Tee Tuesday’s @ Elated Industries

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  I’m  a sucker when it comes to go a good white tee and an even bigger one when it involves playful graphics on them.

Growing up, all I ever wore were graphic and statement shirts so being able to incorporate them in my wardrobe now not only hits close to home, it gives me a much needed break from my currently filled with chiffon and spandex wardrobe.

I first heard Elated Industries earlier this year where I even blogged about them here. Back then, they did not offer apparel for  ladies but I am so happy that I finally get to enjoy their products through their Tee Tuesday’s offerings where they release a new graphic shirt every Tuesday. 

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Elated is really about creating a lifestyle and making your own stories. I love the amount of thought and work that they put into every single one of their products and how well they translate in their designs.

So if you’re looking for a local brand to fall in love with, I suggest you check out Elated’s products. There is always something for every one there.


Sorry for the crappy editing job but I like it!

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It’s Never Too Hot For Leather


 Fine, I lied… it’s always too hot for leather! But you gotta admit Cebu weather aside, if you don’t already own one, it is your life’s goal to actually own a leather jacket. Luckily for me, I was able to score one that isn’t too impossible to wear in this hot, hot city.

Here’s another set of photos I did with photographer Jade Caballo at the Temple of Leah. The trick with shooting at spots that may tend to get a little overrated is to try to find different angles or backdrops that others may not have thought of before. A wall, windows, even a pile of scrap metal is interesting if you just use your imagination!








 Crop top: Forever 21| Jacket: @cebuthriftedpicks| Pants: Sister’s pants| Shoes: Addidas



Pugs Not Drugs

Posting my second look from Cebu In The Bag that happened a couple of weeks ago.

To see my first outfit AND a special give away from Go Rage socks, check out the link [[here]]

[Leather cap: Gaisano Tabunok| Pug shirt: The Chillout Project| Boots: SM Department Store| Denim shorts; Red Girl (department store brand)

For the second day of the event, I wanted to show off a more laid back side of me so I decided to come in denim shorts, a men’s shirt and lot of attitude. Also, I figured that my choice of clothes for the day were weather appropriate since it was either really hot or really cold and this outfit worked well with both (weather).

It’s not very often you’ll see me on my blog sporting over sized shirts and denim shorts simply because I like to keep that type of depressing out of the interwebs. Let’s face it, sometimes a shirt and shorts aren’t the most fashionable of things but with the right amount of accessorizing and styling, any plain and dreary outfit can easily be turned into one that’ll make you stand out loud and stand out proud!

I’m a very anti-fuss type of girl which means I like to stick to my staple pearl earrings and leather watch but, there are other articles of clothing that I don’t mind upgrading and down grading when the occasion arises.

For this particular outfit, I wanted the main focus of my outfit to be around my Pug shirt from The Chillout Project. I decided to match it with equally attractive accessories like my leather cap and boots which I felt, brought my entire look together by adding lots of attitude without being painful to look at.

Lastly, I made sure to put on some dark red lipstick to add a little femininity to this testosterone filled outfit. Amazing how clothes and make up can’t do without the other. #itsamaaaazing

On other news, catch me every Thursday on Magic 92.3 from 10:00 pm – 1:00 am with DJ’s Tom Candy, The Smurff, Suzzaaay and I for Happy Endings.

We like to talk about a lot of random things and I try not to open my big fat mouth too much. Paolo likes to listen 😐

Stream us 

And remember kids: Pugs, Not Drugs,


Sock Game: On with Go Rage (+ Giveaway)

Happy weekend everyone! Posting the outfit shots I wore during the Cebu In The Bag event I participated in a couple of weeks ago.

See posts here and here

To be honest, I was really nervous during the days leading up to the biggest event I have ever participated in as a blogger. I was very concerned as to how I would present myself to my readers (that’s you guys- hiiii!) while being comfortable enough selling my items while at least trying to be “weather appropriate”. The bi-polar season has finally begun!

Since it was a 3 day event, I decided to be as versatile as I can in a span of a few days. And since the party kicked off on a Friday Flyday, I chose to show off a more playful and not to mention, colorful side of me (that is rarely caught on cam)!

Halter top: Forever21| Shorts: Department Store find| Sneakers: Converse

One particular item of clothing that was quite hard for me to incorporate (but was totally worth it!) were my Go Rage socks that I snagged at the #HyperCebu event.

