuting at our favorite food markets until they finally set camp at the Banilad Town Center. Their handful of choices for fillings offer Cebuanos who love to experiment with food with great options such as chicken, pork belly, chorizo and even tofu!

If you’re looking for something heavier, they also offer rice meals with the same meal options.


Pao Baw is actually a fusion of Taiwanese food with a touch of Mexican street food which are both great cuisines individually and surprisingly great together.

Not being the most adventurous with food, I was honestly a bit hesitant to try this meal out but I was delightfully surprised that the Asian Taco was really good and not to mention, extremely filling! I personally enjoyed the chicken and tofu fillings the most.


Assorted (mix of 3 baos) @ P100.00


Rice meals (pork belly, fried chicken, chorizo or tofu) @ P 90.00

Meat+ vegetables +special yellow rice = LOVE!


Baos (pork belly (steamed or fried)/ chorizo/ fried chicken/ tofu) @ P80.00


Pow Bao is located at the front of the Banilad Town Center. Operating hours are from 10:00 am – 9:00 pm everyday.

Follow them on Facebook Instagram for updates and deliveries.

Put a Spring in Dad’s Step with Havaianas

Havaianas Casual (2)
Father’s Day does not fall on the same dates every year which is why it can sometimes be forgotten. If you’re reading this, don’t panic! You still have a few more days to spare are Havaianas will help you make this day extra special!

Here are four Havaianas styles that are perfect for the occasion:

Havaianas Top Basic (2) Havaianas Top Basic (3)

Havaianas Top Basic is a go-to style perfect for the go-to guy in your life. The designs are simple, unassuming and go well with almost everything.

Havaianas 4nite

Is your Dad a rock star? These Havaianas 4nites will instantly make him feel like a a rockstar! This design features rock and roll glow in the dark prints and an interesting design.

Havaianas Casual (4) Havaianas Casual (5) Havaianas Casual (1)Havaianas Casual (3)

If Dad’s style includes skinny jeans, V-neck tshirts, thick rimmed glasses and a mustache for good measure, then he’s definitely a hipster! He will fancy a pair of Havaianas Casual which features a bi-color matte strap for a surefire style.

Havaianas Disney Stylish

A young at heart dad is as fun to shop for as he is to hang around. He’s fun, easy going and does not take himself too seriously. It’s easy to picture him in a pair of Havaianas Disney Stylish with soles printed with well- loved Disney characters you grew up watching him him!

So save the date. Father’s Day this year is on June 19. Whatever style you decide to get, just make sure to make him special because he deserves it.

Check out the rest of the Havaianas Collection on and follow @havaianasphils on Twitter and Instagram. 

[VLOG] Back To School Looks

School is just around the corner and I’m sure a lot of my young readers are both eager and nervous at the same time. I know a lot of things are running through your heads right now and the last thing you want to worry about is what you are going to wear on the first day of school. I know what it’s like to be you so I’ve decided to come up with a few looks for you to try and replicate for at least the first 5 days of school. 😉

I also want to talk about the quality of my videos, my editing and this whole Youtube thing. I know my editing, backgrounds and what not aren’t the best right now and I’m trying reallyyy hard to learn how to edit on my own so if you have any suggestions and ideas, please let me know so I can apply them in my next video. Your opinion means a lot to me and I am always looking for ideas to make this blog better!

Lastly, for this video I also tried to wear brands and clothing that are affordable and school appropriate. Some of you might be ashamed to shop at department stores but that shame speaks more about you and the kind of person you are. No offense, but it’s the #truth. Although there are a few looks that are sleeveless, don’t hesitate to wear a jacket over it, if needed! Here are the brands that I have featured in this vlog:

Look 1 (Monday)
Off shoulder top: Meanies Closet | Jumper: ZaloraLace ups: Tutum Shop| Choker: Yourfashionfriend_Cebu

Look 2 (Tuesday)
Choker top: Gaisano| Trousers: Vero ModaFlats: MaggiesBox

Look 3 (Wednesday)
Headband: Forever21Top: Forever21Pants: Lets StylizeSneakers: Metro Ayala Department Store

Look 4 (Thursday)
Top: Abercrombie & FitchPants: Gaisano

Look 5:
Dress: H&MKimono: Let’s StylizeSneakers: Adidas

Still really trying to learn how to make fashion vlogs so please bear with me. 😛 But this is definitely a big jump from my first “Rainy Day Looks” video! haha. Anyways, check out a few back to school look ideas that are perfect for colleges located in warmer places. If you’re from the Philippines and you have strict dress code rules, you can still use a lot of these ideas by just throwing on a nice sweater to match!

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Stay in school,

Issa P.