Set Phasers To Stun


When it’s hot outside but I still want to have look chic and have a good fall back for the evening ahead, I know I can always rely on a trusty blazer. It’s not a secret, blazers are a must have in every man and woman’s closet and today I decided to take mine out for a spin.

With the insane weather, I know it sounds a bit insane to be sporting a blazer which is why I keep it off for most of the day and put it on when I’m indoors like while watching a movie which is what is on today’s agenda.

Also, I would like to thank my brother and sister for not being home today and allowing me to raid their closets because I was sick of all my clothes. You’re the real MVP’s. Don’t kill me when I get home.





Cap: Volcom| Blazer: Promod| Shirt: H&M| Shorts: Cotton On| Shoes: Sketchers


Invest in siblings. Steal all their clothes,


American Short Orders @ Luncheonette


Diners have always been iconic when it comes to American culture. By definition, diners are small roadside restaurants accompanied by long counters and booths that closely resemble a dining car on a train. I’ve never personally experience lunching at a real diner before by my Luncheonette experience was pretty close.

Known for their “short order” menu items, Luncheonette offers hungry guests a taste of their deep fried and grilled goodness that we all love (healthy or not!). 


Had brunch there with my family a couple of Sundays ago and we were impressed by the food, the staff and the overall experience. Their seating arrangement which is basically lined up stools doesn’t allow you to be as intimate as you would typically have it but it’s an experience altogether and one I definitely would not mind trying again. 

When at the luncheonette, don’t be afraid to go down and dirty with your grub. Use your hands, dig in and enjoy the greasy goodness which is what diners have always been known for. And lastly, don’t go if you’re on a diet unless its a cheat day because you will go home stuffed and hating yourself for eating more than you would have wanted. I had no regrets though.



Hand Cut Fries – P 129.00


C- BLT (smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo)- P 289.00


Big Breakfast (2 eggs, home fries, bacon, toast & bottomless coffee) – P 199.00


Texican chicken sandwich (chipotle bbq, smoken bacon, cream slaw and mayo) – P 289.00



Luncheonette is located at the ground floor of Robinsons Cybergate,Don Gil Garcia Street Capitol Site

Everything deep fried is heaven sent,


As Bright As The Sun with Let’s Stylize and Havaianas


When I’m not basking under the summer sun, you’ll be sure to find me in Let’s Stylize’s new summer collection of kimonos and cover ups. I love cover ups and I find them super handy especially when you want to walk around but you don’t want to commit to wetting your towel or your change of clothes just yet.

I have a couple of these bad boys which I will be recycling throughout the summer and if you don’t have your own, I suggest your get one before it’s too late.

I find chiffon cover ups to be my favorite so far because they are light weight and dry up easily so I don’t worry about it getting too heavy from absorbing water off from my body. Other than that, cotton cover ups and kimonos aren’t that bad either.




Cover up: Let’s Stylize| Flip flops: Havaianas




May Your Summer Be Colorful,


I am jealous of the things that I cannot change.

Old messages, birthday greetings, inside jokes, best days ever

Because I know that your love is pure- it always has been and it always be

And how am I any different from the ones that you have loved before me?


You have always been so careful, so secure

While I have always ran with my gut- my stupid, ignorant gut

And I was and always be lucky to have found you


But you, you never stumbled into me.

Or did you?


You chose me, you did it so carefully

And I don’t think that I am any different from your dead flames, forgotten crushes and old loves


Because I will never have the same impact on your life as you do to me.


I could go away and your life would have never changed.


And yet the moment you leave, my life would have never been the same.


Bikini Talk


I’ve always had a fascination for bandeau bikini tops because they look so easy to wear and they don’t leave you with a weird tan line that you have to explain again and again to your friends. Being on the petite but bustier side, finding the right bandeau top has always been quite of a challenge that I’ve had to face. Also, if you do your research, you will discover that bandeau’s aren’t made for my body type and function better on smaller chested women.

But I have learned a thing or two in my search for the perfect bandeau top and I’ve realized that the tube types that come with straps are my favorite kinds so far. With bikini tops like this, I do not have to keep pulling them up while I’m swimming and they don’t expose any boobage that I don’t want anyone to see. However, when I do plan to do more activities while in a bikini, you will definitely find me in a halter top.


  • Like any piece of clothing, swim suits are definitely one of the top things you should invest in along with your unmentionables especially because swim suits are your lingerie that everyone can see so you want to make sure that you keep what should be hidden… hidden.
  • Opt for spandex or neoprene pieces that don’t get ruined easily and are easy to maintain and make sure to run them through water after you take a dip. This prevents bleeding of any colors that might be on your bikini thus making it last a lot longer.


