Vlog: Partying at Plus 63 with Steve Angello


Had an awesome Sinulog weekend even if I skipped out on the festivities on the day itself.

If it were up to me, I would have partied on Sunday as well but then again doing the groceries was so much more fun. I am not even kidding!

Here’s a short vlog of my Plus 63 experience and the awesomeness that is Steve Angello.



Sunday’s Best


Sundays are known as the ultimate rest day when nobody feels like dressing up or… getting out of bed in general. So this Sunday look that I put together is something that is easy to put on, move around in and get everything done for the week up ahead.  Plus, it’s a good cover up if you’re nursing a hang over from the weekend but don’t want the world to know your sins. LOL.

Every lady needs a good girl look. For me, this is it.





Button up polo: Uniqlo| Sweater: H&M| Denim jeans: Guess| Bag: Zalora (HDY)| Sneakers: Adidas Superstars

Enjoy your week,


Elated Industries Has A New Home!



Elated industries has found a new home!

Now located at the ground floor of the new wing of Ayala Center Cebu (beside BPI machines), Elated Industries now has a more permanent residence for everyone who loves their classic designs and unique pieces that tell their own stories.

From polos, graphic tees, custom made pants, accessories and our favorite- their pocket tees, Elated Industries is stocked up with all your favorite pieces and brand new ones for you to fill your closet space with. So make sure to drop by and share the love!





For updates, follow them on Facebook

or check out their official website




I want a new camera or a new lens. I also want a GoPro.

Also, I am pretty sure that this is going to bother me for another 4-5 months until I finally make a decision and buy something.

I also still need a laptop.



VLOG: My First Runway feat. Islands Souvenirs Cut & Style

Last December I was asked to be one of the ambassadors for the upcoming Islands Souvenirs Cut & Style campaign. As one of the ambassadors, not only did I get to join a photo shoot, I was also asked to walk to runway with other local personalities during their annual fashion show.

Being my first time to walk to runway, I made sure to capture every moment I could on video for you because some things are just better to look at moving!

Thanks to everyone who dropped by and shared the love,


Roof Top Gardens and City Views @ Cafe Terraza, Car Car


Now that Sinulog is over, it might be a good idea to take a break from the heavy partying and the wild traffic from the city and head down South to this beautiful rooftop garden cafe located in the heart of Car- Car city.

I’ve always loved the South because of its beautiful beaches and scenery but we’ve always have a hard time finding somewhere to rest our tired feet and enjoy a good cooked meal. At Cafe Terraza, not only do they offer delicious food but they also serve coffee, blended drinks and desserts.



Located at the 3rd floor of the RRG Building, on top of 711 & Mang Tinapay, you will find this quaint little hide out that has easily become a favorite hang out and date spot for the local Carcaranions. With their freshly blended drinks and food, you’d be surprised at how little you have to spend for such an amazing view and experience.  It is especially beautiful at night time!

Cafe Terraza is a project of love by one of the most important people in my life, my boyfriend! Being Car- Car based for the past 2 years, he wanted to give the city and the locals a place that they can enjoy and what better way to do that than through coffee?

Cafe Terraza proudly uses the finest brands available in Cebu from the coffee beans, to the syrups and the ingredients used to create each hearty plate served to every customer. I spent an afternoon here one November day and here are my unbiased thoughts about my experience:

DSCF5974 Everything on the menu is less than P120.00 (including meals)DSCF5960

Cafe Latte @ P 60.00

DSCF5643 Strawberry Kiwi Frost @ P 105.00 Other drinks include: Green Apple, Kiwi, Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Banana, Peach, Red Berry & Raspberry @ P 100.00DSCF5955

Beef spaghetti @ P 120.00

Other pastas include: Carbonara, Tuna Arabiata, Chicken Arabiata @ P 120.00

DSCF5947 All Day Breakfast Longanisa & Eggs @ 100.00 Other breakfast includes: Bacon & eggs, spam & eggs, ham & eggs, pork tocino & eggs, corned beef & eggs @ P 100.00 DSCF5964

Warm cookie/ brownie cup @ P 50.00

Also try their sandwiches at P 70.00 & P 80.00

I really did enjoy all the food that I was able to sample during my short trip to Cafe Terraza. The food was freshly made, nothing from the microwave (except the warm brownie cups) and the servings were very generous. My favorite drink so far has got to be the smoothies while I did enjoy the pasta!

Please do drop by and share some love! Cafe Terraza is open from 6:00 am – 2:00 am everyday!

See you there,


VLOG: Cut & Style This Sinulog with Island Souvenirs!

Pit Senyor, mga Higala!

Get your festival fever on by dropping by the closest Island Souvenirs outlet near you and enjoy all their Sinulog merchandise like T- shirts, hair chalk, head dresses, colored powder and other awesome merchandise!


Also, catch us at the annual Sinulog Cut & Style Fashion show this January 15 (Friday) at 5:00 pm onwards at the SM Northwing!

 To find out more about the event and their products, make sure to follow them on Facebook and to check out their videos, too!
See you there!

Sets: Of Clothes And Friends

2016-01-03 11.44.21 1


We are constantly being surrounded by different kinds of people whether we want to or not. Sometimes we’ll enjoy their company while on some occasions, it’s a matter putting up with them cause of work, necessity or other reasons I can’t think of right now.

Honestly, last year I spent so much trying to make new friends that I forgot about the one’s I’ve already had and how awesome they already were. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to meet new people but I realized in the process that nobody would understand and put up with me the way the friends I had grown up with would. Maybe because I’m a difficult human being to deal with or that nobody can actually can replace these awesome people in my life. For whatever reasons, I am always grateful that life is the way it is.

So I’m writing my high hopes this year hoping that they become a reality: may 2016 be filled with great sets of friends and of course, clothes like this set from Let’s Stylize!

2016-01-03 11.44.23 1

2016-01-03 11.44.25 1

2016-01-03 08.45.25 2

To friends!



Zee Lifestyle’s Directory 2016

2015-12 DIR Final-1



Starting the year on a high note with this magazine feature on Zee Lifestyle for its Cebu directory. As Cebuano’s, we all know that the Christmas season is never over until after Sinulog so as ANOTHER Christmas gift to us, Zee Lifestyle has come up with the ultimate guide to the best places to dine, shop and party!

Also, my friend Rachel of Post Card Pretty and his gorgeous son, Caleb, are on the cover of this issue which is another good reason to go out and buy it! 🙂

Sharing a few shots from the photographer and my behind the scenes shots for you all to enjoy:

Issa Perez  (2)

Issa Perez  (3)

Sinulog t-shirt: Kulas| Pompom shorts: Rustans|  Photography: @madworldph

Locale: Golden Cowrie



Happy Sinulog,