&& i’m done waiting

when i asked you if you thought i was worth it, i kinda meant, if i was worth the jump. but i guess we’re all just a little too scared. it’s crazy. you don’t love me afterall. so neither do i. </3

and that’s it. i’m done with boys.

field trip:

ok, i know i was being such a brat about the whole situation but somehow, teacher jojo made me shuttup 🙂 he put me beside Yosiyuki Takahashi aka King which wasn’t hell for me. i love teacher jo. lol.

and the trip was boring. and when we got there there really wasnt anything to do really so i guess i was right about the trip all along. lol. but enzo made me laugh my balls off. if i had any, o fcourse. so that was kinda worth it and i took good pictures of that day pud so,  yeah. i’m sorry for throwing my PMS’s at you people. haha


i went to alta vista with chab and nikki cuz we thought they had a match but then turns out doubles competitions are still tomorrow. so, i won’t be able to watch that. sayang.

paolo left today. 🙁

i missed thomas’s party. i’m sorry. so sorry.

but i played tennis with tita marvi and lost. lol.

i’m kinda, lost for words.


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