Black Metal

[Top: Christian Ferre; Metallic Pants: July; Blach heels: Follie; Bag: Gift from Christine Inocencio]

Have you ever had such a hard time dressing up for work that the only things you had left in your closet were metallic pants, jeans and/ or slacks that required 6 inch heels? Yeah, this was one of those days for me. Ultimately, it was a choice between the jeans (which was an obvious no) and the metallic jeans since my toe was still healing (read 8 ironies) so 6 inch heels were a definite “no-no”.

I know there’s a paper bag in this picture that I forgot to keep. SORRY!!

In all honesty, wearing these pants are always a bold fashion choice to make but they make for good pictures…  wearing them to work however, was just plain stupid. The obvious dress code violation aside, I was mistaken as an “inter-galactic” space creature and people literally put on shades or weird faces when I passed by. I know it wasn’t the best thing to put on considering the fact that I work in a very laid back environment and anything other than winter coats and scarves are frowned upon but desperate times leads to desperate measures!


To tone down the attention that seemed to gravitate [funny because there is no gravity in space] towards my pants, I opted to wear a plain black shirt and black heels. I thought it would make a good balance while still making a good “corporate” look. Then I went all out on this awesome bag of mine! Haha.

Overall, I pretty much loved this look. It just wasn’t the best idea to wear to the office. But, we are all entitled to our own mistakes and to days where there’s nothing to wear because your maid was being lazy and you still haven’t learned how to wash your own clothes!

I need a better job that allows me to wear cute clothes. Is anyone hiring? I resign in June!-Issa

I Swear, There Are No “Orange” Puns In This Post

[Coat: Loalde; Scarf Top: Loalde; Pants: Ayala Department Store; Flats: Old Navy; Watch: Fossil]

ORANGE YOU GLAD? Hahahahaha. Ok, stop. I apologize.

I decided not to get a haircut and to just let my hair grow out. Blogwise, I’d like to believe that I’m making the right choice by giving myself the benefit of endless styling possibilities. On the other hand, I’ll just be another blogger with long straightuncombed hair- but then again, I’d be a blogger with long hair I can use to cover my armpits when I’m in sleeveless tops. AHA! Silver lining, I believe I have found you! [I crack myself up sometimes]

One more rant about my hair problems and I promise, this’ll be the end of it

I NEED TO FIX THIS ANNOYING STRAND- it’s always finding its way into my outfit posts. So annoying.. grrr!
On a not-hair-related-note, there’s an interesting story behind my top. Wearing it made me feel so much like a kite and crazy as I am, I spent most of my day running around the office with my arms stretched out pretending to be one! I know I’m too fond of wearing white, even for my own good, but owning pretty tops like this with pretty details makes me feel like a million bucks. Plus, I had a good reason to run around the office which was great (the main reason why I love it)! And not to mention, the cut made me wish I was at the beach- I should’ve considered that before coming in to work.
BTW, How’s everyone doing with the SIN TAX bill coming into full blow? I know it’s for a good cause and my lungs will thank the government in the future but I started the week with 10 perfectly shaped nails and by Wednesday, I’ve already bit through 7 of them. Running around the office isn’t something I’m accustomed to, I promise, but it’s better than me battling how many sticks I have to cut in order to eventually quit. TO QUITTING! (I don’t know how many times I’ve said this in my lifetime)

With A Clear Mind and a Hopeful Heart

August – December 2012 – Studied for the board exams

December 16- 17, 2012 – Took the board exams

December 18- January 1 – Christmas vacation [I deserved a break, didn’t I?”]

December 20 – Opened

January 2 – got in touch with Kaz for Rhip Stop, Cebu

January 3- Conceptualized “When Food and Fashion Meet” with food blogger and close friend, Justinne Go

January 5 – Found clients for Sinulog

Found other clients

January 7 – Conceptualized “pants” business

January 10 – Won Preview Magazine’s Haute Holiday Contest [overnight stay at Marriot Hotel for 2]

January 12 – Did make up and co-styled for iFeet, Cebu

January 13 – Reached 1,200++ views on my blog site

January 13 – Took a job offer from SugboTV as part time researcher/ writer


Upcoming plans:

Pay my phone bill

Pay my rent

Pay Paolo for his shoes

Buy Paolo a birthday gift

Use my Forever 21 gift card on a long skirt and a sweater

Get money for pants business

Get more photo shoots -> eventually get PAID.


