angie was supposed to come. but she decided to break my heart. it’s ok, i love you too much to hold grudges anyways. you have a way with me, darling love. haha.

tomorrow is stc’s intramurals. and once again i’m displaying my loyalty by dropping everything i have to do to support my best best best best friends in the world. hey, i’d do it everyday if i could. i hate mmch. keep that in mind.

school was ok, i guess. i mean, it’s not like we did anything anyways. i mean, it’s the second quarter, seriously. it’s not like people there care. once we pass the second quarter, no one cares or tries anymore. except for some people. like,3 maybe. lmao.

anyways, yeah, i gtg.

i might wake up later to rant. i love this life.<3

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