“She Says” for Zee Lifestyle

The past 2 months have been extremely hectic but I am definitely not complaining! I’m suddenly finding myself attending to more photoshoots, giving modeling workshops (although I’ve never really seen myself as a model), attending more events and being more committed to being a blogger.

This months’ highlight is being on Zee Lifestyle’s Men’s issue where I share my thoughts about boys, dating in Cebu and everything else in between! I’m super proud of this issue and I’m so happy that my first feature in a magazine really let me express who I am. Also, it was pretty awesome that I got to talk about boys cuz boys are like…  my favorite topic! HAHA. Just kidding.





Please grab an issue of this month’s Zee Lifestyle magazine! They are available in Rustan’s grocery stores and National Bookstore outlets for P150.00.


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