Bloggers Do It Better


Blogging has been around for at least over a decade and like the sweater suggests, I do believe that there are some thing that bloggers are actually better at doing such as:

1. Disseminating information and sharing ideas to the world.

– Let’s be honest, whether it’s the latest gossip; world issues or just their innermost thoughts and ideas, bloggers are pretty good at getting the word around. 

 2. Making the real world look so boring.

– There’s a lot that goes on behind the cameras when it comes to blogging (not matter what genre it is)- like in this shoot, behind this camera is a pig sty but a bloggers gotta do what a bloggers gotta do. Plus, angles. Don’t worry, I cleaned up afterwards.


 3. Taking awesome photos or at least, conceptualizing them.

-Two words: Flat lay


4. Excellent time management skills

– A job, a sideline business to support our camera/ clothes/ dining needs, events and still managing to consistently blog while managing to keep a personal life with friends and family? Piece of cake!


  5. Putting ourselves out there and being thick skinned

– We get ridiculed and teased a lot but it’s all good. We’re proud of our craft and we don’t need any one else’s approval.


6. Self learning internet skills

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only blogger who’s self taught myself how to use and actually understand certain html and css codes. It’s cheaper than having to pay someone to do it and there is absolutely nothing can come in the way of our ideal layout dreams!

And more!


Sweater: Mango| Yoga shorts: Aeropostale| Knee length socks: Darlington


So yes, bloggers do do it better and for the record and in defense of my Instagram account – I really do hate hashtags but we all have to do it! :))

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