Black Metal

[Top: Christian Ferre; Metallic Pants: July; Blach heels: Follie; Bag: Gift from Christine Inocencio]

Have you ever had such a hard time dressing up for work that the only things you had left in your closet were metallic pants, jeans and/ or slacks that required 6 inch heels? Yeah, this was one of those days for me. Ultimately, it was a choice between the jeans (which was an obvious no) and the metallic jeans since my toe was still healing (read 8 ironies) so 6 inch heels were a definite “no-no”.

I know there’s a paper bag in this picture that I forgot to keep. SORRY!!

In all honesty, wearing these pants are always a bold fashion choice to make but they make for good pictures…  wearing them to work however, was just plain stupid. The obvious dress code violation aside, I was mistaken as an “inter-galactic” space creature and people literally put on shades or weird faces when I passed by. I know it wasn’t the best thing to put on considering the fact that I work in a very laid back environment and anything other than winter coats and scarves are frowned upon but desperate times leads to desperate measures!


To tone down the attention that seemed to gravitate [funny because there is no gravity in space] towards my pants, I opted to wear a plain black shirt and black heels. I thought it would make a good balance while still making a good “corporate” look. Then I went all out on this awesome bag of mine! Haha.

Overall, I pretty much loved this look. It just wasn’t the best idea to wear to the office. But, we are all entitled to our own mistakes and to days where there’s nothing to wear because your maid was being lazy and you still haven’t learned how to wash your own clothes!

I need a better job that allows me to wear cute clothes. Is anyone hiring? I resign in June!-Issa

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