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Diners have always been iconic when it comes to American culture. By definition, diners are small roadside restaurants accompanied by long counters and booths that closely resemble a dining car on a train. I’ve never personally experience lunching at a real diner before by my Luncheonette experience was pretty close.

Known for their “short order” menu items, Luncheonette offers hungry guests a taste of their deep fried and grilled goodness that we all love (healthy or not!). 


Had brunch there with my family a couple of Sundays ago and we were impressed by the food, the staff and the overall experience. Their seating arrangement which is basically lined up stools doesn’t allow you to be as intimate as you would typically have it but it’s an experience altogether and one I definitely would not mind trying again. 

When at the luncheonette, don’t be afraid to go down and dirty with your grub. Use your hands, dig in and enjoy the greasy goodness which is what diners have always been known for. And lastly, don’t go if you’re on a diet unless its a cheat day because you will go home stuffed and hating yourself for eating more than you would have wanted. I had no regrets though.



Hand Cut Fries – P 129.00


C- BLT (smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo)- P 289.00


Big Breakfast (2 eggs, home fries, bacon, toast & bottomless coffee) – P 199.00


Texican chicken sandwich (chipotle bbq, smoken bacon, cream slaw and mayo) – P 289.00



Luncheonette is located at the ground floor of Robinsons Cybergate,Don Gil Garcia Street Capitol Site

Everything deep fried is heaven sent,


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