Beauty and Beyond at Streetscape, Cebu


Growing up, I never really cared about skin care. I was always under the sun swimming/ playing tennis/ soccer/ volleyball/ biking and what ever sport I was involved in at the time.

As I grew older, I still never really gave my skin the proper attention it deserved which lead to my uneven skin tone, sun spots and etc. In fact, I never really had a skin care regimen up until a few months ago and also, Paolo was the person who taught me that the 3 step process to taking care of my skin was: facial wash, toner and moisturizer. I’M NOT EVEN KIDDING.

I guess as I got older I realized that the secret to youthfulness was through proper skin care. To be honest, I still stay under the sun A LOT and I don’t care for whitening products but at least I don’t have clogged pores and pimples.



My current beauty hub is at Beauty and Beyond Facial and Slimming Center where they offer a wide array of services at insanely affordable prices!

A few of the services that I have availed from them are:

Diamond peel (P400.00); Eye lash extensions in Natural (P500.00); Underarm hair removal (P1,000.00/ session); Slim and sculpt for my face (P1,500.00), arms (P1,500.00) and abdomen (P2,000.00) which I will be talking about in my upcoming blog entries.



Aside from affordable services, their staff is amazing and they never fail to make me feel comfortable and well taken care of. I know you all know I’m a sucker for great service and there is no shortage of that from the staff of B&B.

That, and their operating hours are so accommodating that it’s impossible for anyone to not be able to go!




Beauty and Beyond is located at the 2nd floor of Streetscape, Maria Luisa Road, Banilad. 

Operating hours are from 1:00 pm – 10:00 pm every day.

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates on packages and promos.

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The Monastery, Cebu feat. John Ong Photography

What’s better than lounging around a snazzy concept themed restaurant (The Monastery) in one of Cebu’s most talented upcoming designer’s (Bree Esplanada) dresses while being shot by an expert behind the lens (John Ong)?

Well, if you’re me- nothing.

I was very lucky to be invited to shoot at The Monastery a couple of weeks ago- basing on the photos alone, I think you’ll understand why.

Photos and fashion greatly work hand in hand and in the world of fashion blogging, sometimes photos are everything. Luckily, our set wasn’t just a great place to take photos but it was also a great place to chill at when the shoot was done.

monastery cebu

I cannot wait to show you more of the photos we took on that day and tell you a little bit more about our location. But just in case your curiosity gets the best of you, you can check The Monastery out at 976 Veteran’s Drive, Lahug Cebu CIty, Philippines

Follow The Monastery on Facebook

Find out more about John Ong

& Bree Esplanada

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Part 1/ 3 😉

“She Says” for Zee Lifestyle

The past 2 months have been extremely hectic but I am definitely not complaining! I’m suddenly finding myself attending to more photoshoots, giving modeling workshops (although I’ve never really seen myself as a model), attending more events and being more committed to being a blogger.

This months’ highlight is being on Zee Lifestyle’s Men’s issue where I share my thoughts about boys, dating in Cebu and everything else in between! I’m super proud of this issue and I’m so happy that my first feature in a magazine really let me express who I am. Also, it was pretty awesome that I got to talk about boys cuz boys are like…  my favorite topic! HAHA. Just kidding.





Please grab an issue of this month’s Zee Lifestyle magazine! They are available in Rustan’s grocery stores and National Bookstore outlets for P150.00.


Follow me on snapchat: issaplease

Instagram: @issaplease

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Rainy Daze Are Here Again

Hey everyone, hey!! It took me a while to finally decide to do this basically because I wasn’t sure if I was confident enough to venture into vlogging but I guess we’ll never really know unless we try, right? Yes. And I know this isn’t my best work but it can only get better from here, I promise!

I am so in love with these rain boots that I got as a gift last year but I always get funny stares from people when I take them out. A part of me thinks that the Philippines isn’t quite ready for them but a bigger part of me says that we just need to be taught how to wear them. Common Pinoy folk assume that rain boots are the magsasakas and there’s nothing wrong with that, I think we just haven’t embraced it’s full potential yet.

So here’s a quick video with my tips and tricks when wearing rain boots here in the Philippines! I hope you enjoy!



Letterman jacket: Terranova (but stolen from the boyfriend)| Infinity scarf: Old Navy| Romper: Let’s Stylize



Cardigan: Gaisano Grand Department Store| Silk top: Let’s Stlyize| Dolphin shorts: Pink Lemonade (@pinklemonstore on Instagram)



Hat: SM Department Store| Dress: Forever21

Rain boots: Tommy Hilfiger

I hope you enjoyed this entry and I can’t wait to make more videos for you guys to enjoy! Let me know what you guys want to see in the comments. And as all youtubers go, please subscribe, like and follow! <3


Is it unfair that I only blog here when I’m sad?

