Sock Game: On with Go Rage (+ Giveaway)

Happy weekend everyone! Posting the outfit shots I wore during the Cebu In The Bag event I participated in a couple of weeks ago.

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To be honest, I was really nervous during the days leading up to the biggest event I have ever participated in as a blogger. I was very concerned as to how I would present myself to my readers (that’s you guys- hiiii!) while being comfortable enough selling my items while at least trying to be “weather appropriate”. The bi-polar season has finally begun!

Since it was a 3 day event, I decided to be as versatile as I can in a span of a few days. And since the party kicked off on a Friday Flyday, I chose to show off a more playful and not to mention, colorful side of me (that is rarely caught on cam)!

Halter top: Forever21| Shorts: Department Store find| Sneakers: Converse

One particular item of clothing that was quite hard for me to incorporate (but was totally worth it!) were my Go Rage socks that I snagged at the #HyperCebu event.

More and more often, I am finding myself surrounded with men of all ages sporting uniquely printed and colored socks. And although it is a trend that is becoming more popular among guys, I felt like I had to give a woman’s’ take on it and at least give it a try! Luckily, Go Rage has a wide, unique and playful variety of tie dyed socks that any gender can easily fall in love with- my weapon of choice? Piña Colada.

Now for the part that you’ve all been waiting for! I’ll be giving away a pair of socks of your choice from the Go Rage collection and all you have to do is:

1. Like/ Follow:

Issaplease Facebook page

Go Rage Facebook page

@issaplease on Instagram

@goragesocks on Instagram

2. Leave a comment below:


Facebook url:

Instagram account:

How you would wear your Go Rage socks:

Winners will be chosen next week, July 5 (Saturday)

Rage on,


I saw your pictures today and it made me feel so sad. I had to sit in my tiny corner of the room and try to pull myself together because the sight of you weakened me.

I was sad because it made me realize the things that I regret doing. I regret not being a better friend and for not being there when you needed to know who your true friends were. I regret putting my feelings first and thinking how awkward it was for me and how I kept saying “me” when I should’ve been thinking of you.

I am sorry and i will always be sorry and hopefully one day my sorries will be strong enough to lift you up and make things a little bit better.

Get well, Pao abd happy birthday!

People I Love: Cebu Fashion Bloggers

This photo was taken about 2 months ago before we bid adieu to our favorite Chic In The Tropics, Eden.

I’ve been publicly blogging about fashion for about 3- 4 years now and these people have been there through every URL name, event, hiatus and feature that I’ve encountered along the way.

You’d be surprised how important it is to have a strong support system not only when it comes to blogging but in life as well. I always tell people that it’s crucial to be surrounded by people who understand you and your goals, who support you (even if you’re not always on the same page. As long as your goals are rational) and who you feel brings out the best in you. We are all surrounded by toxic people who want nothing more in life but to see us fail but like the saying goes, if someone is trying to bring you down- they are already below you.

The people in this photo are only a quarter of us who compromise our CFB family. We are all busy living our own lives with most of us trying to make our marks in the world whether it be through our love for fashion or with our opinions and daily thought musings. But busy or not, these people would easily stop what they’re doing to take a quick outfit shot while sharing a lot of laughs in between! 🙂

From left to right:

Rabsin of

Yves of

Eden of

Marco of

Toni of www,

Gizelle of

Love you all, no matter where God places us! :*



Prim But Not So Proper

Adding some drama to a work filled weekday with some overly saturated pictures and fierce poses!

Hope you like them!

A bit sentimental over this outfit post since it’s the last shots I have by my Yaya, Chris. Now our new maid takes my outfit shots or I pay my little brother P20.00 when he’s around. #toomanybloggerproblems haha

On a more fashionable note: YES! to spikes to make any outfit stand out. And a bigger YES! to structured skirts to add more shape and dimensions to a plain pencil skirt.

Have a good rest of the week, loves!



Stripes and Bright Lights

There will always be that one outfit that you don’t mind wearing over and over again despite the “3 month rule”. (You know, that rule where you can’t wear the exact same outfit in a span of 3 months…) This is mine.

I have recently come to discover that I am most comfortable in shorts and loafers mostly because I feel young and stylish while still being able to maintain a certain level of maturity, as well.  Plus, when paired off with a striped top and a bright accessory, it instantly screams Taylor Swift– and I am totally OK with that!

I find myself sporting this look to coffee dates with friends or for a long day of window shopping with my sister or mom or any occasion that  requires long hours of standing or walking around. These loafers are so comfortable and the fact that it’s an ageless piece is just the cherry on top of my low sugar ice cream. haha!

 What’s your favorite outfit?

Top: Regatta

Shorts: Department Store brand

Loafers: Carcar



Geometry Rules!


If you must know, I absolutely suck at math. I can’t calculate to save my life and fractions scare the living day lights out of me.

But if there’s one branch of mathematics I can at least try to give justice to, it’s Geometry. No, not on the pen and paper type (I also suck at that)… but with shapes on my clothes!

