With A Clear Mind and a Hopeful Heart

August – December 2012 – Studied for the board exams

December 16- 17, 2012 – Took the board exams

December 18- January 1 – Christmas vacation [I deserved a break, didn’t I?”]

December 20 – Opened www.issaplease.blogspot.com

January 2 – got in touch with Kaz for Rhip Stop, Cebu

January 3- Conceptualized “When Food and Fashion Meet” with food blogger and close friend, Justinne Go

January 5 – Found clients for Sinulog

Found other clients

January 7 – Conceptualized “pants” business

January 10 – Won Preview Magazine’s Haute Holiday Contest [overnight stay at Marriot Hotel for 2]

January 12 – Did make up and co-styled for iFeet, Cebu

January 13 – Reached 1,200++ views on my blog site

January 13 – Took a job offer from SugboTV as part time researcher/ writer


Upcoming plans:

Pay my phone bill

Pay my rent

Pay Paolo for his shoes

Buy Paolo a birthday gift

Use my Forever 21 gift card on a long skirt and a sweater

Get money for pants business

Get more photo shoots -> eventually get PAID.


In case you thought I was just working a 9:00 – 7:30 shift.

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