I Swear, There Are No “Orange” Puns In This Post

[Coat: Loalde; Scarf Top: Loalde; Pants: Ayala Department Store; Flats: Old Navy; Watch: Fossil]

ORANGE YOU GLAD? Hahahahaha. Ok, stop. I apologize.

I decided not to get a haircut and to just let my hair grow out. Blogwise, I’d like to believe that I’m making the right choice by giving myself the benefit of endless styling possibilities. On the other hand, I’ll just be another blogger with long straightuncombed hair- but then again, I’d be a blogger with long hair I can use to cover my armpits when I’m in sleeveless tops. AHA! Silver lining, I believe I have found you! [I crack myself up sometimes]

One more rant about my hair problems and I promise, this’ll be the end of it

I NEED TO FIX THIS ANNOYING STRAND- it’s always finding its way into my outfit posts. So annoying.. grrr!
On a not-hair-related-note, there’s an interesting story behind my top. Wearing it made me feel so much like a kite and crazy as I am, I spent most of my day running around the office with my arms stretched out pretending to be one! I know I’m too fond of wearing white, even for my own good, but owning pretty tops like this with pretty details makes me feel like a million bucks. Plus, I had a good reason to run around the office which was great (the main reason why I love it)! And not to mention, the cut made me wish I was at the beach- I should’ve considered that before coming in to work.
BTW, How’s everyone doing with the SIN TAX bill coming into full blow? I know it’s for a good cause and my lungs will thank the government in the future but I started the week with 10 perfectly shaped nails and by Wednesday, I’ve already bit through 7 of them. Running around the office isn’t something I’m accustomed to, I promise, but it’s better than me battling how many sticks I have to cut in order to eventually quit. TO QUITTING! (I don’t know how many times I’ve said this in my lifetime)

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