Well, today I am happy. Even if I woke up with a terrible headache, I had the worse time getting out of bed and even if I don’t really feel like doing anything at all today- I am still happy.

I am happy that I woke up, that I can decide for myself and choose whether or not I want to get dressed up today, I am happy that I can put my foot down to certain things against my beliefs- I am happy that I am me.

I feel like my life is a constant journey of figuring out who I am, who I want to be, what I want to do with my life and who I want to be in it but I am still happy that I can oftentimes control these things.

So if in case this little side of my world was getting a bit too gloomy, let it be known that today, I am happy.

IssaEats: Ampersand @ Banilad Town Center, Cebu




Along the halls of the Banilad Town Center (BTC) is a bustling restaurant that is warmly lit and filled with people. With it’s interior looking like it popped out of a movie screen, it is no surprise that people are flocking to go there for the eye party but they find themselves coming back for their great food and excellent service.

 For obvious reasons, I’d most likely find myself at the bar sipping on a Hendricks Jive while waiting for a handsome man to use a funny pick up line on me. I know it’s not really going to happen, this is Cebu after all, but the cinematic appeal of it all is just so dreamy. Indeed, liquor is quicker and I’m looking forward to my next drunken session at no other than at Ampersand.


Paolo and I really enjoyed this place the first time we went a couple of months ago- up until now he still speaks highly of their risotto which he graced as his favorite risotto in Cebu. It was to my disappointment that I wasn’t able to take enough photos of the first time we went because as soon as I sunk my teeth into my Sous Vide, I knew that I would never be able to spell it without double checking with my spell checker but I would always remember how flavorful that piece of meat was. I loved it!

Fortunately for me, the blogging world has been nothing but kind lately and I was invited a couple of weeks ago to try out more of their dishes. I don’t usually tag Paolo along with me during group invites unless requested so since he had to stay home that night, all critique will just be from yours truly.

Here we go!


First on the list was this Salmon Tartare, in Dill-Shallot Vinaigrette, Sous Vide Egg White. Quick fact, I only started appreciating Salmon about 5 years ago. Prior to that, I either stayed away from anything raw (sashimi) or fish in general. So basically, I’m still learning how to love seafood but with this appetizer, it didn’t take me much convincing. I loved the vinaigrette kick and the taste of salmon and in fact, I had 4 servings. HA!


Truffle Scented Mushroom Cappuccino. I’m not a big truffle fan because I don’t find the scent as inviting as others do; although the scent of this soup was a bit too strong for me, I did enjoy the mushroom and cappuccino mix. It was definitely something new to my palate and if this is something you’d also want to try, I’d suggest sharing it with a friend first because it is a generous serving.


The lemongrass-Turmeric & Ginger Chicken, Baba Ghanoush (phew!) is one of Ampersand’s best sellers… and with well reason. The Baba Ghanoush was the perfect neutralizer to the chicken and everything about it was simply superb. I feel like I made love to this chicken. I feel like I wouldn’t mind making love to it over and over again.


As mentioned earlier, I’m not completely a fan of all sea food so I honestly picked out pieces of my Seafood Risotto. The risotto I devoured, along with the salmon and prawns but you’ll have to ask something else what they thought of the squid and tuna as I didn’t bother to touch it. I do recommend getting their risottos though just because Paolo loved it and I always support the things he loves… like myself. lol.


Thyme & Cumin Roasted Rack of Lamb on Green Tea Cous Cous & Vegetable Ratatouille. The lamb was pretty good, and I generally loved the presentation of this plate. By now you can identify the aesthetic signature of Ampersands head chef and he is totally rocking it! I would probably order this dish again but have it with potatoes instead of cous cous if it’s even possible. I love mashed potatoes.


32-day dry aged Prime US Angus Rib Eye. I truly enjoyed this steak and the fact that you can choose your sidings of either mashed potatoes or a salad. I loved it.


Fresh Strawberry & Mango Pavlova


Citron Green Tea Cheesecake, Chocolate Ganache Cake. Double Chocolate Fudge Brownies

My favorite of all the deserts served to us that night were the Mango & Strawberry Pavlova  and the Citron Green Tea Cheesecake. The chocolate ganache and double chocolate brownies were also really good but if you’re like me and you prefer something fruitier than heavy chocolate then I highly suggest my top 2 choices.


With fellow Cebu bloggers





Ampersand, which is located at the Banilad Town Center, not only serves dinner and drinks- they also have an impressive display of cold cuts and cheese that can be paired with wine or for take out.

Find out more about them on their Facebook page for events and updates!

