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We’re at it again- online shopping for cheap maxi dresses in hopes of being able to wear them out sometime soon. lol. While they have lessened the restrictions here in my city, I find it best to still just stay inside the comforts of my own home but it does help lessen the cabin fever when you have new pieces heading your way. Especially when you’ve gotten them at such a steal of a price!

What do you think of these pieces I’ve been looking at?

It’s not exactly the season but I personally don’t think it hurts to stock up on cheap summer clothes especially because the one place I plan to go after the pandemic is over is to the beach!

I miss the feeling of sand between my toes and of course, the opportunity to take a beautiful sunset photo. Gaaah.

In the mean time- I guess we can all enjoy some good ol shopping.


Online Shopping with

With the current lockdown I’m left here, day in and day out on my laptop. Hours on end of nonstop scrolling. I’ve kind of run out of things to do that I’ve ended up searching for cute clothing even if there’s not really anywhere to go nowadays. In a way, it’s been therapeutic because I look at the clothes and imagine myself wearing them somewhere, someday and it gives me a sense of hope which is something I’ve been needing a lot of lately.

It’s a bit odd to be looking for tops online, especially at a time like this but I can’t deny that these pieces are still really cute and i would love to be able to own these pieces one day. Either that or just being able to look at them has brought me immense joy.

Ninacloak has a lot of interesting pieces. I have my eye on a couple pieces, especially the ones that I highlighted in this post. While I do find some of their pieces a bit dated, they’re still great for a sunny summer day or a casual day out and I still think anyone can pull these pieces off.

Check them out at!

[Sponsored Post] Feelingirls Body Shapers & More

I’m a strong supporter of feeling good about ourselves, taking care of our health through healthy lifestyles & fitness and that added support, if we feel like it is absolutely necessary.

I’m not going to lie- I’ve used body shapers in the past and I still do such as cinches & waist trainers while I’ve toyed with the idea of padded underwear in the past. Depending on what I’m wearing, sometimes I feel like these articles of clothing help emphasize our natural curves and help us feel more confident with our bodies especially if you’re like me who has a pouch! Insert recent internet search: best waist cincher for women

I was recently contacted by Feelingirls to check out their collection of items dedicated to fitness and shaping and I was definitely interested in what they have to offer. While I haven’t checked anything out yet (not necessarily a part of this months’ budget), I still wanted to share my favorite items just in case it was something you were looking for. I was particularly curious about finding the “best fitness leggings for women” since I am currently shooting a health video for Bayhana so I hope you liked my choice!

Here are my top 3 items:

I’m in love with the dual layers of this cincher and the snake skin design. It feels like there’s enough support especially for the back and I really like the sleek design.

I first saw leggings like this during my episode with Raine Baljak and I really admired the “airiness” of the design. I was never curious about this design until I saw it with my own eyes and now, I really want my own pair!


I’m not quite familiar with this product but it is definitely under the category of hot panties online sale it seems like it’s a breast lifter and body shaper at the same time. I like how this piece accentuates the hips without the use of hip pads but instead creates the illusion of wider hips through the fabric and materials that they use.

Remember, it’s important to be comfortable in your own skin but don’t pressure yourself to have what others may perceive to have the “perfect body”. If these items help you on your journey, please indulge yourself but never doubt that you are beautiful in any and every angle!

Issa G.

Vintage Party Dresses Online

I’ve been lurking online again looking for interesting fashion buys to add to my ever growing collection of clothes. Lately I’ve been inspired by polka dots and vintage finds much like the housewives of the 1950’s mostly because they always look so happy in accomplished in photos. lol.

If you follow me on my Instagram, you’ll notice a little pop of vintage dressing every once in a while on my feed and I’ve been keen on adding even more pieces from this era of fashion.

Upon my quest, I was able to run into a quaint site called Zapaka which is a lovely e-commerce site that is sure to entice any vintage fashion loving woman. So far, here are some pieces that absolutely blew me away…


While I am in love with these designs, I am a bit concerned that they silhouettes probably won’t suit my petite figure but I just can’t help but gush at them anyways! I am absolutely in love with the white Marilyn Monroe-esque dress and I think that all the details on the polka dot dress are absolutely amazing.

In all honesty, I feel like my first two options are a bit costume-y and I would have to keep it in my closet for a very special occasion so a nice compromise for little ol me is this straight cut baby doll dress with these amazing ruffled neckline and sleeve details. What a beauty! As

As I did more research, I found this cute video that posted which is such a nice inspiration for anyone who’s a bit hesitant to spice up their wardrobe. It’s always nice to work with some inspiration and if this isn’t it, I don’t know what else is 😛

What do you think about my cart?

Issa G.

Bridal Diaries: Our Studio Pre Nup with James Jayson Ty

It’s been a wonderful 2 weeks and a half since the wedding and now that all my family members’ have peacefully returned to their homes and Paolo & I have slowly settled into the married life (which isn’t quite different from our bf-gf life, btw), here I am getting back into the rhythm of blogging.

So let’s start with our PRE NUP!

Paolo & I had a total of 3 pre nup shoots for our wedding- the first because it was a gift from my aunt, second because I wanted my good friend to shoot us in our natural state at home (photos to follow!) and third, because we chose it to be a part of our wedding photography package.

