manila update

hey, it’s been almost a week since i got back from manila yet, i haven’t updated or posted any pictures from that trip either. i’ve been too busy. October is hectic. Man, it’s crazy. lol. but i’ll talk about that later.

so, the trip. yeah, it was good. it was fuuun. 🙂 was a really nice birthday gift. thank you, mommy. thank you, papa. lol

the shopping was the best experience, though. lol. but i wasn’t just thinking about myself. i was thinking about my future company too. wink, wink. lol. yeah, selling stuff. but i’m kinda out of stocks right now. that sucks. lol

and yeah, i had soo much fun with kate. 3D! 3D! lol

anyways, enough about that. about october. lol

well, i’m joining district meet and GUESS WHAT?! i’m up against chabel. AGAIN. haha. it doesn’t matter if i win or loose anyways. lmao.but yeah, i want to win. that’s the truth. i’m sure she does too. who wouldn’t want to, though? right? so, i’m just being honest.

law of attraction. law of attraction.

and once again, i was slaughtered by teacher Jojo, the fucking a. i swear, i hate him cuz he’s two faced. i don’t have my grades yet but WHO CARES?!?!

i’m at granny’s. celebrating tito Bec’s birthday. haha. and i’m almost sixteen. fun? FUN?

met with alexa today to plan for the party. AA’S. OCTOBER 27, 2006. 7- 12. by invitation ONLY. thank you. thank you :p

gaaah, i’m excited. a lil nervous for tomorrow though but i’ll livE. i’ll live!

anyways, i’ll be emo tonight. watch out for that.;)



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