i just want to be everything, is that soo bad?

well, nothing’s been going on lately. i’ve been on the computer or in be watching t.v. and i guess it’s ok. i’m trying to grow 5 inches, this should work. lol. this cherrifer thing better kick into action pretty soon. lol

anyways, tomorrow is halloween and i love it. lol. i wanna dress up soo bad. i’ll proli wear my dress and buy wings and shit
excited!!! 😀

i’m serious about being a fairy. yey

i guess if i keep telling myself how awesome this life is,
it realy will turn out to be.
i love it like this…

he loves me not

please do not go emo right nw. not rightnow whe everything is flying around you. be patient and wait for it to fall where it’s supposed to. it’s halloween tomorrow. you’ll find your place.

how come i never really give my parents anything to worry about? it sucks. lol. my life is soo uncomplicated, it kinda sucks. lol

anyways, update on my birth day. it was good. it was really good, actually. lol. i mean, the feista sucked but then again, when doesn’t it? lol

our band got in sacred hearts concert and the critics said that it was good so, i’m hoping that it really was good. lol.

1st day of sembreak and i’ve been home and it sucks. it’s halloween tomorrow and i desperately need to buy a costume. god.


sweet 16 <3

hey, angie’s here right now. i’ve decided to blog despite her presence because i’m 16 and i can do a lot more things now such as… lol. :]

anyways, we came from the party and it was madd! like, omg. despite the fact that everyone from school was bitching at me, they decided to show up. op or not, they we’re there watching the girls wildin out and getting wasted. lol. the best part of it all was my best friends went and i couldn’t ask for anything more. lol. and yeah, i got gifts too.

early bird: kc then the koreans. wow, the koreans. so unexpected. haha. ikinda only invited 2 but yeah, the whole clan went but they just stayed to eat then they left so that wasn’t so bad, i guess. i mean, yeah. lol

i don’t wanna enumerate the people who went to the party cuz there were alot. lol. not exactly 80 though but food worth 80 people and that was crazy. too many leftovers. tsktsk. haha.

so, yeah, typical party with dancing, drinking, hook ups but yeah, i loved it. loved it soo much.

i’m 16 now and well, i feel like i own the world. HAHA. it’s christmas. lmao.

i got boyfriends for my birthday too. i’m sucha slut like that 😉

* william [bday gift from the guys]
* kristian ditan
* erik lee [korean]

btw, i’ve turned korean. HARHAR.

i love you.


i’ve just realized that there are people from school who actually read my xanga. i mean,it’s not that i don’t like them or i don’t like them around but like, i unno. i’m just not in my element when i’m with them. i feel locked up. limited. like, i can’t be me cuz, they’re not like me. they wouldn’t get the shit i do. if i showed them the kind of person i was, i don’t know. i don’t think they’d get it. i can’t be me. i don’t think i act liberated or anything but like, yeah. i’m not montessorian so, i guess my mind unconsiously decides to not want to be around montessorians. but i love them. as people. lol. i love a lot of people from there. :] but, i have my reasons for not wanting them at my party. *just incase you were wondering, kev.

anyways, today i went to Lahug Elementary school for the opening of the district meet. it turned out that ako ra gyud diuay to ug si chabel ang kalaban. so, yeah. well, i won. but i don’t feel like a winner. not at all. i guess it’s cuz, winning against chab isn’t in any way rewarding. yes, i wanted to win. i didn’t have to but i did. and i thank God for that. i thank myself for working my ass off for those points. but what do you say to your best friend who wants the same things?

anyways, big drama’s happening in Cebu. if i could give you a piece of my mind and what i think about you now then, yeah. i wonder if you’d listen to me.

honestly, informal kaau ang district meet. i mean, aha ka, just cuz it was just me and chab competing, they just told us to go wherever we want to and play there. mura ba’g, they didn’t plan it or anything and as a player to be given a set of instructions like that is kinda insulting. murag, just cuz it’s the two of us ang, you don’t care? stupid. and we had to pay for the things ourselves. the fuck.

