Hala Paella, The Best Paella In Cebu at The Banilad Town Center



There’s no denying that I eat out for the experience. Meal times are my favorite part of the day so whenever I get the chance to eat out, I prefer going to places that are visually and gastronomically appealing- places that will give me a chance to create awesome memories and bonds with the people I am with.  You see, eating to me isn’t just sitting down at a table and force feeding yourself to eat anymore, it’s an opportunity… it’s the main event!

Currently, I do have a favorite list of restaurants that you can all find on this blog and today, I am soo happy to be adding a new one to this list- HALA PAELLA Spanish Comfort Food, which recently opened at the Banilad Town Center (across Dimsum Break). From the interior to the food, this new soon to be favorite hang out is not only extremely instagramable (which we all know is very important nowadays) but it also budget friendly without skimping out on taste.




Hala Paella claims to have the best paella’s in town and since I am no expert in Spanish cuisine, I’ll let you be the judge of that. But if you asked me, if I could, I would have their Negra paella for breakfast, lunch, dinner and then again for midnight snacks.  But if black squid ink isn’t your thing, they also have 5 other choices of paellas to choose from that all come in hefty servings even for it’s “solo” size.

They also offer main courses created to complete your Spanish comfort food dining experience and with their prices ranging from P 38.00 to as high as P 128.00, it’s perfect if you want to try everything in one go. I loved their calamares (P 88.00) and I’m super excited to come back and try out their Chuletas (P 108.00).




Negra Paella in Solo – P 108.00; Lechon Paella – P 118.00; Sangria – P 90.00


Croquetas – P 58.00


Other Hala Paella menu and prices:

Chicharrones – P 38.00

Spanish Chorizo – P 88.00

Gambas – P 88.00

Cazuela – P 98.00

Chiprones – P 98.00

Alitas De Pollo – P 98.00

Callos – P 118.00

Pulpo – P 118.00

Lengua – P 118.00

Salpicao De Cerdo – P 128.00

Follow Hala Paella on Instagram @halapaella

For take out orders, call them up at 344 4252

They are open from 10:00 am – 11:00 pm

See you there,


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