In case you thought I was just working a 9:00 – 7:30 shift.

Of Flowers, Being Girly and Trying To Find My Place

Take a good hard look at me, I’m a girl AFTERALL, I swear! Har. Is it hard to believe?

Interesting turn of events which led to me deciding to go all out FLOWER TO THE HIGHEST POWER on this day. Initially, I started out with a long black skirt and an over sized sweater but later on decided that I would ditch the hobo boy and go head on girl.

Eventually I decided to be experimental and give print-on-print a much deserved try. I was terrified that I would over-do it or that I would look stupid but, mostly because I couldn’t get the zipper of these pants to close. -.- WORE THEM ANYWAYS! I AM BADASS OR WHAT? Lol

Perfect example of my fashion insanity. Case closed.

See, I couldn’t even take a decent picture of myself. I look constipated in each one. My body is not used to so much girly-ness. But change is always good and experiment

[Blazer: Bread and Butter Deluxe (given); Floral Top: Daisy Fuentes Petites; Floral Pants: IT Park Bazaar; Flats: SM Kids Department]

Even the buttons on the jacket are flowers. Goodness.

What do you think of my floral ensemble?


When It Rains, Dress Like It’s Snowing

[Brown sweater: Thrifted; Necklace: Gift; Leggings: ISIS; Leg warmers: H&M; Beanie: H&M]

[Apple green sweater: Thirfted; Scarf: WAGW; Boots: Leaveland; Bag: Thrifted]

Took the day off from work cuz my Mitral Valve Prolapse was acting up again and I was having a bad headache. Luckily, it was raining and I’ve been dying to take my leg warmers out again. So, what do you do when you’re home and sick and it’s raining outside? HAVE A BEDROOM SHOOT. Of course, I used my laptop camera cuz I’m low tech like that.

Hello, from my feet and my legwarmers that I wasn’t wearing properly. lol

I swear I was born on the wrong side of the earth. I need snow!


B[l]ack to B[l]ack

First and foremost, let us all take a moment of silence to grieve over the loss of my favorite shades. (sniff*sniff) Shortly after this picture was taken, it took a dive out of my hands and well, wearing it is now completely out of the question. But, I must give it due credit, they have served me well in the past year considering that I got them for only P85.00 downtown. I love Cebu!

Fashion Feature: Bree Esplanada

I like Bree, I like Bree a lot. Probably not as much as he loves blood and ripped flesh from Zombie Movies but, I like him enough to make him my very first featured fashion designer- another thing I like, designing. My adoration for Bree began even when I first heard about him in April 2011 as a contestant for Cebu Young Deisgners Competition (where he bagged 4th place) and fast forward to 2013, I like him even more- Francisco Lachoski, Darren Criss , Rami Malek, and Bruno Mars ogling aside. (I only know who Bruno Mars is! haha)
Continue reading

Christmas Party with Team S.M.I.L.E

[Dress: The Maze, Ayala; Shoes; Payless c/o Sheen Judilla]
Sorry for the late upload! I caught the holiday fever and there are just so many things to blog about that I’m having a hard time keeping everything on track.
But I’ve saved one of my holiday highlights for last, our TEAM S.M.I.L.E. Christmas party!
I met Team Smile through a good friend of mine who recruited me to play Frisbee with them in 2011 and not long after that encounter, I met my current boyfriend and a great set of friends to match. 2 Christmases after, we’ve evolved into a group of about 30 people who I love to death.
with Cymbelline
Team Smile Girls (incomplete)
Kyna, Alana, Faith, Sheryl, Sheena, Cym, Me and Lor
Team Smile Boys (incomplete)
Ed, Stevens, Ari, Kevin, Sam, Ryan, Jesse, Mark, Niraj, Richard
Paolo, Tim, Brandon, Mark, Borga and his gun, Jiggy and Jem

Almost all of the
Sexy and Motivated Individuals Looking for Excitement (S.M.I.L.E)
To more late nights whether if it’s up playing Kinect, Mah-jong, Monopoly Deal or Apples to Apples. Or if it’s to watching the boys play counter strike, Dota, Heist while the girls drink and talk about fashion, hair, make-up or boys. To more Milktea, Johnny, Jack and Coke- To 2013, to Team SMILE!