Sets: Of Clothes And Friends

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We are constantly being surrounded by different kinds of people whether we want to or not. Sometimes we’ll enjoy their company while on some occasions, it’s a matter putting up with them cause of work, necessity or other reasons I can’t think of right now.

Honestly, last year I spent so much trying to make new friends that I forgot about the one’s I’ve already had and how awesome they already were. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to meet new people but I realized in the process that nobody would understand and put up with me the way the friends I had grown up with would. Maybe because I’m a difficult human being to deal with or that nobody can actually can replace these awesome people in my life. For whatever reasons, I am always grateful that life is the way it is.

So I’m writing my high hopes this year hoping that they become a reality: may 2016 be filled with great sets of friends and of course, clothes like this set from Let’s Stylize!

2016-01-03 11.44.23 1

2016-01-03 11.44.25 1

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To friends!



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