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Bloggers Do It Better


Blogging has been around for at least over a decade and like the sweater suggests, I do believe that there are some thing that bloggers are actually better at doing such as:

1. Disseminating information and sharing ideas to the world.

– Let’s be honest, whether it’s the latest gossip; world issues or just their innermost thoughts and ideas, bloggers are pretty good at getting the word around. 

 2. Making the real world look so boring.

– There’s a lot that goes on behind the cameras when it comes to blogging (not matter what genre it is)- like in this shoot, behind this camera is a pig sty but a bloggers gotta do what a bloggers gotta do. Plus, angles. Don’t worry, I cleaned up afterwards.


 3. Taking awesome photos or at least, conceptualizing them.

-Two words: Flat lay


4. Excellent time management skills

– A job, a sideline business to support our camera/ clothes/ dining needs, events and still managing to consistently blog while managing to keep a personal life with friends and family? Piece of cake!


  5. Putting ourselves out there and being thick skinned

– We get ridiculed and teased a lot but it’s all good. We’re proud of our craft and we don’t need any one else’s approval.


6. Self learning internet skills

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only blogger who’s self taught myself how to use and actually understand certain html and css codes. It’s cheaper than having to pay someone to do it and there is absolutely nothing can come in the way of our ideal layout dreams!

And more!


Sweater: Mango| Yoga shorts: Aeropostale| Knee length socks: Darlington


So yes, bloggers do do it better and for the record and in defense of my Instagram account – I really do hate hashtags but we all have to do it! :))

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Hala Paella, The Best Paella In Cebu at The Banilad Town Center



There’s no denying that I eat out for the experience. Meal times are my favorite part of the day so whenever I get the chance to eat out, I prefer going to places that are visually and gastronomically appealing- places that will give me a chance to create awesome memories and bonds with the people I am with.  You see, eating to me isn’t just sitting down at a table and force feeding yourself to eat anymore, it’s an opportunity… it’s the main event!

Currently, I do have a favorite list of restaurants that you can all find on this blog and today, I am soo happy to be adding a new one to this list- HALA PAELLA Spanish Comfort Food, which recently opened at the Banilad Town Center (across Dimsum Break). From the interior to the food, this new soon to be favorite hang out is not only extremely instagramable (which we all know is very important nowadays) but it also budget friendly without skimping out on taste.




Hala Paella claims to have the best paella’s in town and since I am no expert in Spanish cuisine, I’ll let you be the judge of that. But if you asked me, if I could, I would have their Negra paella for breakfast, lunch, dinner and then again for midnight snacks.  But if black squid ink isn’t your thing, they also have 5 other choices of paellas to choose from that all come in hefty servings even for it’s “solo” size.

They also offer main courses created to complete your Spanish comfort food dining experience and with their prices ranging from P 38.00 to as high as P 128.00, it’s perfect if you want to try everything in one go. I loved their calamares (P 88.00) and I’m super excited to come back and try out their Chuletas (P 108.00).




Negra Paella in Solo – P 108.00; Lechon Paella – P 118.00; Sangria – P 90.00


Croquetas – P 58.00


Other Hala Paella menu and prices:

Chicharrones – P 38.00

Spanish Chorizo – P 88.00

Gambas – P 88.00

Cazuela – P 98.00

Chiprones – P 98.00

Alitas De Pollo – P 98.00

Callos – P 118.00

Pulpo – P 118.00

Lengua – P 118.00

Salpicao De Cerdo – P 128.00

Follow Hala Paella on Instagram @halapaella

For take out orders, call them up at 344 4252

They are open from 10:00 am – 11:00 pm

See you there,


Toniq Juice Party


So happy to be back blogging! I had to take a short hiatus on account of Paolo’s short trip to the hospital but no worries, we’re alive; kicking and better than ever!

This week taught me a lot about the importance of having a healthier lifestyle especially with Paolo being diagnosed with Enteric Colitis which was definitely not easy to have to watch him endure. And now that I’m fully committed to providing him with the healthiest meals in accordance to his new non spicy, non dairy, non oily diet; I am so glad that Toniq Juice is around to help me pack Paolo with all the healthy stuff he needs!


Toniq believes that health is a lifestyle and not just a mere diet- it’s the right mixture of proper consumption of food, exercise and getting proper amounts of rest.

With the many products and services under this brand, a healthier and better version of yourself can easily be attained. I noticed that everyone’s been so into juicing nowadays and it’s refreshing to find that at Toniq, they have more to offer such as salad jars, healthy snacks and my favorites- the popsicles and sorbets!

Being healthy has never been this fun!


You can find out more about Toniq Juice on their official website or through their Facebook page.

You can also drop by their store located in SM City Cebu or have them deliver them straight to your doorstep via FoodPanda.

And now for some outfit shots!




[Top: Custom made| Necklace: Borrowed from mom| Skirt: Let’s Stylize| Heels: Parisian (SM Department Store]

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