Daydreaming, Daydreaming All The Time



I’ve got so many things on my mind lately and it’s been driving me a bit over the edge but seeing pretty photos like this give me the bit of ease that I need when I feel like I can’t quite get anything right.

I’ve been realizing a lot of things lately particularly when it comes to life and it’s pacing- sometimes life can move so slow to the point of wanting to die from boredom and when things suddenly switch to the fast lane, I find myself having a hard time catching up. I know this sounds a bit crazy and awkward to talk about on a fashion blog but I think we’ve all come to a certain level of understanding that this is not your normal fashion blog. But going back to the topic, that’s pretty much how life has been for me lately… a lot of high speed car chases/ Driving Miss Daisy’s and occasionally an ugly car crash every now and then.

I entitled this blog entry “Daydreaming” after my favorite teenage angst band Paramore, mostly because when I find myself in an ugly situation, I like to daydream and think about the life that I really want and then it becomes easier for me to plan how to get there. Lately my dreams have mostly been of me with my family, traveling and being complete again (they all ditched me to be in the States, if you’re wondering) and keeping a healthy relationship with my boyfriend. In between that, there are also lots of images of shoes; clothes and an awesome bikini body. haha.

What are your daydreams about?








Bowler hat: H&M| Denim dress: Let’s Stylize| Sandals: Happy Heel

Photography by: Jing Pascual

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Aliens Of New York

My AONY life interest piece would probably go something like this:

“I’m slowly re-realizing that love is never really enough. It doesn’t matter how much you love someone, if you don’t have the right ingredients to make it work then it most probably isn’t. I am also remembering that you can love a person all the time, but never always be in love and mostly that someone will always love someone more in the relationship. I don’t know if I’m grateful that I am remembering all these things from my past relationships while I’m still in one or if I should be scared because it might be a sign that it might be ending but either way, this makes me very very sad. I thought I was a pretty put together and strong person but apparently, I am not.”



e·late /iˈlāt/ make (someone) ecstatically happy.

When I was a little girl and grown ups would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would always tell them that I wanted to be happy. Typical I know, but this little girl eventually grew up learning that being happy or in this case, elated, is equivalent to a lot of things. Nowadays, my personal equivalent to feeling elated is a good days work, spending time with my boyfriend and family and beautiful pieces of clothing that speaks for itself like what Elated Industries has to offer.

Best known for their limited interchangeable pocket tee shirts and other great products such as polo’s and head gear, Elated Industries has definitely raised the bar when it comes to comfort dressing for men and women alike.





With their pop-up store currently open until May 15, 2015 at the 2nd floor or the Ayala Center Cebu New Wing (across F&F), there is more reason for you to jump for joy. You can now check out your favorite products, get a feel of their fabric and try on your products of choice from their website

So make sure to drop by their physical outlet or check out their awesome products online:

official website


** Photos grabbed from Elated official pages



Summers With Guess x Spectrum


The summer just got a little hotter with Guess’ brand new Summer collection which was recently released here in Cebu. With the season usually associated with bright colors and anything + everything island-y, Guess’ color summer line which consists of different pastel hues and a little bit of blacks and denims for that edgy vibe, is as always spot on.

Aside from the awesome collection, their Summer Kickoff party surely did not disappoint. Accompanied by live music from Spectrum, summery drinks and even better company; my Friday night was filled with everything that makes summer my favorite season ever!














There’s definitely something for everyone at Guess whether you’re looking for something to beat the heat in or if you’re looking for something fun and flirty on a night out or even just something to chill in. Make sure to check out Guess at the ground floor of the Ayala Center Cebu.


with lifeonaflavoredrunway, Jean Yu. :*



Like Mike




Happy Productive Monday, everyone! I’ve only been through half the day but I feel like I’ve done a weeks worth of work already!

When dealing with manic Mondays like this, I like to make sure that I’m comfortable while running around the city making deliveries and having meetings in between. Since I acquired these hand me down shoes from my not-so-baby brother, life got so much easier. And fashionable!

One sure way to make any article of clothing stand out is by sticking to a monotone outfit, allowing your highlighted piece to stick out. I’m not even going to state the obvious anymore…








“Mondays, you suck!” (jk. I actually like Mondays)

Top: Forever21| Shoes: Nike

Dedicating this post to my Papa and brother who are both in the States probably playing basketball and are plotting to catch a GSW game without me and of course, to my Meow for always interrupting my shoots. Now, you are finally in one. <3

Photography: Jing Pascual



Natori Is Now In Cebu


Luxury department store, Rustan’s, recently reopened its doors to welcome loyal customers here in Cebu to a bigger new space located at Ayala Center. After decades of bringing only the finest brands from all over the world to the Filipino market, Rustan’s continues to astound and impress the country’s most discerning shoppers with a fresh lineup of the best collections under one roof.

This season, Rustan’s is proud to present yet another aspirational brand to grace the shores of Cebu, N Natori. Guided by Josie Natori’s legendary East/West aesthetic, N Natori infuses sophistication into feminine, utterly wearable fashion that celebrates all sizes, and that are accessible and relevant to modern women everywhere.






The softer, more relaxing side of island life is expressed in the N Natori SS15 collection. Muted colors, sheer cottons, and new silhouettes create an uplifted spirit for N Natori. Signature caftans and staple separates in classic Natori fabrics reflect the islands’ mellow nature and create a look of simple sophistication. The collection’s ease and comfort transform any day into an island vacation.

Witness the exquisite collection of N Natori and give your time for lounging and relaxing a gorgeous new wardrobe.

N Natori is exclusively available at Rustan’s Cebu and Gateway. Josie, Josie Natori and Natori are available at Rustan’s Makati and Shangri-la.






I’ve Got All This Going On

2015-04-03 03.02.48 2

2015-04-03 03.01.29 2


Fashion and fashion blogging changes you. I never thought I’d be the type of girl to don a full printed one piece with pastel colors and zebra stripes but now that I finally have, I keep asking myself why I never did it to begin with!

I know by now you all probably know my undying love for rompers like this and  Let’s Stylize really up-ed their game with their bright prints and body pleasing patterns.

I’m always going to be beach, mountain or city ready in this piece.

2015-04-03 03.02.17 2

2015-04-03 03.00.57 2

2015-04-03 03.02.01 2

2015-04-03 03.01.50 2

Shades: Forever21| Romper: Let’s Stylize