Sock Game: On with Go Rage (+ Giveaway)

Happy weekend everyone! Posting the outfit shots I wore during the Cebu In The Bag event I participated in a couple of weeks ago.

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To be honest, I was really nervous during the days leading up to the biggest event I have ever participated in as a blogger. I was very concerned as to how I would present myself to my readers (that’s you guys- hiiii!) while being comfortable enough selling my items while at least trying to be “weather appropriate”. The bi-polar season has finally begun!

Since it was a 3 day event, I decided to be as versatile as I can in a span of a few days. And since the party kicked off on a Friday Flyday, I chose to show off a more playful and not to mention, colorful side of me (that is rarely caught on cam)!

Halter top: Forever21| Shorts: Department Store find| Sneakers: Converse

One particular item of clothing that was quite hard for me to incorporate (but was totally worth it!) were my Go Rage socks that I snagged at the #HyperCebu event.

More and more often, I am finding myself surrounded with men of all ages sporting uniquely printed and colored socks. And although it is a trend that is becoming more popular among guys, I felt like I had to give a woman’s’ take on it and at least give it a try! Luckily, Go Rage has a wide, unique and playful variety of tie dyed socks that any gender can easily fall in love with- my weapon of choice? Piña Colada.

Now for the part that you’ve all been waiting for! I’ll be giving away a pair of socks of your choice from the Go Rage collection and all you have to do is:

1. Like/ Follow:

Issaplease Facebook page

Go Rage Facebook page

@issaplease on Instagram

@goragesocks on Instagram

2. Leave a comment below:


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How you would wear your Go Rage socks:

Winners will be chosen next week, July 5 (Saturday)

Rage on,


3 Replies to “Sock Game: On with Go Rage (+ Giveaway)”

  1. IG: madeleinebriation
    First of, I love socks. Oh that heaven feels on my feet. I would wear my Go Rage socks that would coordinate with the rest of the outfit or nahh at all as long as it looks cool and feels good on my feet and I think Go Rage socks definitely made the cut. Sneakers and Docs-> the best shoes to be pairing up with my Go Rage socks.
    “Life’s too short to never enjoy a colorful sock.”

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