By the third pre nup, and with this shoot being so close to the wedding, you can only imagine how little Paolo (and I) actually cared about it. But I tried my best to make the most out of it and while I’m not surprised, the photos came out great!

I’m really  happy that I chose to have a studio shoot because it really allowed James, our photographer, to focus on Paolo and I as a couple. We got to experiment with a lot of different moods, lighting and props which include our eldest son, Cody; confetti and fairy lights. You will also see by the end of this bridal series that I also opted to have most of our post nup photos back inside James’ studio because I just couldn’t be bothered with the heat and having to travel to locations.

Here are my favorite shots:










As it is in my core being to over think and over analyse everything, I also really took the time to question why Paolo & I even agreed to having a bunch of photo shoots anyways. I obviously either love, or am used to photoshoots but it’s not necessarily something Paolo would jump at the idea to so why force him into something he’s not excited about?

But a friend of mine told me that photos are a nice way to look back and things and remember the fun, silly or whatever moments that happened in between. While Paolo may not have thought this was the best experience, we definitely had fun playing with Cody, just being ourselves, it got us in the wedding-y mood and hey- I have tons of blackmail photos for him now. hihihi.

What do you think of our set? 🙂

Photography: James Jayson Ty
Venue: James Jayson Ty Studio
HMUA: Shaira Qyumbi
Grooming: No Strips Waxing Salon
Hair: Mira Beauty by Design

Issa NOW A G!

80’s Themed Party & #OOTDs with Cebu Pacific x Providore x JGC Summit Holdings Inc

I love playing dress up- the whole reason why I got into fashion blogging was because I wanted more opportunities to play dress. I don’t know if any of you feel like this but because my sense of style is so erratic, I feel like I thrive better when given a set of rules- a dress code, to be exact.

A week ago, my media friends and I got invited to a bloggers appreciation night hosted by Cebu Pacific x Providore & JGC Summit Holdings Inc. It was 80’s themed and I took the chance to strut my best stuff- a thrifted outfit that I’d been keeping in my closet for the last 6 months. I knew it would come in handy one day and that was the day!

It was a really fun night, we played a bunch of games, we ate, I won tickets to Puerto Princessa and I even matched outfits with my really good friend, Ching!

Here are more photos from that night:

Issa P.

Online Shopping with FashionMia!

The search for online shops continues! Initially I agreed to these fashion clothing posts because I wanted to provide my readers with other options as compared to the typical online retail shops but as I keep going about with these features, I am realizing how extremely dangerous they may be for my pockets!

But moving on with these features, FashionMia is another online retailer that I will be talking about in this series.

If you’re a noob with it comes to online shopping and you don’t know where to start, one of my biggest suggestions is to start with your sexy maxi dresses. Maxi dresses are usually of similar cuts and do not require exact measurements so there’s very little chances for disappointments. Also, majority of the time the tailoring is usually on the length of the straps or the hem which can be easily fixed at home rather than having to spend more elsewhere.

I’ve been checking out FashionMia’s maxi dress collection particularly as I’m feeling a little bit like I need some breeze and twirl in my outfits. So far, here are my top choices! Luckily all the items that I’ve been eyeing are on SALE!

I super love the style of this dress and the fabric is especially something that I would LOVE to have in my closet. I am def thinking about taking this out!

I wouldn’t really know where I would wear this piece but it’s definitely something I would keep in my closet for a special occasion.

I feel like this dress is a little too blocky for me, especially in terms of print so I’m a little bit on the fence with this one but I feel like it’s such a statement garment that it wouldn’t hurt to have it in safe keeping… my closet! HAHA

What do you think about my fashion choices for this entry? Would you consider shopping at FashionMia?

Let me know in the comment section below! Don’t forget to check them out and to tell your friends about it!

Issa P.


It’s The Start of a New Baginning!

Since I was already on the look out for new clothes to add to my wardrobe, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to check out some new bags. I honestly don’t buy a lot of bags to begin with and usually just wait for my mom to throw her old ones at me but this time, I was more keen on finding a tote bag with zipper. I usually carry around a large purse and I find that I would’ve wanted a deeper bag so I can stuff my envelopes and clip board inconspicuously. lol.

As I was searching, I checked mail and found Baginning which is this cute little website that sells nothing else but bags. Here’s the tote that I picked out!

While I’m not exactly looking for a small backpack, I couldn’t help but admire the ones that they’ve got. They’re so cute and trendy, I wonder if my 28 year old self can handle it! I’m seriously considering putting them in my shopping cart but since I just watched Maria Kondo’s Tidying Up, I’m gonna have to give it some more thought. HAHA!

Make sure to check out Baginning for more of their items!

Issa P.

Shooting at Sirao Peak with John Ong

SUPPERRR LATE POST but still one of my favorite shoots to date. John Ong is always such a joy to work with and I always look forward to shooting with him. I think it took me 2 years to post this because I was saving it for something special and profound but I guess I just never got around to writing something of the nature. So here you go instead- two years late but still as beautiful as ever.










P.S. I lost this dress literally right after wearing it. I want it back, it was beautiful!

Issa P.