history is not for me

yeah, today. i think i’ll live not remembering it.lmao. except for some part, of course.

so skip skip all the unnecessary, i’ll forget about it,i know stuff. let’s get to the good.

i went to the mall and saw my stc friends. <3 i am whole again.

i ate candy. [even if i’m off limits to it.]

i went on a food trip with with mommy <3 [tacos. mcjoy]

james came over. <3

and i spent some good quality time with papa.

i love too many people today. it’s crazy.

well, i feel like going emo right now but like, i unno. i’m not into it. i don’t wanna be emo. i think  the world’s too beautiful for that.

but then again, i don’t wanna be a hippie chick.

oh pish posh. i don’t care

no kids for me, please

“look here! look here!”

“look at me!”
“can you do this? that?

argh, seriously. why do kids have to be so.. innocent? lmao. i don’t know what i’m saying really but ok.

well, people were getting drunk yesterday but i couldn’t drink that much because i’d end up getting dizy and tha’s not fun. i’m sick. someone heal me =))

anyways, we’re going out today

drunk in love

so, the field trip wasn’t bad at all. except maybe for the fact that i didn’t bring lunch or that i cut my foot which isn’t pretty. lmao.

i still love the fact that mommy went cuz it was fun. yeah, talking about random people in front of their faces is cool. and not only that, it’s in our genes. lmao.

ohh. i’m feeling dizzy again. damn this.

well, pictures on multiply.


it’s been too long <3

hey, kevin’s backin cebu! so that’s what  he meant b y messages. wtf. stupid stupid me. lmao.
well anyways, welcome back, kev. 🙂

school’s been hell again. i’ve been having those oh so common migranes in class again. [i have them again right now] and well, they ain’t pretty. i got a decent grade in my filipino project. i’m proud to tell the world that. *bow*

this friday we have a field trip to Consulacion to plant mangroves. how exciting. well, i’m not really up to it. first of all cuz i don’t think my body is capable of going and second cuz, well, i don’t like the thought of being packed in a bus again. but last time wasn’t soo bad. but i won’t keep my hopes up. lmao. i already told teacher jo that i wasn’t into the field trip, that i don’t think i was physically capable of going but does the bitch listen to me? NOOO.

but at least he’s letting me bring mommy along. that should help. i hate you, jojo.

well, i’m done. bye

i miss you

i’ve been to busy to update. yeah, i live a busy life.

caught up with school work and chores at home since xiang decided to leave us and work for her uncle. greener pasture, i get that.

but yeah, xiang leaving almost jepardized my plans to go to stc’s intramurals which i vowed to go to every year since the day i decided to leave. i don’t know why i did that. 🙁

but yeah. i made it. end of story.

i spent the whole morning in the clinic today. thank god for that. at least i got to miss or chem. quiz that i didn’t even bother to study for. lmao. what the big deal? i’ll pass junior year anyways. haha. hala, ka bati. i’ve lost the drive to excel in school. three cheers for me.

periodicals are coming up. i’m swamped with projects but i’ll get buy. i need to start selling candy again. i need the money. lmao.

and for everyone’s pleasure, here’s the story of how i got my big black bruise on my face…

once upon a time, in a land not to far away,
issa,the pink paper clip princess was obviously having too much fun
that she didn’t care about the world. all that she cared about was that she was home
and there wasn’t any other place in the world that she’d rather be then there.
then, “BANG” she suddenly felt a gush of pain run through her face
[nah, it didn’t hurt that much. my tummy hurted more from laughing]
she then realized that from her happiness, she hit her face on a water barrel

and her face will never look the same again.
but it’s ok. life’s more than that. 🙂

one of the best weekends.


angie was supposed to come. but she decided to break my heart. it’s ok, i love you too much to hold grudges anyways. you have a way with me, darling love. haha.

tomorrow is stc’s intramurals. and once again i’m displaying my loyalty by dropping everything i have to do to support my best best best best friends in the world. hey, i’d do it everyday if i could. i hate mmch. keep that in mind.

school was ok, i guess. i mean, it’s not like we did anything anyways. i mean, it’s the second quarter, seriously. it’s not like people there care. once we pass the second quarter, no one cares or tries anymore. except for some people. like,3 maybe. lmao.

anyways, yeah, i gtg.

i might wake up later to rant. i love this life.<3

soo emo

i haven’t made an update in such a loong time and yes, it’s making me feel bad. not because i can’t keep certain people updated but because, i think i’ve been shutting myself out from my emotions waay too much lately. but i figured, hey, if it keeps me sane for a little while, i’ll keep doing that. well, at least until i faint from an anxiety attack like last year. i dare to push the limits with myself. i want to see how far i can go without having a nervous breakdown this year. i can’t wait too long.

issaplease.mutiply.com <- keep yourselves updates, will you? lol.

school’s been hectic. i hate teacher jo now and what else? yeah, i’m drowning in projects. mine and other people in my batch’s projects. which reminds me, i need to borrow flip books from people. help?

intrams are finally coming [stc’s, that is] and i’m hyped for that. i always have been. i miss it there so much. i miss my friends. i’m waiting for thursday.

well, i’ll update more. i swear

&& i’m done waiting

when i asked you if you thought i was worth it, i kinda meant, if i was worth the jump. but i guess we’re all just a little too scared. it’s crazy. you don’t love me afterall. so neither do i. </3

and that’s it. i’m done with boys.

field trip:

ok, i know i was being such a brat about the whole situation but somehow, teacher jojo made me shuttup 🙂 he put me beside Yosiyuki Takahashi aka King which wasn’t hell for me. i love teacher jo. lol.

and the trip was boring. and when we got there there really wasnt anything to do really so i guess i was right about the trip all along. lol. but enzo made me laugh my balls off. if i had any, o fcourse. so that was kinda worth it and i took good pictures of that day pud so,  yeah. i’m sorry for throwing my PMS’s at you people. haha


i went to alta vista with chab and nikki cuz we thought they had a match but then turns out doubles competitions are still tomorrow. so, i won’t be able to watch that. sayang.

paolo left today. 🙁

i missed thomas’s party. i’m sorry. so sorry.

but i played tennis with tita marvi and lost. lol.

i’m kinda, lost for words.


do you even remember my name?

god, i wonder where that boy is and if he still remembers that i’m alive or that i’m living on my last few breaths just to hear him finally say that he doesn’t love me.

yeah, cuz that’s all i really need right now. THAT.

my day wasn’t that bad. i got to sleep on the bus and i had a very good conversation with sam and anne. thank you for keeping me sane for at least an hour and how many minutes. the best sanity i’ve experienced in such a long time. i love you girls for today <3

ok, so tomorrow the field trip to never never land. whoop-dee-doo. worst news is that we get paired up with sophies. great. cuz the last thing i need is to be stuck in the middle of two sophomores, not even beside the window. sheesh. in the middle row with gah. i won’t even think about it.

i’m bringing back up. my mobile. chips. my notebook. a jacket. a cap. shades. ipod. camera and a pillow. these are the essentials for tomorrow, folks. i’m not going without em. :p

so yeah, updates tomorrow. pray for me