but yeah, cebu city olympics. cebu city olympics. yeah, i like the sound of that. Thank you for the support, MMCH – not.

thank you, people. not the school. they can kissmyass. And while they’re at it, pay for fare, personal trainning and give me allowance to buy food! for a school full of social climbing heads, they suck.

ok, i’m done blabbing tonight.

law of attraction
works like a charm <3

manila update

hey, it’s been almost a week since i got back from manila yet, i haven’t updated or posted any pictures from that trip either. i’ve been too busy. October is hectic. Man, it’s crazy. lol. but i’ll talk about that later.

so, the trip. yeah, it was good. it was fuuun. 🙂 was a really nice birthday gift. thank you, mommy. thank you, papa. lol

the shopping was the best experience, though. lol. but i wasn’t just thinking about myself. i was thinking about my future company too. wink, wink. lol. yeah, selling stuff. issa4sale.multiply.com but i’m kinda out of stocks right now. that sucks. lol

and yeah, i had soo much fun with kate. 3D! 3D! lol

anyways, enough about that. about october. lol

well, i’m joining district meet and GUESS WHAT?! i’m up against chabel. AGAIN. haha. it doesn’t matter if i win or loose anyways. lmao.but yeah, i want to win. that’s the truth. i’m sure she does too. who wouldn’t want to, though? right? so, i’m just being honest.

law of attraction. law of attraction.

and once again, i was slaughtered by teacher Jojo, the fucking a. i swear, i hate him cuz he’s two faced. i don’t have my grades yet but WHO CARES?!?!

i’m at granny’s. celebrating tito Bec’s birthday. haha. and i’m almost sixteen. fun? FUN?

met with alexa today to plan for the party. AA’S. OCTOBER 27, 2006. 7- 12. by invitation ONLY. thank you. thank you :p

gaaah, i’m excited. a lil nervous for tomorrow though but i’ll livE. i’ll live!

anyways, i’ll be emo tonight. watch out for that.;)



ground zero

serisouly, who gets a pimple on their chin?! someone must really hate me right now. i blame the devil! and mario badesco doesn’t even seem to be working on me anymore. leche. putang ina!!

just a few more hours til i’m in manila and omg, i am soooo excited. i’m excited to the point where i couldn’t sleep. it’s 4 am and here i am, blogging. nice one, is.

don’t ask me why but i have a feeling that i won’t enjoy this vacay as much as i should. you know, considering that my mom has PMS and Tita Tina’ll be there, it could get rowdy. or not.

see, the whole point of thinking this is so that everything turns around and things’ll be awesome. :]

i wanna get a picture of manila from the plane, i know that would be so awesome. weeeh. sige is, hambug pa.

man, i knew i should’ve strectched before playing volleyball. these shoulder pains are killing me. KILLING ME!

i want a nice top now .god, i want too much </3

last night, me and francis we’re texting and ranting about “love”. i told him how guys only want “those” girls, the sexy, pretty, flirty ones that they can get something out of and i told him how i’d rather not sell myself short if that’s what or who i have to be to get one. and now, yeah, i think it was pretty smart to say that. yeah,i don’t need anyone right now. i’ll be 16 soon. isn’t that exciting? i’ve lived 16 years single why would i wanna change that now? and of all the times.

so, i’ll see you guys soon. :*

in your world, i am nothing

flights at around 8 o clock tomorrow. i’ll be there for 5 days.  i don’t know if i’llbe able to update while i’m there but manila is full of fancy shmancy internet cafes, i doubt i wouldn’t end up  in one. considering my total need to blog. lmao.

turns out, i can’t go out with kate this saturday or liz liz since i have to help out sa dog shows. but i don’t really mind. i kinda want a trucker cap. a blue, red and white one.i unno,i saw someone in one and i thought that was pretty tight. lmao.

so, ok. :]

i have to pack. mwah.mwah.

i’ll miss you <3