I don’t mean to love thy own but I really enjoyed how I mixed different types of shapes in one look. Sometimes I surprise myself.HAHA




The first time I wore this top was a year ago when I was still working in Accenture. I never had a problem wearing it then because I could cover myself in a jacket and not have to worry about showing off my bra straps or my bandeau. However this time around, I wanted to be a little bit more adventurous and show off some skin. My 2 friends that helped me pull of this look? Nipple patches.

I’ll be honest, I’m not jumping up and down thinking about them but they actually do wonders and they make outfits look a lot more put together. I’m not one to bash because I’ve had my fair share of inappropriate bra strap showing  but if you haven’t invested in your own pair, I think it’s about time.



What else can I say? It’s still hot in Cebu so my backwards cap is totes appropes and… I have a new maid/ photographer since my assistant STILL refuses to do my outfit shots. “For office work only” psssh.

Leather cap: Gaisano Tabunok

Top: Mango

Origami skirt: Online find



P.S. The search for the ultimate MEG lady is ON! Are you bright, confident and full of personality? Then head down to SM Cebu this Saturday for the live auditions!

Open to Filipina women ages 18- 25! Log unto for more details

[Photodiary] #CebuInTheBag Days 2 & 3

Happy Monday everyone!

I wasn’t able to update everyone on Saturday and Sunday… I hope that doesn’t make me a bad blogger!

First of all, before I entertain you with a visual fiesta of what went on during days 2 and 3 of Cebu In The Bag, I want to give a biiig thank you to those who went all the way to The Outlets at Pueblo Verde to support the local fashion bloggers and the Manila bloggers as well. I started this blog out of my frustrations in college and it’s been about 3 years since then and I can’t believe that I am able to do things such as a meet and greet! The best part about all of this is really getting to meet you guys at last!!

So here are some of my photos and photos that I was able to pick up off social media accounts. Will update when I have more!


With Gizelle and Rabsin my CFB loves!

With the two balls of energy from Everything Bacon

With Lissa Kahayon

David Guison

My picture with Kryzz is somewhere on the internet. I still have to find it. lol

Camille Co

Day 3

Didn’t get to take that many pictures during the last day because I was busy getting my shopping on and talking to the other vendors and bloggers. But don’t worry! I’ll be posting my outfit photos this week and I’ll go more in depth about my experience. 🙂 I just needed a proper entry to photo dump hence this post!

I’m blogging in between work and if my mom finds out, I’m dead meat. So bye… for now!

Love you all,

Issa <3

[Photo Diary] #CebuInTheBag Day 1

Hi Everyone! I just got home from Day 1 out of 3 of the Cebu In The Bag: Celebrity + Blogger Food and Fashion Bazaar at The Outlets in Pueblo Verde in Mactan.

It was a very productive first day and I’m happy to say that a lot of my items were sold and I can’t wait for tomorrow to meet more of you guys and also to invite more people to check out the blog! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a lot of pictures of my customers/ readers because

1. I was too shy to ask for pictures

2. I was busy eating and

3. I was pre-occupied with the loom bands I was playing with.

BUT here are a few of the pictures I did manage to take and a little more information if you’re hoping to visit us tomorrow!

Azul’s Tuslob Buwa @ P99.00/ set + Puso @ P 3.00

Everything Bacon Quesadilla @ P85.00

How to get there”



[Today: Azul’s, Team Brownie, Everything Bacon]

[Tomorrow: Jafar’s, Bad Boy Wingz, Sir Chief’s Corner]

Celebrity/ Local Fashion Bloggers:

More pictures tomorrow, I promise!! <3



Something Blue & Something Borrowed

Happy Independence day, loves!

I just came back from doing a radio hop for Cebu In The Bag which is TOMORROW (@The Outlets at Pueblo Verde, 4:00- 10:00 pm) which was very exciting!!

I’m getting ready to go out and do some last minute shopping for the 3 day event but before I do, I thought I’d make a quick blog post of what I wore last week.

I am soo in love with this Mango top that “Santa Claus” gave me for Christmas last year. As much as I’d give anything for a cheap buy, I have to admit that investing on pricier basic pieces is always a good idea. I’ve had this top for about 6 months and I’ve probably worn it more than any of my other tops. It’s so comfortable, versatile and classy- I love it!

Other basic pieces I think one should really invest on:

1. A white button down shirt

2. Tank tops that can be used as inner pieces

3. Bras

4. A nice, sturdy bag

Structured skirt: Gillian Uang #HyperCebu find

Clutch: Coach

Thanks Jean for this cute illustration. For anyone who wants their looks done, feel free to contact her! 🙂



Summer Photo Diary: Kalanggaman Island

Good bye, Summer 2014!

Oh, late night pillow talks with friends and siblings; short shorts; the smell of the beach- you will be missed.

But on the bright side, I can wear boots now so it’s not that bad! 🙂

I remember telling everyone that I wasn’t really looking forward to this summer since it’s our peak season at work and I’ve been getting sick cuz of the weather. Fortunately, I was able to catch a break after all and I was able to get some rest and relaxation with my boyfriend and his family.

Our destination: Kalanggaman Island, Palompon, Leyte.

Enjoy the pictures! <3

Top: (used as cover up) Forever21 overrun from Gaisano Carcar

Princessin’ since 2011

To a million summers with you, my love.

How was your summer?