  • Fit your bikinis before you buy them and make sure you can move around in them with ease- try sitting, raising your arms up and probably bending over to get that good range of protection. Opt for protection first and design second. What use is a cute bikini when you’ll get covering yourself half the time?
  • Try bikinis that you can mix and match. One of the best things I’ve ever gotten were black bikini bottoms because I can pair them with anything! I’m a medium on top and a small on the bottom so this also helps me when dealing with mismatched sizes.


  • Consider your tan line.
  • Be confident in your bikini of choice. Own it, rock it. BAHALA NA ANG BILBIL!


Bikini top: Lulu Ef/ @lulu_ef Bikini bottom: Department store brand


Happy basking,


Hit or Miss @ Gold Mango Grill & Restaurant


My curiosity in Gold Mango sparked when a friend of ours mentioned on a car ride to Mactan that it was always full and required reservations in order to be accommodated.  He shared his experience of purposely heading to Mactan on two occasions to sample the dishes at Gold Mango to no avail. I had only heard of Gold Mango that morning while we were headed to go diving/ boating and I honestly knew nothing about the food or the prices except that it was a Korean restaurant but a little voice in me told me that I had to try it. And so I did.

We made early reservations that afternoon and arrived at around 6 pm. I appreciated how the restaurant remained spic and span throughout our meal despite having quite a lot of guests come in. Interior wise,  Gold Mango is decorated with beautiful interiors so you probably wouldn’t want to go there with wet hair and in bikinis. There is also a parking area in the front which could be filled up pretty fast so it’s best to go early if you decide to come.


Truthfully, I was a bit scared going into Gold Mango because of what I had heard about it from the morning of- you had to make reservations in order to get in, it was always packed and it was Korean. Things like that intimidate me and I was scared that I couldn’t afford anything on the menu or that everything would be spicy. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that most of the items on the menu were pretty within my normal spending ranges of a little over 300 and below (except for certain dishes).

But that wasn’t the biggest shocker. What surprised me the most was to find out that it was a Korean owned Filipino restaurant and most of the items on the menu were Filipino and Italian dishes!


Crispy Sisig – P 195.00



Coconut Fried Shrimp – P 350.00


Sizzling Spicy Gambas – P 245.00


Caesar Salad – P 220.00


Gorgonzola Cheese Pizza – P 395.00


Baked Scallops – P 195.00

I have entitled this post Hit or Miss because although we did enjoy some of the dishes there such as the crispy sisig (which was spicy enough for me to tolerate), the blue crab rose pasta and the fried coconut shrimp, I would still prefer more traditional Filipino restaurants when it comes to the other dishes. Their interesting take on the scallops which used Mozzarella cheese instead of the typical cheddar cheese was definitely interesting but truth be told, it did not quite hit the spot for me. Same goes for their Caesar salad but their greens were so pretty, I wished that I loved it.

Their reasonable prices, interesting menu items and kept ambiance are definitely worth going back to. Plus, it’s a nice place to go to when in Mactan and you won’t come out smelling like you’ve been grilled. I am still a bit on the fence when it comes to their food though but I didn’t hate it so that’s still something.

Gold Mango is located at Maribago Lapu-lapu city, M.L. Quezon National Highway, Lapu-Lapu City, 6015 Cebu

Their opening hours are from 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

For reservations contact: 0915 330 8432

Follow them on Facebook for more updates!

This post made me crave for scallops,


[VLOG] Get Ready With Me!

Make up has been a part of my life ever since I stepped in college. Other than a requirement, it later on became something that I enjoyed doing and experimenting with.

I try to change my make up routine every once in a while in regards to the weather or the occasion but most of the time, I stick to this routine while experimenting with different products as well.

I hope you enjoy getting ready with me today and I hope to hear more of your comments and suggestions!

Enjoy your Holy Week,


p.s. my voice is kinda funky in this video because I was sick. lol.

Para-what? Paramore!

To all the boys I dedicated this song to and to the many hearts I used to have. harhar.

Now I really only have 1 heart and yey for not being 18 and naive anymore.

I’m over my 1 night egg induced quarter life crisis.

We can now resume to semi normal functioning, thankyouverymuch!

Low Standards and Weird Dreams

I just woke up from the gnarliest dream and of course, I’m going to write it down here.

I was to be wed and instead of a ring, I got a watch and a pug. I suddenly found myself pregnant and yet I was involving myself in “blind” art shows and fancy events that required me jumping over things in heels. Next thing I know, I was secretly buying a bride DIY notebook because pregnant me wanted to DIY it and I was scared to tell people I was getting hitched.

In between all of this chaos, I also recall a colorful parrot and bits and pieces of Tarzan and the jungle in my dream. Maybe I became Jane? Maybe we were friends? Maybe I was to be wed to a monkey? I can’t remember anymore….

Why am I such a weird person?