More and more often, I am finding myself surrounded with men of all ages sporting uniquely printed and colored socks. And although it is a trend that is becoming more popular among guys, I felt like I had to give a woman’s’ take on it and at least give it a try! Luckily, Go Rage has a wide, unique and playful variety of tie dyed socks that any gender can easily fall in love with- my weapon of choice? Piña Colada.

Now for the part that you’ve all been waiting for! I’ll be giving away a pair of socks of your choice from the Go Rage collection and all you have to do is:

1. Like/ Follow:

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2. Leave a comment below:


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How you would wear your Go Rage socks:

Winners will be chosen next week, July 5 (Saturday)

Rage on,


Stripes and Bright Lights

There will always be that one outfit that you don’t mind wearing over and over again despite the “3 month rule”. (You know, that rule where you can’t wear the exact same outfit in a span of 3 months…) This is mine.

I have recently come to discover that I am most comfortable in shorts and loafers mostly because I feel young and stylish while still being able to maintain a certain level of maturity, as well.  Plus, when paired off with a striped top and a bright accessory, it instantly screams Taylor Swift– and I am totally OK with that!

I find myself sporting this look to coffee dates with friends or for a long day of window shopping with my sister or mom or any occasion that  requires long hours of standing or walking around. These loafers are so comfortable and the fact that it’s an ageless piece is just the cherry on top of my low sugar ice cream. haha!

 What’s your favorite outfit?

Top: Regatta

Shorts: Department Store brand

Loafers: Carcar



[Photo Diary] #CebuInTheBag Day 1

Hi Everyone! I just got home from Day 1 out of 3 of the Cebu In The Bag: Celebrity + Blogger Food and Fashion Bazaar at The Outlets in Pueblo Verde in Mactan.

It was a very productive first day and I’m happy to say that a lot of my items were sold and I can’t wait for tomorrow to meet more of you guys and also to invite more people to check out the blog! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a lot of pictures of my customers/ readers because

1. I was too shy to ask for pictures

2. I was busy eating and

3. I was pre-occupied with the loom bands I was playing with.

BUT here are a few of the pictures I did manage to take and a little more information if you’re hoping to visit us tomorrow!

Azul’s Tuslob Buwa @ P99.00/ set + Puso @ P 3.00

Everything Bacon Quesadilla @ P85.00

How to get there”



[Today: Azul’s, Team Brownie, Everything Bacon]

[Tomorrow: Jafar’s, Bad Boy Wingz, Sir Chief’s Corner]

Celebrity/ Local Fashion Bloggers:

More pictures tomorrow, I promise!! <3



It’s Really Hot & I Don’t Care

It’s been freakishly, unbelievably HOT lately. I honestly cannot stand the heat. It’s soo f*uickvng! insaaane!! And okaaaay, I know it’s summer and I know it’s supposed to be hot but seriously, it’s just.so.damn.hot! -.- #iamsad

If there’s an upside to this weather, it’s that I can wear as little clothes as I please (or that I can get away with, at least). And since we do own a business that mostly manufactures t-shirts and other apparel, I figured that this summer I’d take advantage of it and have as many over sized and cropped tops as I want. So if I’m tagging #citiwear on my blog, thaaaat’s meeee!!

For this outfit I simply wore an over sized shirt that I was too lazy to have tailored once I got it. Initially I wanted a long fitted shirt but then I realized that this is grey and I must avoid sweat stains at all costs so… I settled for this. 😀

I have sweaty pitts sometimes. Yes, that is indeed a fact.

To jazz the whole look up, I paired it with a Golden State Warriors cap because REPRESENT, that’s why! I also wore a gold chain necklace just because it added a bit of character to my look and lastly, I paired it off with my favorite heels, added some dark lipstick and well… this is how I looked.

I also wore this to an event a last week and I added a blazer to make it more “appropriate”. 😉

Here are some of my tips when finding the right t-shirt for you:

1. If you’re looking for a fitting tee, keep in mind that ladies sizes come in curves and the sleeves are a bit shorter in length as compared to the mens’ sizes. This allows the shirt to hug your body better and show your curves.

2. The shoulder line of a shirt plays a big factor in determining if a shirt will look too big or too small on you. Make sure that it falls right above or shoulder joint (?!) and that it’s not draping your upper arm hence, like my shirt is. #sorrynotsorry

3. There are a million different types of material you can make a shirt with and they all have their pros, cons and functions. Learn them (or maybe I’ll share on another post. Lemme know!) and find out which one works the most for you.

… That’s all, for now 🙂

 Stay cool (not like this weather!)