[VLOG] May 2016 Favorites


Sharing my favorites for the month of May from bags, clothes, make up and even mobile phone applications!

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[VLOG] My Hair Transformation from Black to Ash Grey Update: Bleaching, Dyeing, FAQ’s

Yes, I AM blogging at 1:30 in the morning because the internet is fast and… I am sober on a Friday night so why the heck not?

Thought I would make this lengthy but informative vlog entry for everyone who has been asking me about my hair because i love you all and you deserve it.

This vlog entry mostly covers my hair transformation journey from bleaching to dyeing, what I do in order to manage it now, where I bought my hair products (for those who are in Cebu) and your other hair related questions!

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Working on a bunch of new content for everyone to enjoy.

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1 AM Questions


What is love? Isn’t it just a bunch of bodily responses mostly from the brain?

If so, how strong does my brain have to be in order to avoid such strong feelings of love?

If I “feel”  like I love someone too much, does that make me a strong person or a weak person?

Why do people cheat? Are their brains stronger or weaker when they do?

Why are my questions so stupid?

Annd… hunger.

T- Shirts & Chokers

the rainy seasons is coming, get comfy!



Bowler hat: Hong Kong street market| Choker: Aizilym (@P20.00)| Tshirt: Let’s Stylize

 yellow 1

yellow 2

yellow 3

Glasses: Taylor (from Executive Optical)| Skinny and 1″ inch choker: Yourfashionfriend_cebu| Tshirt: Let’s Stylize




1″ inch choker: Yourfashionfriend_cebuTshirt: Let’s Stylize

Look alive,

Issa Perez

ZEROTHREETWO Basic Collection Lookbook


The Cebu that I know of and love is laid back, with no frills and is one where you can go out in just sneakers and a shirt. ZEROTHREETWO’s newest basic collection reminds me of all these things plus comfort, durability and of course, style.

We shot these set of photos on a breezy Monday afternoon with a penny board, lots of sneakers, shirts and hope that it wouldn’t rain. Thankfully, it didn’t and now we have these gorgeous set of photos for you to enjoy! So knock yourselves out and make sure to get your basic pieces at ZEROTHREETWO.








Available in select Zerothreetwo stockists or Order at The Assembly Online.

I seriously want a penny board now,

Issa Perez

[VLOG] Meiko Cosmetics Naturactor Cover Face Concealer Make Up Review

YEY to make up reviews! 🙂

I’m no beauty expert but I know what works on my skin and I am ecstatic to show you guys one product that I am 100% invested in right now- Meiko Cosmetics Naturactor Cover Face Concealer!

So just to go through it quickly for those who do not have time to watch the video, here are my pros and cons of this product.


  • It’s lightweight
  • You don’t need to put a lot of your face which means, this tiny container will last you a really long time
  • It has great coverage
  • It affordable (P550.00- P650.00) at Let’s Stylize
  • It’s made from safe ingredients



  • DEBATABLE: The smell. It doesn’t really bother me though some have described it as having a granny-like smell. Whatever that means.

Naturactors come in 5 shades and I am currently using the 151. By the looks of it, you would think that since I am on the fair side that I would be a 141 but it’s pink undertones don’t quite fit my skin tone. I actually do have the 141 and the 151 and you can see the swatches and difference in the video.


I would definitely recommend this product for women who have uneven skin tones and can’t seem to find a concealer that they’re truly happy with. I find that this product is very good and you don’t need to use a lot of it to get the coverage that you want. I’d say that make up wise, that’s definitely been my struggle over the years especially during really warm weathers… but not anymore. 🙂

For your own Naturactors, feel free to get in touch with Let’s Stylize!

Til the next,

Issa Perez

Beating Time with G- Shock & Shockwear

I’ve recently been given the opportunity to be one of the ambassadors of G-Shock’s official distributors, Shockwear located at The Outlets at Pueblo Verde and as you’ve already seen in a previous post of mine, this post was done about a month ago and will be used as marketing collateral for the brand.

G-Shock has been around for a while already and are popularly known for being the ultimate tough watch. Way back when, it was designed with the intent to create a watch that would never break without compromising an attractive design. Fast forward to today, the G-Shock watches are known for just that, durability and also a unique structure- definitely what people want in their watches!

Since G-Shock’s are well sought after, it is no surprise that imitation brands are everywhere! Sure, they’re a lot cheaper as compared to the original versions but fake watches will never make you appreciate the brand for what it really is. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you’re purchases are genuine  and are bought from official distributors like Shockwear.

Check out their collection below:













  Make sure to check Shockwear at The Outlets at Pueblo Verde for your authentic G-Shock watches that are sold less as compared to other retail stores!


Issa Perez

Gibbs’ Hot Wings Newest Item: Chick N’ Fries


Consider me as one of Gibbs’ Hot Wings’s biggest fans (but I’m not a snob to other chicken wings places either! #justtomakeitclear) so every time they releases a item on their menu, I’m always on board and willing to give it a try especially if it’s in their famous Angel wing’s sauce!

One of the newest offerings on their menu is the Chick n’ Fries which are french fries topped with boneless chicken wings. For someone like me who doesn’t enjoy eating with their hands or de-boning anything, I think that it this perfect. Plus, who doesn’t love a good spud?

At P 238.00, these Chick N’ Fries are also available in the different sauces that Gibbs’ has been known and loved for. Whether you love your chicken spicy or you’re a little on the soft side like me, there’s definitely something for everyone there to enjoy!




Gibbs’ Hot Wings is located at the second floor of The Streetscape, Banilad.

For reservations contact 0949 376 7220

For updates and promos follow them on Facebook


[VLOG] Behind The Scenes with G Shock & Shockwear Watches @ The Outlets at Pueblo Verde



G Shock and Baby G watches have been in my blood ever since I was a little girl. I fondly remember their 90’s designs and using the detachable rubber stoppers as “braces” because 1. I thought it was cool and because 2. I was a pretty gross kid. HAHA. (please tell me I wasn’t the only one who did this, please!)

 So when I was asked to be the ambassador for G- Shock from their official distributors, Shockwear, you could only imagine my utmost delight.

Here is a short BTS vlog from the wonderful day I spent checking out and shooting with the brand. Stay tuned (subscribe, bookmark, follow) for the final photos which I will be releasing on the blog soon.

A special thanks to the Pixie Dust Creations team for always taking care of me and for always keeping me in mind.

Check out Shockwear at the Outlets at Pueblo Verde for authentic and affordable G Shock apparel.

What time is it?




Vero Moda Turns 1!

Vero Moda just turned 1 and to commence with joyous occasion, they threw a chic bohemian themed party for all their loyal customers!

And what kind of party would it be without giveaways and other festivities? During this event, they gave out 20% discounts to shoppers who spent a minimum of P2,000.00 which was such a nice treat.

Birthday or no birthday, you should definitely check out Vero Moda  which is located at the ground floor of the New Wing of Ayala. Their pieces are timeless, versatile for any style, season and body type!







Can’t wait to show you guys what I got for myself during the event!



With my VERO MODA giveaway winner, Priscilla. For your chance to win a shopping spree, make sure to follow me on Instagram (@issaplease).

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